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Caius Cosades (caius cosades)
Home City Balmora
House Caius Cosades' House
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 25 Class Monk Service
Training Hand-to-hand (70)
Speechcraft (70)
Unarmored (70)
Other Information
Health 201 Magicka 118
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Essential Yes
Faction(s) Blades 9(Grand Spymaster)
Caius Cosades

Caius Cosades, an Imperial monk residing in Balmora, is the Grand Spymaster of the Blades in Vvardenfell. He's a self-admitted skooma and moon sugar addict. His underlings never mention a skooma problem, and the regular patrons of the South Wall Cornerclub have noticed that he holds his skooma better than even a Khajiit would. They have also noticed that people who judged him only on his appearance "aren't with us anymore". In your last conversation with him he mentions his superiors being concerned about his "sugar". Nevertheless, there is an impressive amount of skooma and moon sugar in his house and on his person. He wears cheap common pants with matching shoes and a belt. He also carries five samples of moon sugar.

Caius lives in a small one-room house in northeast Balmora. It contains little furniture to speak of besides a bed and a table, but there are a few interesting items to be found. First, there is the moon sugar of which one sample can be found on the table as well as five more stashed away underneath the bed where you can also find a good skooma pipe and a copy of the book The War of the First Council. Keep looking and you might also find some apprentice's and journeyman's probes lying on a shelf. Lastly, there are two locked chests in the room. The first and small one is not as heavily locked but only contains a small amount of gold (around 30 drakes). The second one, however, is securely locked and trapped as well. Nevertheless, the rewards are much greater: 100 drakes, two units of moon sugar, an apprentice's mortar and pestle, a greater soul gem, a standard restore health potion, a standard rising force potion and an Imperial shortsword. You can also find a lot of empty bottles lying around, suggesting Caius is a heavy drinker as well (or at least acts like one).

As Grand Spymaster of the Blades, Caius Cosades is the most senior person in Vvardenfell in this organization, and will allow fellow members to use his bed for sleeping. After the quest Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophecies, Caius is recalled to the Imperial City and permanently disappears from the game.

He is a major trainer in Hand-to-hand, Speechcraft, and Unarmored, but offers no other services.

Aside from his natural charm and ability to absorb fatigue from others, he knows the spells Strong Resist Shock, Variable Resist Shock, Strong Resist Poison, Variable Resist Poison, Strong Resist Magicka, Variable Resist Magicka, Strong Resist Frost, Variable Resist Frost, Strong Resist Fire, Variable Resist Fire, Seryn's Blessing, Variable Resist Common Disease, Rilm's Gift, Absorb Spell Points [Ranged], and Absorb Health [Ranged].

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Dialogue

Caius Cosades is an important Main Quest character, which means he has a lot of unique dialogue regarding it. In addition, he also offers a great deal of information on the different factions in Morrowind:

