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There are many books in Morrowind, attempting to provide players with an authentic experience by letting them delve as deeply as they want into the lore of Tamriel. Acquiring and reading them all in-game is a difficult task, so they are collected here. On this page there are further book categories as well as a list of all the books that appear in the game. A list of books broken down by subject can be found here.

Special Categories of Books

Faction Books
Most factions in the game have books that document what they believe.
Skill Books
Lists the books in the game that increase the character's skills.
Shorter notes, ledgers, logs, etc.


Title (ID) Value Author Description
MW-icon-book-Book1.png 2920, The Last Year of the First Era
Carlovac Townway A historical series of books about Vivec and the Empire
MW-icon-book-Book3.png The 36 Lessons of Vivec
Vivec Words of wisdom relating to Vivec
MW-icon-book-Book2.png ABCs for Barbarians
25 Picturebook for Barbarians
MW-icon-book-Book3.png Aedra and Daedra
50 Overview of the basic differences between Gods, Demons, Aedra, and Daedra
MW-icon-book-Book3.png The Affairs of Wizards
50 Turedus Talanian Information for people interested in joining House Telvanni
MW-icon-book-Open3.png The Alchemists Formulary
300 Instructions for some of the common potions made around Morrowind
MW-icon-book-Book1.png Ancestors and the Dunmer
25 An outdated guide for foreign visitors to Morrowind
MW-icon-book-Quarto4.png Antecedants of Dwemer Law
25 A historical account of the development of Dwemer law and custom from its roots in High Elven culture
MW-icon-book-Book3.png The Anticipations
50 Anonymous Overview of the members of and the relationship between the Tribunal and the Daedra
MW-icon-book-Book3.png The Annotated Anuad
50 Early religious book providing a simplified version of The Anuad creation myth from the Mythic Era
MW-icon-book-Quarto4.png Arcana Restored
75 Wapna Neustra, Praeceptor Emeritus Cryptic instructions for the restoration of Arcana
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png The Arcturian Heresy
25 The Underking, Ysmir Kingmaker A brief, undated, early historical document covering the Underking and Tiber Septim
MW-icon-book-Quarto2.png Arkay the Enemy
40 KW Instructions for the faithful to foil Arkay
MW-icon-book-FolioOpen1.png The Armorer's Challenge
325 Mymophonus A competition between two skilled armorsmiths
MW-icon-book-Book4.png The Art of War Magic
225 Zurin Arctus, with Commentary By Other Learned Masters Mastering the art of winning
MW-icon-book-Quarto4.png Ashland Hymns
35 This is a volume of folk verses collected from Ashlanders. "Wondrous Love" is from the Urshilaku Ashlanders of the northern Ashlands
MW-icon-book-Octavo2.png The Axe Man
225 A surprising way to become proficient with an axe
MW-icon-book-Book4.png Azura and the Box
200 Marobar Sul Book 11 of a series of fictional stories about the Dwemer
MW-icon-book-Quarto4.png The Balladeer's Fakebook
MW-icon-book-Book4.png Biography of Queen Barenziah
Stern Gamboge, Imperial Scribe The life history of Queen Barenziah
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png Biography of the Wolf Queen
