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A moon sugar plantation

Skooma is an illegal narcotic substance, first created by the Dunmer, which is manufactured from refined Moon Sugar. Skooma is an extremely addictive and hazardous stimulant and has been banned from some parts of Tamriel by order of the Empire.


[edit] General Information

[edit] Trade

Because of its relative scarcity as an illegal substance, skooma is valuable and is often smuggled by criminals throughout Tamriel. Among the general populace of Tamriel attitudes toward the substance vary. In the province of Morrowind, for example, most merchants will refuse to do business with a person in possession of skooma, or its unrefined precursor, moon sugar. Attitudes are different in Cyrodiil, however, where merchants are not typically concerned with trading skooma or moon sugar. This relative willingness-to-trade is reflected in the lower cost of skooma within Cyrodiil's borders. Despite both of these facts, skooma is still a relative scarcity in Cyrodiil, possibly owing to the low slave population in that province. Nonetheless, on the city streets throughout Cyrodiil several individuals do "deal" skooma late at night, usually operating from hidden or out-of-sight spots.

Skooma use is particularly rampant among the Khajiit, who regard moon sugar to be a gift from the gods and who ingest and smoke moon sugar and skooma as a religious experience.

[edit] Use

Skooma is smoked using skooma pipes or ingested without paraphernalia by drinking it in its liquid form. Moon Sugar can be eaten for a small kick.

[edit] Effects

A powerful narcotic and stimulant, the effects of skooma are relatively consistent among the chief races of Tamriel: an acute energetic bodily sensation that gives skooma users an increase in physical strength and speed while impairing one's ability to rationalize or respond quickly to stimulus. Prolonged use of skooma has been known to cause dangerous psychological and physical addiction and in some cases, death.

[edit] See Also

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[edit] Notes

  • Around the year 3E 433 a known skooma smuggling ring operated out of Cheydinhal, and an entire residence was converted into a skooma den in the Cyrodiilic town of Bravil.

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