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Nordic Ruin:
Gyldenhul Barrow
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 40
Garuk Windrime, Haknir Death-Brand, Haknir's Crew
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2GyldenhulBarrow01, DLC2GyldenhulBarrowExterior01
On Horker Island
East of Skaal Village
Special Features
# of Stalhrim Deposits 2
Gyldenhul Barrow

Gyldenhul Barrow is a small Nordic ruin containing the spirit and treasure of Haknir Death-Brand. It is located on an island due east of Skaal Village.

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Exterior

The entrance is on the northwestern shore of Horker Island. It has two small row boats drawn up on the beach. Two leveled reavers guard the entrance and will attack on sight. There are four spiky grass plans on the shore, a snowberry bush to the left of the entrance and several standing stones around the entrance. The entrance is through a master locked iron door. However when collecting the forth piece of armor treasure you will have gained the key.

[edit] Gyldenhul Barrow

A stalhrim deposit

Upon entering you will be in a small catacomb area with a dead adventurer sat up against a wall in front of you with a pickaxe beside him and carrying a torn note. Two upright sarcophagi to the east and west have stalhrim deposit in them and an upright sarcophagus in front of you with a dead draugr spilling out. Once you mine the stalhrim to the west it opens into a wide corridor with stairs descending on your left to a locked iron door (key required.) If you haven't found all four pieces of Deathbrand armor this is as far as you can come. The same key that opened the outside door opens this one.

Through the door is a wide corridor leading to another locked iron door, that uses the same key again. As soon as you pass through into the corridor a gate will drop trapping you from retreating. The corridor is full of treasure. At the far end, on the left is a master locked chest and at the near end, on the right is an expert locked chest with two burial urns beside it. In the middle of the corridor is a large urn. Found in the corridor are a quiver of arrows, a bow, a war axe, a mace, a greatsword, a battleaxe, a pair of gauntlets/bracers, a shield, a set of armor, a pair of boots, a helmet, a healing potion, a magicka potion, four potions, an empty soul gem, and a filled soul gem, all of which are random and set the first time you enter the barrow even if you didn't mine the stalhrim deposit. In addition there is a potion of ultimate healing, a potion of ultimate magicka, three bowls, four cups, a diamond, two emeralds, a garnet, seven goblets, two plates, a ruby and between 6400-9600 gold coins. Both chests are opened using the same key as for the doors. The only way is forward through the second iron door.

The skeleton of the king of ghosts

Upon opening it you find yourself at the top of several flights of stairs leading down to the southeast. At the bottom of the stairs is a doorway into a huge room with arches on either side and two tall pillars sticking through a suspended ceiling, hanging from this is a lit brazier and in front of you is a wide flight of stairs leading up to the south-southeast. At the top is an altar with the skeleton of Haknir Deathbrand laid out on top. Beside him is Bloodscythe a unique scimitar formerly wielded with Soulrender another unique scimitar, by Haknir himself. Upon taking the weapon the whole barrow will shake and Haknir's ghost will rise behind you, down on the main floor of the room. In addition to fight his ghost you also have to face sixteen of his former crew's ghosts, making this quite a long and potentially difficult fight.

Once the are all vanquished you have completed the Deathbrand quest and can loot his skeleton for a good amount of gold and his ghostly remains for Soulrender. Also there are two flights of stairs one heading northwest, that has a large urn at the top and the other southeast with the boss level chest.

[edit] Notes

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