250 Katar Eriphanes A history of the unambiguously evil Queen Potema, the so-called Wolf Queen of Solitude
MW-icon-book-Book2.png The Black Arrow
Gorgic Guine A story of revenge, and a true master archer
MW-icon-book-Book2.png The Black Glove
60 Promotionary pamphlet for the Morag Tong
MW-icon-book-QuartoOpen1.png Blasphemous Revenants
55 A call for the destruction of all vampires and those who follow them!
MW-icon-book-Book2.png The Blue Book of Riddles
250 A collection of riddles
MW-icon-book-Book2.png Boethiah's Glory
bk_Boethiah's Glory_unique
25 Worship book for Boethiah
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png Boethiah's Pillow Book
MW-icon-book-Folio1.png Bone
Tavi Dromio Tale told of the invention of bonemold armor
MW-icon-book-Book1.png The Book of Daedra
45 Excerpts from a lengthy tome describing the nature of each of the Daedra
MW-icon-book-QuartoOpen3.png The Book of Dawn and Dusk
25 A collection of sayings and aphorisms attributed variously to the Tribunals and to their saints and servants
MW-icon-book-Book1.png Book of Life and Service
40 Book relating to the undead of the Soul Cairn
MW-icon-book-Book4.png Book of Rest and Endings
40 Obscure bits of cult mumbo-jumbo
MW-icon-book-Book2.png Breathing Water
400 Haliel Myrm Lessons on water breathing
MW-icon-book-Quarto3.png Brief History of the Empire
Stronach k'Thojj III, Imperial Historian A description of events in the history of the Empire
MW-icon-book-Quarto1.png The Brothers of Darkness
100 Pellarne Assi A brief history of the Dark Brotherhood
MW-icon-book-Book4.png Brown Book of Great House Telvanni
75 A yearbook of the affairs of the Telvanni Council
MW-icon-book-Folio4.png The Buying Game
200 Adabael Timsar-Dadisun Tips on buying and selling
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png The Cake and the Diamond
200 Athyn Muendil An alchemist tricks a thief!
MW-icon-book-Book3.png The Cantatas of Vivec
50 A book of gospels in the form of epic songs
MW-icon-book-Book2.png Capn's Guide to the Fishy Stick
5 The definitive reference to fishy sticks throughout Tamriel
MW-icon-book-Octavo1.png Chance's Folly
250 Zylmoc Golge The folly of a double-crosser
MW-icon-book-Octavo2.png The Changed Ones
50 Story of how Boethiah refuted Trinimac
MW-icon-book-Book4.png Charwich-Koniinge Letters
Charwich and Koniinge Letters sent between Charwich and Koniinge about their search for Azura's Star
MW-icon-book-Quarto1.png Cherim's Heart of Anequina
bookskill_medium armor1
225 Livillus Perus, Professor at the Imperial University Interview with Cherim, a master tapestry weaver
MW-icon-book-Octavo2.png Children of the Sky
50 A description of the Nords and the Thu'um
MW-icon-book-FolioOpen4.png Chimarvamidium
BookSkill_Heavy Armor3
225 Marobar Sul Book 6 of a series of fictional stories about the Dwemer
MW-icon-book-Book2.png Chronicles of Nchuleft
250 An Anonymous Altmer A historical chronicle of events in the Dwemer Freehold Colony of Nchuleft
MW-icon-book-Folio1.png Confessions of a Skooma-Eater
25 Tilse Sendas A narrative of a cured skooma addict
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png The Consolations of Prayer
25 A prayerbook for Blessed Almsivi, Triune Grace, and all the hosts of saints
MW-icon-book-Book2.png Corpse Preparation
How to obtain and prepare a corpse for necromantic purposes
MW-icon-book-Octavo1.png A Dance in Fire
Waughin Jarth A clerk's adventures in Valenwood
MW-icon-book-Folio2.png Darkest Darkness
60 A description of various Daedra
MW-icon-book-Book1.png The Death Blow of Abernanit
300 Anonymous (with notes by Geocrates Varnus) The death of Dagoth Thras
MW-icon-book-Folio3.png Divine Metaphysics...
1000 An explanation of Anumidium's construction, written in Dwemeris
MW-icon-book-QuartoOpen2.png The Doors of the Spirit
50 Mantra of the Dunmer spirits
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png The Dowry
300 Marobar Sul Book 10 of a series of fictional stories about the Dwemer
MW-icon-book-Octavo4.png The Dragon Break Re-Examined
250 Fal Droon Explanation of a historical error of timing
