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Your first task is to visit seven shrines throughout the island.
Quest Giver: Any Quest Giver
Location(s): Fields of Kummu, Vivec, Gnisis, Koal Cave, Ghostgate
Next Quest: New Temple Quest
Reward: None
Reputation Gain: +20 (Temple)
ID: TT_SevenGraces (TT_PilgrimsPath, TT_FieldsKummu, TT_StopMoon, TT_PalaceVivec, TT_PuzzleCanal, TT_MaskVivec, TT_Ghostgate, TT_RuddyMan)
Required Rank: None
The Shrine at the Fields of Kummu

Quick WalkthroughEdit

1. Talk to any quest giver to learn about the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces and receive the book The Pilgrim's Path.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Pilgrimages of the Seven GracesEdit

Any of the Tribunal Temple quest givers will give you this quest just after you join. In order to receive any more quests from the Temple, you must first perform the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces, visiting seven shrines across the island. Though none of the quests are particularly difficult, a good deal of traveling throughout the western portion of the map is required. You must visit and activate each shrine, which require you to provide a certain item for each one. You should be given the book The Pilgrim's Path which has a rather thorough description of each shrine. The shrines can be visited in any order and their approximate location should be marked on your map.

Grace of Humility, Fields of KummuEdit

This shrine can be found in the Fields of Kummu, on the north shore of Lake Amaya along the road between two trees. You need a piece of muck to activate this shrine (just north of the marker on your map). If you don't have a portion, proceed south into the lake until you come across a small island where you can obtain some from a Muckspunge. Once you activate the shrine, you will be blessed with Feather 100 pts for 48 min.

The Shrine of Daring

Grace of Daring, Vivec TempleEdit

This is one of three shrines in Vivec, found outside in the southwest corner of the Temple Canton. To activate the shrine, you will need a Rising Force Potion, which can be bought from Danso Indules in the Temple tunnel or from other vendors around Vivec (any quality of potion will do, though you cannot use one you made yourself). Once you activate the shrine, you will be blessed with Levitate 100 pts for 24 min.

Grace of Generosity, Palace of VivecEdit

This is one of three shrines in Vivec , found outside the entrance to the Palace. With a donation of 100 gold you can activate the shrine and be blessed with Fortify Mercantile and Luck 10 pts for 48 min.

Grace of Courtesy, The Puzzle CanalEdit

This is one of the three shrines in Vivec and its entrance can be found on Level 3 of the Puzzle Canal in the Palace Canton (in the center of the level in the tunnel). Once inside you will find a shrine that will only give you the cryptic message of Breathe the Waters of His Glory and the Way is Made Clear. To 'breathe the waters', you must stay underwater until your "Breath Bar" is depleted, at which point your health will begin to decrease; when your health drops below 10, you will black out for a second and be healed (If you are unable to drown because you have a permanent Water Breathing effect, damage your health to 10). Once healed, resurface and head back up the steps and you will find there is now a bridge to a new part of the room.

Cross the bridge to the revealed area and talk to the Dremora Krazzt at the top of the stairs beside the shrine. Give him a Silver Longsword (get one from the chest to your left if you don't have one). You can now activate the shrine and be blessed with Water Breathing and Swift Swim 25 pts for 48 min.

The Ash Mask inside the Temple

Grace of Justice, GnisisEdit

This shrine can be found at the top of the Tribunal Temple in Gnisis, next to the Mask of Vivec artifact. You need a Potion of Cure Common Disease to activate the shrine, which can be bought within the Temple (check the rooms near the entrance). Once you activate the shrine, try touching the middle panel again to reveal the true Vivec Ashmask. Touch the mask to be taught the spell Vivec's Touch (cheap but 100% effective Cure Common and Blight Disease on Touch).

Grace of Valor, Koal CaveEdit

This shrine is a little more difficult to reach, being found inside the Koal Cave just south of Gnisis along the shore (it is marked on your map, under the stone arch). You will need some Dreugh Wax to activate the shrine just inside the entrance. You can buy wax in the Gnisis Temple, or just find and kill the Dreugh Warlord found further inside the cave (the Warlord might be very tough for lower level characters). Activate the shrine to receive the blessing of Fortify Unarmored, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor 10 pts for 48 min. If you have killed the Dreugh Warlord in the cave, you'll also receive an enchanted Dreugh Cuirass.