  • Ald'ruhn: To reach Ald'ruhn from Balmora on foot, take the road north from Balmora to Caldera. Exit Caldera through the northwest gate. Though Ald'ruhn is nearly due north as the racer flies, the road swings far to the west to avoid the ash wastes, curving around at last to the east, even southeast, before approaching Ald'ruhn. It is a long trip through desolate lands, and easy to get lost if you leave the road. Alternatively, pay for passage on a silt strider.
  • Ashlanders: I don't know much about the Ashlanders. Most people say they are murderous savages. But most people are idiots. I know they hate their settled Dunmer cousins almost as much as they hate Westerners. They must be tough to live in the Ashlands. I don't think outlanders can become members of the tribes. I don't know why anyone would want to.
  • Blades: "We're spies. We're the Emperor's hidden eyes and ears in the provinces. We watch the Emperor's enemies. We look for opportunities. We make reports. And, when the Emperor commands, we obey. But we're only one of many guilds and factions in Morrowind. You should know a little about Morrowind politics before you get involved with any of these other groups."
  • Blades Trainers: These Blades agents offer training... not free, of course, but cheap for a fellow agent. Look for Rithleen, Tyermaillin, and Nine-Toes here in Balmora. In Caldera, see Surane Leoriane. In Ald'ruhn, see Gildan. Sjorvar Horse-Mouth lives in a hut west of Ald'ruhn. And Elone the Scout can be found at Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen.
  • Camonna Tong: "The Camonna Tong is Morrowind's native criminal syndicate. They're tough and ruthless, and have connections in the higher ranks of House Hlaalu. The Camonna Tong compete directly with the Thieves Guild for control of illegal trade, and Camonna Tong will not tolerate competition. Compared with the Camonna Tong, the Thieves Guild is relatively decent and honorable -- certainly less brutal. They don't accept outlanders as members. Forget about it."
  • Elone: Elone the Scout can usually be found at Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen. You know where that is. You arrived in Seyda Neen by boat.
  • Fighters Guild: "The Fighters Guild is a professional organization chartered by the Emperor to regulate the hiring and training of mercenaries. Training, goods, and services are cheaper for members, and the Guild Stewards know where to find work. You'll have to start your service with Eydis Fire-Eye, the Balmora Guild Steward. She's new, and I don't know her well. Percius Mercius, the Ald'ruhn Guild Steward, I know and trust, but he only handles higher-ranking assignments."
  • Fort Buckmoth: Fort Buckmoth is the Imperial Legion's garrison for Redoran District. The fort lies south of Ald'ruhn, a short walk from Ald'ruhn's south gate.
  • Fort Moonmoth: Moonmoth Fort is the Imperial Legion garrison southeast of Balmora, just outside of town. Radd Hard-Heart is the Knight in charge. Between the Imperial Legions and Imperial cult staff, they have about a dozen service providers out there.
  • Freelance work: You can always just wander around and ask for work. Hunt monsters and sell their hides. Collect ingredients for alchemists. Prey on bandits and smugglers. Search ruins for loot. All you need are better skills and conditioning, and knowledge of Morrowind. And spend what you earn on equipment and training. Then come back a little less wet-behind-the-ears, and I won't have to worry so much about you when I send you out on a mission.
  • Gildan: Nightblade Gildan lives in Ald'ruhn, the Redoran district seat north of here, beyond Caldera. Gildan is in the southeast corner of town, in a house to the right of the steps up to the temple.
  • Guilds and Factions: "Groups favoring Imperial interests are the Blades, the Imperial cult, the Imperial Legion, the Fighters Guild, the Mages Guild, and the Thieves Guild. Groups favoring native Dunmer interests are House Redoran, House Hlaalu, and House Telvanni, the Temple, the Morag Tong, the Camonna Tong, and the Ashlanders."
  • Guild guide: A guild guide is a spellcaster of the Mages Guild who provides magical transport for a small fee. You can only travel from one Mages Guild to another, but it is the fastest way to travel between Vivec, Balmora, Ald'ruhn, Caldera, and Sadrith Mora.
  • Hasphat Antabolis: He's Drillmaster of the Balmora Fighters Guild. He's lived in Morrowind all his life, knows the natives, and talks a lot with backcountry mercenaries. He thinks of himself as a scholar, and he's particularly interested in Dwemer ruins and artifacts.
  • Hassour Zainsubani: Hassour Zainsubani is an Ashlander who left the Wastes to become a wealthy trader in Ald'ruhn. I'm not sure where to find him, but I'd try the Ald Skar Inn in Ald'ruhn first. That's a more respectable place than The Rat in the Pot or the Council Club.