MW-icon-book-Book4.png The Eastern Provinces Impartially Considered
50 Discussion of the benefits and liabilities of the ongoing management of Morrowind and Black Marsh
MW-icon-book-Folio3.png The Egg of Time
1000 Bthuand Mzahnch A refutation of a popular theory among the Dwemer that the use of Lorkhan's Heart involved unjustifiable risks
MW-icon-book-Book3.png Fellowship of the Temple
25 Archcanon Tholer Saryoni Evangelical and documentative orthodox work of the Tribunal Temple
MW-icon-book-Quarto2.png Feyfolken
Waughin Jarth The Great Sage tells a story of Artaeum, Psijics, and Robotic Enchanters
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png Fighters Guild Charter
30 Imperial charter detailing the purpose, authority, tenents, and membership requirements for the Tamrielic Fighters Guilds
MW-icon-book-Octavo4.png The Final Lesson
350 Aegrothius Goth Two apprentices are separated
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png The Firmament
40 Ffoulke A book of constellations and their meanings
MW-icon-book-QuartoOpen1.png The Firsthold Revolt
200 Maveus Cie The story of how Hlaalu Helseth's sister kept the Summerset Isle city of Firsthold
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png The Five Far Stars
25 Zershishi Mus-Manul Ashlander poetry
MW-icon-book-Quarto2.png The Five Songs of King Wulfharth
30 A summary of five epic songs of King Wulfharth, plus an apocryphal song of the Tribunal, Dagoth-Ur, and Indoril Nerevar
MW-icon-book-Quarto3.png For my Gods and Emperor
25 Imperial Cult A Handbook for the Imperial Cult
MW-icon-book-Book1.png Fort Pelagiad Prisoner Log
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png The Four Suitors of Benitah
300 Jole Yolivess A man quests to marry his childhood crush through the use of Fortify Attribute spells
MW-icon-book-Book2.png Fragment: On Artaeum
20 Taurce il-Anselma A work explaining some of the history of the Psijic island of Artaeum
MW-icon-book-Book4.png Frontier, Conquest, and Accomodation
25 University of Gwylim Press, 3E 344 Details the presence of humans in Tamriel prior to the original Nordic conquests thought to bring humans to Tamriel
MW-icon-book-Book1.png Galerion The Mystic
50 Asgrim Kolsgreg A biography of Galerion, a Psijic who founded the Mages Guild
MW-icon-book-Book1.png Galur Rithari's Papers
0 Galur Rithari Galur Rithari's account of his attempts to rid himself of vampirism
MW-icon-book-Open3.png A Game at Dinner
200 An Anonymous Spy A spy's observations upon poison making and a dinner party
MW-icon-book-Book1.png The Gold Ribbon of Merit
250 Ampyrian Brum A man tutors his old friend in marksmanship
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png Grasping Fortune
30 Serjo Hlaalu Dram Bero Evangelical and documentative work of Great House Hlaalu
MW-icon-book-Scroll1.png Great Houses of Morrowind
3 A description of the five great houses of Morrowind
MW-icon-book-Scroll1.png Guide to Ald'ruhn
3 An overview of Ald'ruhn's people and notable places
MW-icon-book-Scroll1.png Guide to Balmora
3 An overview of Balmora's people and notable places
MW-icon-book-Scroll1.png Guide to Sadrith Mora
3 An overview of Sadrith Mora's people and notable places
MW-icon-book-Scroll1.png Guide to Vivec
3 An overview of Vivec's people and notable places
MW-icon-book-Scroll1.png Guide to Vvardenfell
3 An overview of the province of Vvardenfell
MW-icon-book-Folio3.png Guylaine's Architecture
60 Guylaine Marilie Guylaine Marilie's summary of historical Dwemer architecture, which has been somewhat invalidated by modern scholarship
MW-icon-book-Folio1.png Hallgerd's Tale
bookskill_heavy armor1
325 Tavi Dromio Squabbling over the greatest warrior ever leads to a tale of heavy-armor-master Hlaalu Pasoroth
MW-icon-book-Book1.png Hanging Gardens of Wasten Coridale
55 A travel guide to the Hanging Gardens of Wasten Coridale, written in both Dwemeris and Aldmeris
MW-icon-book-QuartoOpen3.pngMW-icon-book-Quarto3.png Hanin's Wake
10 A noxious and lethal drink allows for a mass sacrifice
MW-icon-book-Open3.png Homilies of Blessed Almalexia