The shrine inside the Ghostfence

Grace of Pride, GhostfenceEdit

This is the most difficult shrine to visit, mainly due to its remote location. You might want to pick up a soul gem before you head out since you need one to activate the shrine. Any type of soul gem, filled or not, will be suitable enough. Head towards the Ghostgate, which should be marked on your map, by traveling roughly southeast of Ald'ruhn or taking a long walk northwards through Foyada Mamaea. Once you reach the Ghostgate, look for the pillars with switches on their sides. You will need to activate two switches to be able to pass northwards through the tunnel. Once inside the Ghostfence, travel north a few paces and then follow the path northeast. You will find the shrine at the end, in the little dip between two trees. Activate the shrine with a soul gem to receive a blessing of Fortify Magicka 50 pts and Shield 25 pts for 48 min.

One note of warning: The shrine here will take one of each type of soul gem you have, which might be distressing if you were saving them for your next visit to an enchanter. However, you can prevent this happening by dropping all but one gem before activating the shrine. It will not, thankfully, take Azura's Star.

Once you visit and activate all seven shrines, return to any Tribunal Temple Master (not just the quest givers) to notify them that you've finished the pilgrimages, selecting the "Seven Graces" conversation topic


  • You can start the quest without joining the Temple. Simply read The Pilgrim's Path - you will receive a journal entry, and the locations of the shrines will be marked on your map.
  • There are actually two identical shrines on either side of the door at the top of the stairs to the Palace. You need to donate to only one of them.
  • You may have to activate the Shrine of Courtesy several times to make it work.
  • Teleporting to the temple can prevent the script from checking what shrines you have visited. If this occurs, walk out of the temple, and maybe walk out of town, then walk back in. Then talk about seven graces to get the journal entry, allowing you to continue. (The problematic script is called templeStewards and is located on Temple Masters.)
  • You do not actually have to open the book The Pilgrim's Path. Its quest TT_PilgrimsPath, which is also named Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces, is never checked anywhere. The same locations are marked on your map when you are given the book by a Temple steward.
  • Drowning in the Puzzle Canal waters is not technically necessary—you only need to be underwater with your health below 10, whether your breath bar is depleted or not.


  • If you kill the Dreugh Warlord, you can revisit the Koal Cave Shrine anytime and donate more Dreugh Wax and continue to receive a Dreugh Cuirass for each one.

Quest StagesEdit

These Codes can be used along with the Journal Console Command and Quest ID given within the chart to update the quest to a certain point.

Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces (TT_SevenGraces)
Quest ID Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
TT_SevenGraces 10 %Name gave me a copy of "The Pilgrim's Path" and asked me to make the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces.
100 Check.png I have completed the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces.
TT_PilgrimsPath 100 Check.png I have read "The Pilgrim's Path" and marked the location of each shrine on my map.
TT_FieldsKummu 100 Check.png I made the Pilgrimage to the Fields of Kummu and read the Grace of Humility.
TT_StopMoon 100 Check.png I made the Pilgrimage to Stop the Moon and read the Grace of Daring.
TT_PalaceVivec 100 Check.png I made the Pilgrimage to the Palace of Vivec and read the Grace of Generosity.
TT_PuzzleCanal 50 I spoke with Krazzt and gave him a longsword. I should read the inscription on the shrine to complete the Pilgrimage.
100 Check.png I made the Pilgrimage to the Puzzle Canal and read the Grace of Courtesy.
TT_MaskVivec 100 Check.png I made the Pilgrimage to the Mask of Vivec and read the Grace of Justice.
TT_RuddyMan 100 Check.png I made the Ruddy Man Pilgrimage and read the Grace of Valor.
TT_Ghostgate 100 Check.png I made the Pilgrimage to Ghostgate and read the Grace of Pride.

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