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Necromancy, also called the Necromantic Arts, Dark Arts, or Dark Practice, is the manipulation of the souls or corpses of the dead. Dragons know it as alok-dilon. Different groups and cultures have varying positions on what exactly constitutes necromancy. In its broadest sense, necromancy can be understood as any form of soul manipulation. Some might consider it a subset of the conjuration school of magic, as both involve the summoning of spirits and utilizing the powers of Oblivion. However, necromancy is more generally understood to connote the manipulation of the souls of mortals and the reanimation of their corpses. Typically, this soul manipulation is accomplished by binding a soul to a physical form which has been prepared by the necromancer. (more...)

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Did you know...

  • ... that Imperials were not a distinct race until Redguard?
  • ... that Arena was originally going to be played entirely in a single arena, hence the rather irrelevant title and original box art?
  • ... that the Shivering Isles is split into two distinct regions: Mania, the lighthearted side of its ruler's madness, and Dementia, the darker side?
  • ... that the Dawnguard was originally formed to contain the Jarl of Riften's vampire son sometime in the Second Era?
  • ... that there are 187 named NPCs who are essential at one point or another in Oblivion?
  • ... that Skyrim was inhabited by Aldmer and Falmer until they were driven out by Ysgramor and the Nords in the late Merethic Era?
  • ... that Skyrim is the first TES game in which the player's health regenerates on its own?
  • ... that the Sload created the Thrassian Plague which caused half of the population of the Iliac Bay, and perhaps even Tamriel, to die out in 1E 2260?
  • ... that reading Elder Scrolls will result in the reader eventually losing their eyesight?
  • ... that Oblivion is the first TES game in which the player's magicka regenerates on its own?