  • Head the Blades: There's nothing to it. Each agent has his own assignment, and reports directly to Cyrodiil. You're promoted to Operative mostly to preserve your independence. You're no fool. The days of the Empire are almost over. When the Emperor dies, nine hells're going to break loose. Forget about the Imperial City. Think locally. Worry about the Sixth House and Dagoth Ur. And squabbles between the Great Houses and the colonists. The rest of the political nonsense doesn't amount to a plate of scuttle.
  • House Hlaalu: "House Hlaalu is one of the three Dunmer Great Houses on Vvardenfell. They're loyal supporters of the Empire, open-minded in religious and cultural matters, and greedy and ambitious in the best Imperial tradition. It's difficult to rise in their ranks as an outlander, but the Great Houses hold the power in Morrowind. Talk to Hlaalu councilors if you want to become a Hlaalu retainer."
  • House Redoran: "House Redoran is one of the three Dunmer Great Houses on Vvardenfell -- a very serious and honorable bunch. It's difficult for an outlander to join and rise in their ranks, but the Great Houses are where the power lies in Morrowind. Talk to Redoran councilors if you want to be become a Redoran retainer."
  • House Telvanni: "House Telvanni is one of the three Dunmer Great Houses on Vvardenfell. Their nobles are thousand-year-old wizards. Telvanni are supposed to hate politics, foreigners, and just about everything else, but the Vvardenfell Telvanni are apparently more ambitious and adventurous than most. I don't know much about them, but they do hire Western mercenaries, and some even rise to higher ranks. Talk to Telvanni councilors if you want to be become a Telvanni retainer."
  • Huleeya: Huleeya is an Argonian and a Morag Tong assassin. You'll find him in Vivec, at the Black Shalk Cornerclub in the Lower Waistworks of the Foreign Quarter. In addition to his other skills, Huleeya is also known around Vivec City as a student of history and a lover of books and old things.
  • Imperial Cult: "The Imperial cult worships the Nine Divines: the Aedra Akatosh, Dibella, Arkay, Zenithar, Mara, Stendarr, Kynareth, and Julianos, and Tiber Septim, founder and patron of the Empire. In Morrowind, it's partly maintaining the faith for outlanders like us, and partly a missionary cult, bringing enlightment to the heathen Dunmer. You can see Somutis Vunnis at Fort Moonmoth to join, but you have to go to Ebonheart if you want to become a lay servant."
  • Imperial Legion: "The Imperial Legion has several fort garrisons here on Vvardenfell. The lower ranks handle law enforcement, escorts, rescues, dangerous predators, diseased and blighted beasts, and so forth. Only one fort accepts recruits -- Fort Darius in Gnisis. Gnisis is a frontier outpost, isolated, a little rough. But good experience. If you're interested, see General Darius in Gnisis."
  • Lay servant: Lay servants serve the Imperial cult by doing various tasks. Not a lot of excitement, but safe, honorable, and rewarding. First you have to join the Imperial cult, then go to the Imperial Chapels in Ebonheart to get work. See Synnolian Tunifus to become a lay healer. See Iulus Truptor to become an almoner -- a fund raiser. See Kaye to become a shrine sergeant -- they do the more dangerous jobs.
  • Mages Guild: "It's a guild for the arcane arts. And it's where you go to find wizards for hire. Training, goods, and services are cheaper for members, and the Guild Stewards know where to find work. If you want to be a wizard, join and work your way up the ranks. The Mages Guild here is a better bet than the Fighters Guild. Ranis Athrys is the guild steward, so talk to her if you want to join up. She's got a chip on her shoulder, but her apprentice, Ajira, seems okay for a Khajiit."
  • Mehra Milo: Mehra Milo is a Temple priestess who works in the libraries at the Hall of Wisdom and Justice. She's a friend, so be careful, and don't get her in trouble. The Temple is suspicious of outlanders, and wouldn't be happy to find Mehra talking with you about religious matter. She'll be easy to spot. Look for the priestess with the copper hair and copper eyes.
  • Morag Tong: "The Morag Tong is a guild of executioners and assassins, completely legal, and guided by a strict code of conduct. It's an ancient Dunmer society, steeped in tradition, but I know and respect a few Westerners who belong to the Morag Tong. They are nothing like the Dark Brotherhood. I have no idea how to join them."
