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Illustration of a typical Khajiit Suthay-raht male

The Khajiit are a race of feline humanoids hailing from the province of Elsweyr, well-known for their keen intelligence and agility. While these traits make them superb thieves and acrobats, Khajiit are also fearsome warriors. However, strenuous training must typically be undertaken to make wielding magic a serious option, either in passive or aggressive actions. Khajiit are said to rarely take to the sea, though piracy and the skooma trade does draw some to work as sailors.

Physiologically, Khajiit differ greatly from both the varied races of man and mer, not only in their skeletal structure (possessing a tail and, in some forms, a digitigrade stance, i.e. toe walking) and dermal makeup (the "fur" that covers their bodies) but in their digestion and metabolism as well. The Khajiit, along with the Argonians and the Imga, make up the so called 'beast races' of the Empire, due to their anthropomorphic qualities. Khajiit have a lifespan similar to that of humans. It is currently unclear whether a successful union between Khajiit and other races may occur, for no well-documented cases exist despite rumors. The divergent appearance and mannerisms of the Khajiit often lead bigoted members of other races to look down on them.

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A list of all the Khajiit in Cyrodiil can be found here.




  • +10 Agility
  • -10 Willpower and Strength



  • Eye of Fear greater power (Form ID 00047ADF): Demoralize up to level 25 (100 points) for 30 seconds on Target, once per day
  • Eye of Night lesser power (Form ID 00047AE0): Night-Eye for 30 seconds on Self (0 magicka cost)

In-Game Description[edit]

Hailing from the province of Elsweyr, they are intelligent, quick, and agile. They make excellent thieves due to their natural agility and unmatched acrobatics skill. All Khajiit can see in the dark.


Khajiit, like Argonians, make excellent thieves and assassins due to their bonuses in skills typically associated with stealth-oriented classes. They are quick and especially adept at getting into places some of the other races might have trouble with. Eye of Night is a handy lesser power while dungeon-crawling or for seeing at night, when many thieves and assassins do their work. Their other greater power, Eye of Fear, is also useful and is not affected by Spell Efficiency, which often ruins Demoralize spells at higher levels. If you are playing a thief character, it may help to choose The Thief Birthsign to boost your stealth-oriented skills. Another suitable birthsign, especially for male Khajiit, is The Lady, as it gives a boost to endurance and willpower, somewhat making up for the male Khajiit's penalty to those attributes. Along with being a brilliant stealth race, male Khajiit are also well suited for combat classes such as barbarians, archers, or custom light armor/blade/bow combat warrior classes because of their bonuses to blade, light armor, and hand to hand, and their increased agility attribute. Additionally, unlike female Khajiit, males do not have decreased strength.

Enemy Khajiit are primarily encountered as Bandits, including the infamous Highwaymen, clad in light armor and wielding blunt weapons.

Race-specific Dialogue[edit]

"Something on your mind, furlicker?" (if disposition is between 20 and 30)
"Greetings, Khajiit." (if disposition is 30+)
"Greetings, clan-mate." (if disposition is 30+ and the target NPC is also a Khajiit)
Friendly Greetings (if disposition is 70+)
"May you walk on warm sands."
"Warm day to you, friend."
"Sugar and sands, friend."
"Good friend. This is an honor."
"Swift hunting, friend."
Neutral Greetings (if disposition is between 30 and 70)
"Its scent is unfamiliar."
"It has no master?"
"Good hunting."
"You have words?"
"Speak while the sands are warm."
Brusque Greetings (if disposition is below 30)
"Khajiit has no words for you."
"It comes near. What does it want?"
"To greet you? Or eat you?"
"Go away. Do not come back."
"Can it speak? Can it make words?"
"Die, you mangy housecat!"
"You'll make a fine rug, cat!"

NPC Reactions[edit]

Reactions affect the base disposition of NPCs towards you depending on your relative races.

Khajiit +5