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Blackwood Company
Blackwood Company Hall in Leyawiin
Blackwood Company member

The Blackwood Company is a mercenary-like group and a competing faction with the Fighters Guild. They are known for taking less scrupulous jobs and seem to operate without moral qualms. The company was started by a group of former soldiers who were sent by the emperor to reclaim territory in Black Marsh. After they failed at their task, they came to Leyawiin but continued to ply their mercenary trade. By undercutting the Fighters Guild, and agreeing to accept jobs that the Guild refused, the Blackwood Company has grown to over a hundred members and is becoming a serious threat to the Fighters Guild's existence. The Company's second-in-command, Ja'Fazir, explains that their name of "Blackwood" refers to a part of Blackwood Forest but that it also carries a reference to the "thoghatt", or "charcoal warriors", of Khajiiti tradition. The faction is based out of Leyawiin, with their headquarters directly across from the Fighters Guild Hall. The Company also maintains an outpost inside of Glademist Cave.

The Blackwood Company mercenaries adorn their own set of commissioned Blackwood armor, a heavy set engraved with their emblem of a sword and axe at the roots of a Hist tree. The armor is similar to steel armor yet darker, tougher and offering more defense than Dwarven armor.

As you advance in the Fighters Guild quest chain, you will encounter them increasingly more often. The quest chain also reveals that the Blackwood Company members use the intoxicating sap from the Hist tree to boost their combat prowess. When consumed by a non-Argonian, Hist sap causes hallucinogenic effects which can send the drinker into a bloodlust. The Hist tree that the Blackwood Company uses is revealed to have been smuggled directly from Black Marsh. There is a dedicated room containing the tree that is located in the basement which is kept locked and sealed. The usage of the Hist tree is a well-guarded secret within the company. Large amounts of the tree's sap are drained daily to fuel its members and Modryn Oreyn of the Fighters Guild believes that the specific tree they obtained may be corrupted, as it causes even Argonians to hallucinate.


[edit] People


Maglir only joins at the start of the More Unfinished Business quest.

There are also ten anonymous "Blackwood Company Guards" who you can meet:

  • Three Argonians (all with the same BaseID) in Glademist Cave.
  • Four Imperials (all with the same BaseID), also in Glademist Cave.
  • One Imperial, one Argonian, and one Khajiit who accompany you during the Infiltration quest.

One dead "Blackwood Company Member" will also be found in Forsaken Mine. He is not officially a member of the Blackwood Company, but faction membership was probably considered irrelevant given that he is always dead.

[edit] Joining

  • In a later Fighters Guild quest, Infiltration, you will be asked to infiltrate the ranks of the Blackwood Company by joining them. The faction will appear in your journal once you are officially considered a member. Only one rank is ever available to you, which is Company Member.

[edit] Related quests

Azani Blackheart: Help Modryn prove that the Blackwood Company lied about completing a contract to kill Azani Blackheart.
Information Gathering: Bring Ajum-Kajin - a high-ranking Blackwood Company member - back to Modryn and "persuade" him to talk.
Infiltration: Deceive your way into the Blackwood Company and discover why they are so powerful... or so crazy.
The Hist: Return to Blackwood Company headquarters to destroy the source of their power and anyone that stands in your way.

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[edit] Notes

  • None of the items in the Blackwood Company Hall are marked as owned property. Thus, if you want to make some easy money and raise your Mercantile skill at lower levels, you can take all these items without incurring a bounty (including some Nirnroot).

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