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Wulf (wulf)
Location Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 50 Class Warrior
Other Information
Health 394 Magicka 158
Alarm 90 Fight 30

Wulf is an Imperial warrior located in the Tower of Dusk, Ghostgate. He is actually an aspect of Tiber Septim.

You can only encounter him while the Main Quest is active, after receiving Wraithguard, and before destroying Dagoth Ur. If you don't visit Ghostgate before destroying Dagoth Ur, he will be absent from the game from there on. If you do visit and talk to him while he is present at Ghostgate, he will offer you a special coin. Accepting this coin gives you a new power, Luck of the Emperor (Fortify Luck 20 pts for 120 secs), however you do not need to carry the coin to use the power.

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Imperial Cult

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