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Military Fort:
Ashfallow Citadel
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 25
Morag Tong Assassins
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2AshfallowCitadel01, DLC2AshfallowCitadelExterior01, DLC2AshfallowCitadelExterior02
East of Highpoint Tower
Southwest of Vahlok's Tomb
Special Features
# of Alchemy Labs 1
# of Arcane Enchanters 1
Ashfallow Citadel

Ashfallow Citadel is an old Imperial fort, currently being used as a base of operations by the Morag Tong. It is found northeast of the Sun Stone and west-southwest of the Ramshackle Trading Post

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Exterior

The easiest approach is from the south. If you are coming here as part of the Served Cold quest, as you climb several flights of partially buried stairs you will find both Redoran guard dead on the stairs and will be attacked by two Morag Tong Assassins. The Citadel consists of an outer wall, that is in very poor condition, with large parts of it collapsed and partially buried in ash and a central tower with an unlocked wooden door as the entrance. There is a mostly buried cart to the left of the door and a mostly buried caravan wagon to the right. At the top of the stairs you pass under an arch in the wall. On the west side of the citadel there are two heart stone deposits and further around a scathecraw plant to harvest. It is possible to reach the top of the citadel by using Whirlwind Sprint and clever jumping, however there is nothing up there of worth or interest.

[edit] Ashfallow Citadel

You enter into a room partially filled with ash, debris and skeletons that can't be looted, on your left is a bookcase containing an East Empire Company strongbox. There are several skeletons, crates and damaged furniture amongst the ash, but nothing of interest. The wall to the west has been damaged and you can enter the small room behind on your right there is another skeleton that can be looted and a pair of iron boots on the ground. To the east the path continues heading down a wide flight of curved stairs typical of forts in Skyrim.

At the bottom of the stairs there is a room on your left with a Morag Tong assassin stood guard. There are crates, boxes and barrels all around the room and against the east wall an unlocked chest. To the southeast past three barrels, a tunnel then turns to the south and ends in a corridor that runs north-south and is quite well lit by two chandeliers. A Morag Tong assassin Patrols this corridor. A short way along the corridor you can see spikes blocking progress. There is an empty cart on your left and an open door on your right. A pillar blocks your view of the left side of the corridor. Moving forwards you will see a second doorway behind the pillar on the left. Any fighting with the first guard will alert a second from this doorway and also three further Morag Tong assassin's behind the spikes blocking the corridor. Be aware that Morag Tong assassins use invisibility to mask themselves-Detect Life or Aura Whisper are very helpful in these instances. At least one of the assassins that are behind the spikes will be an archer. You can use the open door on the right to shield yourself while killing all three of them with a bow, ranged area magic seems to be blocked by the spikes.

Through the doorway on your right appears to be a barracks with six unowned beds and three sets of shelves. The shelves contain two pairs of Chitin Heavy Boots, two pairs of Morag Tong boots, an elven dagger, copies of Feyfolken I, The Poison Song, Book III, The Pig Children, The Amulet of Kings, The Legendary Scourge, a pair of Morag Tong bracers, three sweet rolls, an iron dagger, a Morag Tong hood, two chitin heavy helmets, copies of Varieties of Faith in the Empire, Where were you when the Dragon Broke, The Real Barenziah, v4, Brief History of the Empire, v1, The Song of Pelinal, v4, Dwarves, v2, a set of chitin heavy armor, a set of Morag Tong armor, a steel dagger of diminishing and an adept locked safe.

Back in the corridor, on the right just after the barrack room door against the west wall is another set of shelves containing copies of The Oblivion Crisis, The Aetherium Wars, The Ransom of Zarek, The Lusty Argonian Maid, v1, Mysterious Akavir, The Talos Mistake, The Bear of Makarth, Imperial Report on Saarthal, The Song of Pelinal, v2.

Through the doorway on the left of the corridor is an arcane enchanter and alchemy lab set on a table side by side. There is an empty petty soul gem and empty black soul gem at the back of the arcane enchanter. Between this and the alchemy lab is an apothecary's satchel, a potion of minor magicka and a potion of ultimate stamina. There is a small set of shelves on the left of the table containing a potion of healing, one empty and one filled petty soul gems, an empty lesser soul gem, a copy of Of Crossed Daggers and a bowl. Opposite is a cupboard set against the south wall containing on it's shelves copies of Rising Threat, Vol. II, Where were you when the Dragon Broke, Walking the World, Vol XI, Darkest Darkness, Dwemer Inquiries Vol II and History of Raven Rock, Vol. I. There are also an empty and filled petty soul gems. To the right of the cupboard are three barrels contains ingredients. Between the barrels and the doorway is a pull chain that lowers the spikes and allows you to continue along the corridor.

Just after the spikes the corridor rises, and in front of you the corridor is blocked by interlocking spikes. At the top of the rise on your right is an unlocked wooden door. Through the door there are five bear traps and several barrels, at the end of a short corridor is a pull chain. This operates the vertical spikes that are blocking the main corridor. Just past this door on the left is another door leading to a sparring and martial arts training area. There are four chairs set around a raised central area that has three practice dummies and on one of the chairs is an iron sword, at the back of the room against the east wall are a row of six weapon racks containing a leveled battleaxe and an enchanted elven mace. Just outside the door to the right is another pull chain, this one operates the horizontal spikes blocking the corridor and a barrel containing ingredients is just to the right of this. In the corridor opposite the sparring room, against the west wall is another cupboard containing on it's shelves an elven dagger and copies of A Children's Anuad, The Wolf Queen, v7, Thief of Virtue, Ahzidal's Descent, The Aetherium Wars, The Song of Pelinal, v6 and |The "Madmen" of the Reach. To the left of the cupboard is a barrel containing ingredients and several boxes and crates.

Past the second set of spike there is a small set of shelves on your right containing copies of The Poison Song, Book III, The Dragon Break, Flight from the Thalmor and Of Crossed Daggers. There is also an elven dagger on top of it. Past this there are pressure plates littering the floor they activate a series of three spike walls and several sets of spear traps coming out from the walls. The corridor is again blocked by spikes, there are two sets of them. The pull chains for both are off to the right, the first is on the rear of the first pillar and opens the second set of spikes, the second is on the rear of the pillar at the back and opens the first set of spikes.

This now opens the way to the final room, on your right before the room is a pull chain that closes a set of spikes behind you. Entering the doorway to the final room it is a large circular room with wooden planking covering deep water. There are two Morag Tong assisin sat around the edge of the room and Vendil Severin in full enchanted chitin heavy armor stood by a broken pillar with twin leveled daggers drawn ready for a fight. There is an unlocked boss chest opposite where you enter against the south wall behind Vendril. On the the broken pillar are two rolls of paper.

Under the water there are three skeletons float around that can be looted for small amounts of gold and also two skeleton opposite the entrance that are shackled to the wall under water, however these can't be looted and even opening the shackles they do not move.

Exiting the fort is back the way you came as there is not shortcut exit.

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