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Weakness to Element
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 2
(Click on any item for details)

Weakness to <Element> M% for D seconds

These effects increase the damage dealt by the four elemental damage effects, Fire Damage, Frost Damage, Poison, and Shock Damage. M is the percentage of resistance reduction. At 100% the target will receive double damage.

Altmer have natural weakness to most elements (50% to Fire, and 25% to Frost and Shock), so they will be most interested in Resist Element spells or items that counteract these weaknesses.

[edit] Notes

  • If the target is naturally immune to an element, 100% weakness will eliminate that immunity. This can be a good way to make any element more universally useful. Higher magnitudes will still be necessary to amplify base damage though.
  • When weakness is used in conjunction with an effect that does damage over several seconds, the weakness only needs a duration of 1 to allow the damage to take effect.

[edit] Related Effects

[edit] Alchemy Ingredients

The following ingredients have a Weakness to Element effect:

Weakness to Fire
Weakness to Poison

* This a first-effect ingredient, so just eating it raw will give you a small dose of the effect. Since it is the only ingredient with this effect, this is the only way to be affected by it.

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