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Raxle Berne, a leading Vampire

It is possible to become a vampire in the game, which will open up eleven new quests and a few unique rewards and challenges. They are sometimes called blood vampires, to distinguish them from the unrelated ash vampires. Vampirism is considered a disease and is contracted from a vampire's bite. Be aware that there is no actual bite and that only melee combat counts (their spells can't transmit the disease). With each hit, you have a small chance of being infected. A good way to catch the initial condition Porphyric Hemophilia is to repeatedly search the body of a slain vampire. If you are immune to disease, like after being cured from Corprus, you're immune to this as well, unless you cast Weakness to Common Disease on self, preferably of 100 pt. magnitude.

A list of all named Vampires is found here; choose your Sire Vampire carefully, as this will determine your bloodline and possible clan.

So you got infected. Now what?[edit]

Once you catch Porphyric Hemophilia, you can cure yourself with any form of Cure Common Disease, or see a healer or altar anytime within three days of being bitten. After the three days, however, you will wake up as a full-fledged vampire. You will know for sure you are a vampire by the dream that awakens you after the 72 hour incubation period expires.

Pros and Cons[edit]

You receive a number of bonuses to your Attributes, Skills, and other abilities upon becoming a vampire, depending on which clan you are in. Your clan will be in the same bloodline as the vampire that bit you.

  1. +20 to Strength, Willpower, and Speed.
  2. +30 to Sneak, Athletics, Acrobatics, Hand-to-hand, Unarmored, Mysticism, Illusion, and Destruction.
  3. Immune to Paralysis and Common Disease.
  4. +50% Resistance to normal weapons.
  5. Vampire Touch spell, which Absorbs Health 10-30 points on touch. It will always have a 100% success rate.
  6. Additional bonus based on the clan you've joined:
  7. A few useful artifacts such as Eltonbrand and the Darksun Shield are only available as a Vampire.

PC Only Eltonbrand is available without becoming a vampire with Morrowind Patch Project 1.6.4 or higher installed.

Of course, there is a downside to becoming a vampire. You do not regenerate health when you sleep (though fatigue and magicka are unaffected). The only ways to regain health are via the Vampire Touch or any Absorb Health spell or with Restore Health spells and items. Additionally, during daylight hours (6 a.m. until 8 p.m.), you will take Sun Damage up to 5 pts. a second, if you're outside. You'll either have to stay indoors for those hours or equip Constant Effect Restore Health items to counter the life drain. You'll also take increased (+ 50%) Fire Damage from spells and weapons and very few people will want to talk with you. Aside from the Mages Guild and House Telvanni, everyone will either shun you or try to kill you. This can make travel much more difficult, as boatmen, Guild Guides and Silt Strider caravaners will not transport you. It is also impossible to get any Quests outside of the Vampire, Mages Guild, and House Telvanni Quests, as no one will talk to you to give you the quest. Many Daedric Quests are still available as well, because they do not require you to talk to someone to accept, merely to activate the shrine (except Mephala's Quest, which requires you talk to the priest). Please note, however, that Boethiah's Quest is impossible to finish, as it requires you to talk to a person. Another major ramification is that the Main Quest is inaccessible unless you choose the Back Path. Of course, this might ruin a good portion of the game for some people, so be wary of the disadvantages before committing to vampirism. Most of these disadvantages can be overcome with strategy, however.

Fortunately, there is a cure, though obscure and difficult to find. Once you take it you cannot become a vampire ever again.

Living As A Vampire[edit]

The simplest way to survive as a vampire is to simply complete your clan's quests and feed on the cattle. A vampire can easily exist on a farm, such as the Dren Plantation, collecting plants with restorative properties from the fields whenever possible. A more exciting existence as a vampire can be found by traveling the countryside and staying in ancestral tombs, Kwama mines, and caverns, although this is primarily only a role-playing experience. The Armorer skill is very useful when playing as a vampire, as it is otherwise difficult to have your items repaired. Likewise, Enchant is useful because there are no vampire enchanting services, although Qorwynn, the Master Trainer of Enchantment, offers such services to vampires if you can talk to him. Speechcraft and Personality are also vital in order to live a more civilized life as a vampire. A high personality will allow you to bypass many of the attempts to shun you, and training your Speechcraft will aid you in raising the low dispositions that accompany vampirism. Being a vampire means that acquiring new spells, either by buying them or creating new ones yourself, is impossible. Make sure you have all the spells you need before becoming a vampire.

Vampire Clans[edit]

There are three clans, or bloodlines, of vampires that you can be in the game: the Shadows of the Berne, the Mages of the Aundae, or the Warriors of the Quarra. You take your bloodline from the siring vampire that infected you, yet that does not make you a member of a clan automatically. Though most vampires belong to one of the three bloodlines, there are five vampires that operate independently of the clans, and there are clan-less, generic vampires of no bloodline.

Just because you're of their bloodline, don't expect a warm welcome. The members have low disposition towards you, though aren't hostile. Their leaders see you as an abomination, a freak mistake at best, and therefore expendable. You'll have to earn their trust and access to the clan's services by doing tasks of various kind. Each clan has two quests which are offered only to its members (plus a generic third quest, "kill a dozen vampires of the rival clans"). There are also eight general quests open to members of any bloodline. Thus, you are limited to ten of the possible fourteen vampire quests in the game.

Vampire Quests[edit]

General Quests
Clan Aundae's Quests
  • Blood Ties: Find out what happened to the Ancient's son after she became a vampire.
Clan Berne's Quests
Clan Quarra's Quests

Notes for the Life as a Vampire[edit]

  • Boots of Blinding Speed helps with the speed of your Levitation.
  • Absorb Health weaponry and spells are even more useful, given that you can't regain health through sleep.
  • Access to the Propylon network for fast-travel, since other options are limited. This is even possible with the Master Index plugin, as the transportation is by selecting a topic rather than a service.
  • Traveling by silt strider may prove difficult for Vampires.
  • Sleeping or resting outdoors during daylight hours may result in your instant death. This is because you will take damage when exposed to sunlight. If you therefore rest outside in broad daylight and your health is not high enough to withstand the damage you receive during the number of hours you're asleep for, you will die in your sleep. Be sure to consult the time of day, and plan your movements accordingly. For example, start your quests at the onset of night hours (9pm to 5am).
  • Any bounties and crimes against your factions will be held against you after you're cured.
  • You can interact with most of Solstheim and Mournhold without them trying to kill you or shun you.
  • Once you earn your clan's teleport amulet, you can use this to get yourself out of the Magas Volar Daedric Sanctuary (with Recall), if you're trying to claim a second Daedric Crescent.
  • You can restore your health as a vampire by waiting in areas that are illegal to rest in. Make sure you are inside, though, or you will take sun damage.


  • If you are also a Werewolf and catch Vampirism you will turn into a werewolf with a vampire head. Apart from the optical nuisance, there are several errors in Attribute calculations.