25 Almalexia A series of children's fables, each with its own moral
MW-icon-book-Open3.png Honor Among Thieves
100 Arnie the Scrib A manual for those wishing to join the Thieves Guild
MW-icon-book-Octavo1.png The Hope of the Redoran
bookskill_blunt weapon1
250 Turiul Nirith A tale of a child blessed by a prophesy and the interpretation thereof
MW-icon-book-Book4.png The Horror of Castle Xyr
250 Baloth-Kul A One Act Play
MW-icon-book-Open3.pngMW-icon-book-Book3.png The House of Troubles
50 Chronicle of the Daedra who decided not to submit to the Tribunal
MW-icon-book-Book2.png How Orsinium Passed to the Orcs
bookskill_heavy armor4
200 Menyna Gsost The story of how Gortwog won the land to the north of Wayrest
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png A Hypothetical Treachery
175 Anthil Morvir A One Act Play
MW-icon-book-Octavo2.png Ice and Chitin
BookSkill_Light Armor2
325 Pletius Spatec A tale of the manipulation of chitin armor
MW-icon-book-OctavoOpen2.png The Importance of Where
BookSkill_Blunt Weapon2
200 Marobar Sul Book 3 of an incomplete series of fictional stories about the Dwemer
MW-icon-book-Octavo2.png Incident in Necrom
225 Jonquilla Bothe A story about an illusionist
MW-icon-book-Octavo2.png Invocation of Azura
50 Sigillah Parate A work written by the High Priestess of Azura arguing the superiority of Azura to other Daedra Princes
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png Kagrenac's Journal
400 Kagrenac An unreadable text containing Kagrenac's daily thoughts
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png Kagrenac's Planbook
400 Kagrenac An unreadable text containing Kagrenac's plans
MW-icon-book-Octavo2.png Last Scabbard of Akrash
250 Tabar Vunqidh Story of a slaver's daughter and her Khajiit lover
MW-icon-book-Book3.png The Legendary Scourge
200 A short story and poem about Scourge, the mace of Malacath
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png Legions of the Dead
bk_legionsofthedead (bk_sharnslegionsofthedead for the unique version)
0 / 50 An informational book on the undead
MW-icon-book-Octavo1.png A Less Rude Song
40 Anonymous A standard bawdy ballad
MW-icon-book-Book3.png Lives of the Saints
25 Tribunal Temple Listing and describing prominent saints of the Dunmer
MW-icon-book-QuartoOpen1.png The Locked Room
200 Porbert Lyttumly How a pupil outlocks her cruel picklock instructor
MW-icon-book-FolioOpen3.png Lord Jornibret's Last Dance
300 Song involving men and women's parts
MW-icon-book-Parchment2.png The Lost Prophecy
0 Gilvas Barelo One of the Nerevarine Prophecies
MW-icon-book-Quarto3.png The Lunar Lorkhan
350 Fal Droon A theory about the moons Masser and Secunda
MW-icon-book-Book4.png The Lusty Argonian Maid
20 Crassius Curio A short excerpt from Crassius Curio's bawdy play
MW-icon-book-Book4.png The Madness of Pelagius
20 Tsathenes Profiling the renowned Mad Emperor
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png Mages Guild Charter
30 Rules for membership of the Mages Guild
MW-icon-book-Book4.png The Marksmanship Lesson
250 Alla Llaleth How a Bosmer slave teaches his master's son marksmanship
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png Master Zoaraym's Tale
bookskill_hand to hand5
300 Gi'Nanth About the Temple of the Two Moons in Elsweyr and its students
MW-icon-book-Book2.png The Mirror
225 Berdier Wreans About a skilled fighter's showdown with his greatest enemy
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png Mixed Unit Tactics v1
25 Codus Callonus A book about the strategies of the Khajiit during the Five Years War
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png The Monomyth
30 A theological book containing the common creation myths
MW-icon-book-Quarto1.png Mysterious Akavir
50 Information about the continent Akavir
MW-icon-book-Octavo2.png Mystery of Talara
Mera Llykith The five-part story of Princess Talara
MW-icon-book-Quarto3.png Mysticism
25 Tetronius Lor A description of the school of Mysticism
MW-icon-book-Open2.pngMW-icon-book-Book2.png N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!
