This page summarizes all base weapons in Daggerfall. See the material modifiers at the bottom of this page to see how damage varies depending on what the item is made out of, and which is minimum required to hit certain monsters. For special weapons, see the artifacts page.

Type Base Damage Weight (kg) Skill Wield
Dagger 1-6 0.75 Short Blade One-handed
Tanto 1-8 0.75 Short Blade One-handed
Shortsword 1-8 3.00 Short Blade One-handed
Wakizashi 1-10 2.50 Short Blade One-handed
Broadsword 1-12 6.25 Long Blade One-handed
Sabre 3-12 4.25 Long Blade One-handed
Longsword 2-16 5.75 Long Blade One-handed
Katana 3-16 3.00 Long Blade One-handed
Claymore 2-18 9.25 Long Blade Two-handed
Dai-Katana 3-21 4.25 Long Blade Two-handed
Battle Axe 2-12 7.50 Axe One-handed
War Axe 2-16 9.25 Axe Two-handed
Staff 1-8 2.50 Blunt Weapon Two-handed
Mace 1-12 5.75 Blunt Weapon One-handed
Flail 2-14 8.75 Blunt Weapon Two-handed
Warhammer 3-18 8.75 Blunt Weapon Two-handed
Short Bow 4-16 1.25 Archery Two-handed
Long Bow 4-18 1.75 Archery Two-handed
  • Unlike in other Elder Scrolls games, the battle axe and war axe are reversed in Daggerfall.

Material ModifiersEdit

Weapons can be made up of various metals. These affect the damage done by weapons, its weight, and allow it harm certain monsters. These modifiers are:

Material To Hit/
Weight Modifier Color Notes
Iron -2 1.00 Dark grey
Steel 0 1.25 Light grey Steel or better required to harm imps
Silver 0 1.25 Silver Silver or better required to harm lycanthropes, ghosts, wraiths, mummies, and standard vampires
Elven +2 1.00 Silver Elven or better required to harm nymphs
Dwarven +4 0.75 Yellow Dwarven or better required to harm harpies
Mithril +6 1.00 Blue Mithril or better required to harm gargoyles, ancient vampires, any liches, and any daedra
Adamantium +6 1.00 Dark Grey
Ebony +8 0.50 Black
Orcish +10 1.00 Green
Daedric +12 1.25 Red
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