  • Recalled: Internal politics. Some concern about my sugar. I thought about refusing the recall. But they have members of my family back in the capital. I'm afraid it may have something to do with the problems with the succession. As the Emperor's health declines, factions are maneuvering for advantage. I may be gone a while -- that's why you're promoted to Operative.
  • Rithleen: Warrior Rithleen lives two houses south, upstairs.
  • Rules: The rules for the Blades are simple. Follow orders. My orders. Don't steal from the Blades. Don't attack anyone from the Blades. Simple rules. Follow them, or you'll be expelled. And once you're expelled, you're out forever.
  • Services: We have our own Blades Trainers, of course. And there're many public services available in Balmora. Members get better prices from Guild Services. The Balmora Fighters Guild and Balmora Mages Guild are across the river. You'll find contacts for the Balmora Thieves Guild in the South Wall up the street. And there's an Imperial Cult shrine at nearby Moonmoth Legion Fort.
  • Sharn gra-Muzgob: Very smart. For an Orc. An unhealthy interest in the dark arts, perhaps, but very smart. She's always worried that the Temple will bust in and stick her in a fire. And worried with good reason.
  • Sixth House: A trusted informant says they're a secret cult associated with some strange events recently, and, more important, my informant thinks these recent disturbances are related in some way to the Nerevarine Prophecies.
  • Sixth House base: Champion Raesa Pullia at Fort Buckmoth says a patrol found a Sixth House base in a cave the locals call Ilunibi. However, the one trooper who escaped to report has died of corprus disease. Before he died, the trooper reported fighting with monsters and cultists, and something about a powerful Sixth House priest called Dagoth Gares. But go talk to Raesa Pullia at Fort Buckmoth. She'll have all the details.
  • Sjorvar-Horse-Mouth: Master-at-Arms Sjorvar Horse-Mouth lives in a guar herder's hut in the middle of nowhere west of Caldera. I've only been there once, and couldn't give your directions. Go look for him if you feel like a little hike.
  • Sleeper attacks: "Serve your Lord, Dagoth Ur. The Sixth House is risen, and Dagoth is its glory. That's what they say. There've been several attacks recently, and these Sleepers all say the same thing.
  • Soul sickness: That's the Temple name for being crazy. The Dunmer are humorless bastards. They don't like strange behavior. It makes them nervous. Eccentric isn't charming to them. It's dangerous. The natives are very tight-cheeked, and you will be too, if you want to avoid unwanted attention.
  • Surane Leoriane: Mage Surane Leoriane is in Caldera, the next town north. Her half-timber-and-stone house north sits between the twin towers of the North Gate and the Governor's Hall.
  • Temple: "The Tribunal Temple is the native religion. They worship three God-Kings, Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec, who are known together as the Tribunal. We usually just call it 'The Temple.' They're narrow-minded and superstitious, but I find a lot to admire -- particularly their concern for the poor. They accept outlanders as members, but few outlanders join except for the services. Talk to Feldrelo Sadri at the Balmora Temple if you're thinking about joining."
  • Thieves Guild: "In the rest of the Empire, the Thieves Guild is a more-or-less organized group of local criminal syndicates governing illegal trade in their communities. Here in Morrowind, the Thieves Guild is the newcomer. The established local crime lords are called the Camonna Tong. The Thieves Guild doesn't advertise, partly because to avoid the law, and partly to avoid the Camonna Tong, who have sworn to destroy the upstart Thieves Guild. Sugar Lips Habasi over at the South Wall is the local Guild Boss."
  • Tyermaillin: Healer Tyermaillin lives two houses south, downstairs.
  • Urshilaku camp: Zainsubani says the Urshilaku camp lies close to the Sea of Ghosts, north of the village of Maar Gan, on the northern coast of Vvardenfell. The fastest, smartest way to reach Maar Gan is to take a silt strider from Balmora to Ald'ruhn, and from Ald'ruhn to Maar Gan. In Maar Gan, look for a scout named Nuleno Tedas at Maar Gan Outpost. She'll be able to tell you how to reach Urshilaku camp.
  • Vivec: Vivec City, named for Vivec, a living god of Morrowind, is the largest settlement on Vvardenfell, and one of the largest cities in the East. Take the silt strider from Balmora to Vivec; it's fast, cheap, and safe. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, walk the road south from Balmora, past Pelagiad, through the Ascadian Isles to Vivec. Be careful. It's easy to lose the road or blunder into beasts when traveling by night or in bad weather. Travel by day to avoid getting lost. Or killed.

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