200 N'Gasta An obscure text written in the language of the Sload by a necromancer
MW-icon-book-Quarto4.png Nchunak's Fire and Faith
60 Nchunak Nchunak's journey amongst the Dwemer and his attempts to understand the teachings of Kagrenac
MW-icon-book-Book3.png Nerevar Moon-and-Star
200 An Imperial scholarly work on the legend of Indoril Nerevar
MW-icon-book-Quarto3.png Night Falls On Sentinel
bookskill_blunt weapon3
275 Boali How a knight weeds out an enemy of the king
MW-icon-book-Quarto3.pngMW-icon-book-Book2.png No-h's Picture Book of Wood
bk_BriefHistoryofWood bk_BriefHistoryofWood_01
10 No-h An interesting book about wood
MW-icon-book-OctavoOpen2.png Notes on Racial Phylogeny
275 the Council of Healers, Imperial University
MW-icon-book-Book2.png The Old Ways
40 Celarus the Loremaster A guide to the Psijic Order and their beliefs
MW-icon-book-Book4.png On Morrowind
40 Erramanwe of Sunhold A historical synopsis of the Imperial conquest of Morrowind
MW-icon-book-Book1.png On Oblivion
40 Morian Zenas A guide to Oblivion and the Daedra
MW-icon-book-Book1.png Ordo Legionis
30 An introduction to the Imperial Legion
MW-icon-book-Octavo1.png Origin of the Mages Guild
25 The Archmage Salarth Where and how the Mages Guild started
MW-icon-book-Book1.png Overview of Gods and Worship
50 Brother Hetchfield Speculation concerning the worship of gods and their benefit from such
MW-icon-book-Octavo4.png Palla
Vojne Mierstyyd A conjurer's tragic infatuation with a dead woman
MW-icon-book-Quarto4.png The Pig Children
100 Tyston Bane Discusses the history of the Orcish threat in the Iliac Bay
MW-icon-book-Folio1.png The Pilgrim's Path
25 Tribunal Temple A book describing each of the Temple's shrines
MW-icon-book-Quarto3.png Poison Song
30 Bristin Xel A historically inaccurate epic set in the aftermath of the war with the Dwemer and House Dagoth
MW-icon-book-Book3.png The Posting of the Hunt
200 A document announcing a ritualistic hunting of a mortal by Daedra
MW-icon-book-Book3.png The Prayers of Baranat
bookskill_hand to hand1
250 Adventure of a man in his quest to release a kidnapped lady
MW-icon-book-Quarto1.png Progress of Truth
150 Dissident Priests A book questioning the doctrine of the Tribunal and even its godhood
MW-icon-book-Book4.png The Ransom of Zarek
200 Marobar Sul How a boy escapes his kidnappers
MW-icon-book-Quarto2.png The Real Barenziah
Plitinius Mero Biography of the famous Queen Mother of Morrowind
MW-icon-book-Octavo2.png The Real Nerevar
50 A Telvanni retainer's informal history of Nerevar
MW-icon-book-Quarto3.png Realizations of Acrobacy
200 Master Rhunen Zebavi Story of a struggle between Telvanni councilors
MW-icon-book-QuartoOpen1.png The Rear Guard
BookSkill_Light Armor1
200 Tenace Mourl How a lone man guards a besieged castle and how he obtains his food
MW-icon-book-Book1.png Red Book of Great House Redoran 3E 426
60 A yearbook of the affairs of the Redoran Council of Vvardenfell District
MW-icon-book-Book1.png The Red Book of Riddles
50 Small collection of riddles
MW-icon-book-Quarto4.png Redoran Cooking Secrets
20 How to cook "Crab Meat and Scuttle" and "The Hound and Rat"
MW-icon-book-Book4.png Reflections on Cult Worship
25 Cuseius Plecia Comparisons between the Imperial Cult and the Temple
MW-icon-book-Folio4.png Response to Bero's Speech
200 Malviser, Battlemage Commentaries of "Bero's Speech to the Battlemages" book
MW-icon-book-Book2.png The Ruins of Kemel-Ze
40 Rolard Nordssen An archaeologist's adventure through ancient Dwemer ruins
MW-icon-book-Folio2.png Saryoni's Sermons
50 Archcanon Tholer Saryoni Annotated text of the Temple with commentary by Archcanon Tholer Saryoni
MW-icon-book-Folio4.png Secrets of Dwemer Animunculi
450 Diagrams of a Sphere Centurion in various stages
MW-icon-book-Book4.png The Seed
200 Marobar Sul Book 2 of an incomplete series of fictional stories about the Dwemer.
MW-icon-book-Quarto4.png A Short History of Morrowind
5 Jeanette Sitte Some excerpts from the book's introduction and its section on Vvardenfell
MW-icon-book-Quarto2.png Silence
230 Ganpheril Kimeth How an adventurer's fight with a powerful mage was aided with a simple Silence spell
MW-icon-book-Open2.png Sithis
275 Text detailing an apparent connection between Sithis and Lorkhan
MW-icon-book-Octavo1.png Smuggler's Island
250 Quarde Anarion A tale of eleven moon sugar smugglers' grisly fate
MW-icon-book-Book4.png Song of the Alchemists
200 Marobar Sul Book 5 of an incomplete series of fictional stories about the Dwemer.
MW-icon-book-Octavo1.png Special Flora of Tamriel
25 Hardin the Herbalist A list of the rare plants of Tamriel
MW-icon-book-Book4.png Spirit of Nirn, God of Mortals
40 Opinions of the god Lorkhan and the origin of creation
MW-icon-book-Book2.png Spirit of the Daedra
100 A look into the Daedric mindset
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png Starlover's Log
350 Samar Starlover Entries from the journal of a Battlemage seeking escape from Battlespire
MW-icon-book-Parchment1.png The Stranger
0 These are the words of the prophecy called "The Stranger."
MW-icon-book-FolioOpen2.png Surfeit of Thieves
350 Aniis Noru How a busted robbery gets even worse
MW-icon-book-Folio4.png Tal Marog Ker's Researches
450 Tal Marog Ker On the exploits and studies of Chimere Graegyn
MW-icon-book-Octavo2.png Tamrielic Lore
250 Yagrum Bagarn A list, compiled by the last living Dwemer, of ancient artifacts
MW-icon-book-QuartoOpen1.png The Third Door
250 Annanar Orme Tale of a heart-broken, vengeful, axe-wielding woman
MW-icon-book-Octavo4.png Trap
250 Anonymous A starving man steals money from a cloaked man, only to wind up getting turned into cattle
MW-icon-book-Book4.png The True Nature of Orcs
30 Book detailing the Orsimer race and their origin
MW-icon-book-Book1.png The True Noble's Code
40 Serjo Athyn Sarethi Gives the guidelines to the members of the House Redoran
MW-icon-book-Folio2.png Unnamed Book
bookskill_short blade1
225 A lesson on how to assassinate with a knife, followed by a story of counterbetrayal
MW-icon-book-Quarto2.png The Vagaries of Magicka
200 An excerpt from an apparent Telvanni mage guide book
MW-icon-book-Book1.png Vampires of Vvardenfell
A book giving an overview of vampirism in Morrowind
MW-icon-book-Book1.png Varieties of Faith in the Empire
30 Brother Mikhael Karkuxor An expansive list of the pantheons and associated divine spirits of Tamriel's dominant cultures.
MW-icon-book-FolioOpen3.png Vernaccus and Bourlor
250 Tavi Dromio How a short-tempered Daedra tries to make something of himself
MW-icon-book-Book4.png Vivec and Mephala
40 Informational book about ALMSIVI and Mephala
MW-icon-book-Octavo1.png The War of the First Council
25 Agrippa Fundilius A brief account of a First Age religious conflict
MW-icon-book-Octavo4.png The Warrior's Charge
325 An old poem of the Redguards that deals with the constellations
MW-icon-book-Quarto3.png The Waters of Oblivion
250 A work on the dangers of Daedra and Oblivion
MW-icon-book-Book4.png Where Were You When the Dragon Broke?
55 Various A brief description and multiple accounts of the Dragon Break
MW-icon-book-Quarto3.png The Wild Elves
35 Kier-Jo Chorvak Brief description of the Ayleids, or Wild Elves
MW-icon-book-Octavo4.png Withershins
250 Yaqut Tawashi A humorous tale of a man's ailment and cure
MW-icon-book-Octavo3.png The Wolf Queen
Waughin Jarth The life story of Queen Potema
MW-icon-book-Book3.png Words and Philosophy
BookSkill_Long Blade1
225 An interview with a Bosmer master swordsman about her life
MW-icon-book-Quarto3.png Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi
40 Clan Mother Ahnissi How a Khajiit explains the origin of the world
MW-icon-book-Quarto3.png Words of the Wind
45 A volume of verse collected from Ashlander wise women
MW-icon-book-Quarto1.png The Wraith's Wedding Dowry
300 Voltha gra-Yamwort, translated by Apthorne Story of how an Orc reclaims her wedding gift from thieves
MW-icon-book-Octavo1.png Yellow Book of Great House Hlaalu
20 Gives a list of Hlaalu councilors and house affairs
MW-icon-book-Book4.png The Yellow Book of Riddles
30 A small book of interesting riddles