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Spell Tomes
Official Add-On:
Spell Tomes
Released September 1, 2006
Size 2.4 MB
Xbox 360 Xbox live for $1.00 US & Canada
Patch 1.1.511 or higher
CS Version 1.2 (or hex edit the esm file)
For problems related to installation, see Installation Issues
A Spell Tome

Spell Tomes is an official plug-in that adds new spells and books from which you can learn spells.

This pack adds "Spell Tomes" to the world's random treasure. These books grant you wondrous and powerful magic spells, just by reading them! Now Mages will also gain instant benefits by treasure hunting. Friend and foe alike will bow in awe before your power. —Former Official Summary
This pack adds Spell Tomes to the world's treasures. These books grant you powerful magic spells by reading them.Current Official Summary

Once the plug-in is installed, spell tomes have a chance of randomly being found in most loot chests. The spells range in power, and include both new spells (with some new effects) and existing spells.

Specifically, the tomes are added to the leveled lists used to generate scrolls. In any place where normally scrolls would randomly appear, there is now a roughly 1 in 4 chance that a spell tome will appear instead of a scroll (so if a typical chest has a 10% chance of containing a scroll, there is now a ~7.5% chance the chest will contain a scroll, and a ~2.5% chance it contains a spell tome). The types of chests where scrolls can be found are listed at Finding Scrolls; conjurer dungeons and necromancer dungeons are the best places to look.

There is only one guaranteed place to find a spell tome. The plug-in adds a single non-respawning Conjurer, initially located outside Fort Cedrian, who is carrying a single spell tome. This conjurer will try to find you, so even if you never go to Fort Cedrian it is possible he will show up at some point when you are outdoors. He will then attack you on sight.


[edit] Overview

  • There are hundreds of new spell-giving books around Cyrodiil.
  • All of the most useful basic spells have been covered.
  • High level spells are available as well as low level spells.
  • There are many new spells added with this plug-in with powerful, multiple effects added.
  • Some spells include effects that were not previously available as spells, such as Fortify Skill, Resist Disease, Resist Paralysis, Resist Poison, Stunted Magicka, Resist Frost, and Summon Bear.
  • The extremely powerful spells are balanced with slightly detrimental effects (such as Sun Damage) to lower the magicka cost.
  • Note that if you already know a spell, using the spell tome with that spell will have no effect (i.e. if you know Superior Dispel prior to using the Superior Dispel Tome, the tome will be used, and the sound will be made, but no spells will be added).

[edit] New Spells

This is a list only of the new spells added by the plug-in. Other spell tomes exist, but the spells in those tomes are standard spells that are already listed on the standard Spells page.

[edit] Alteration

Spell Name Spell ID Effects Cost Tome Name Tome ID
Defensive Boost xx001218 Fortify Light Armor 5pts for 30sec on Self
Shield 15pts for 30sec on Self
57 Defensive Boost Tome xx00127E
Shieldwall xx001216 Fortify Heavy Armor 5pts for 30sec on Self
Shield 15pts for 30sec on Self
57 Shieldwall Tome xx001282

[edit] Conjuration

Spell Name Spell ID Effects Cost Tome Name Tome ID
Mara's Grace xx0011EC Light 40pts in 15ft for 30sec on Target
Turn Undead 30pts in 15ft for 30sec on Target
123 Mara's Grace Tome xx001289
Pride of Hirstaang xx0011EA Fortify Strength 5pts for 30sec on Self
Resist Frost 30pts for 30sec on Self
Summon Bear (Black Bear) for 30sec on Self
271 Pride of Hirstaang Tome xx001287

[edit] Destruction

Spell Name Spell ID Effects Cost Tome Name Tome ID
Chilling Touch* xx00123F Frost Damage 4pts for 5sec on Touch
Weakness to Frost 25% for 5sec on Touch
24 Chilling Touch Tome xx00129F
Choking Grasp xx001224 Drain Health 35pts for 3sec on Touch 25 Choking Grasp Tome xx0012AA
Decaying Taint xx00120B Damage Health 2pts for 5sec on Target 21 Decaying Taint Tome xx0012AE
Electrifying Spark xx0011FC Shock Damage 3pts for 5sec on Target 23 Electrifying Spark Tome xx001299
Elemental Flare xx00121A Fire Damage 5pts on Target
Frost Damage 5pts on Target
Shock Damage 5pts on Target
25 Elemental Flare Tome xx00128D
Flammable Touch* xx001233 Fire Damage 4pts for 5sec on Touch
Weakness to Fire 25% for 5sec on Touch
25 Flammable Touch Tome xx001297
Freezing Shard xx001205 Frost Damage 3pts for 5sec on Target 22 Freezing Shard Tome xx001293
Searing Flare xx0011F4 Fire Damage 3pts for 5sec on Target 22 Searing Flare Tome xx001298
Soul Grasp xx001214 Damage Health 3pts for 3sec on Touch
Soul Trap for 3sec on Touch
23 Soul Grasp Tome xx0012A7
Spark Touch* xx001237 Shock Damage 4pts for 5sec on Touch
Weakness to Shock 25% for 5 sec on Touch
25 Spark Touch Tome xx0012A3
Decaying Bolt xx00120C Damage Health 3pts for 6sec on Target 44 Decaying Bolt Tome xx0012AF
Electrifying Bolt xx0011F8 Shock Damage 5pts for 6sec on Target 55 Electrifying Bolt Tome xx00129A
Electrifying Touch* xx001239 Shock Damage 6pts for 6sec on Touch
Weakness to Shock 50% for 6sec on Touch
54 Electrifying Touch Tome xx0012A4
Elemental Bolt xx00121C Fire Damage 9pts on Target
Frost Damage 9pts on Target
Shock Damage 9pts on Target
55 Elemental Bolt Tome xx00128E
Freezing Bolt xx0011FD Frost Damage 5pts for 6sec on Target 52 Freezing Bolt Tome xx001294
Freezing Touch* xx001241 Frost Damage 6pts for 7sec on Touch
Weakness to Frost 50% for 7sec on Touch
61 Freezing Touch Tome xx0012A0
Kindling Touch* xx0011F0 Fire Damage 6pts for 7sec on Touch
Weakness to Fire 50% for 7sec on Touch
62 Kindling Touch Tome xx00129C
Searing Bolt xx00122F Fire Damage 5pts for 7sec on Target 61 Searing Bolt Tome xx001290
Strangulation xx001222 Drain Health 70pts for 3sec on Touch 62 Strangulation Tome xx0012AB
Decaying Burst xx00120D Damage Health 7pts for 6sec on Target 130 Decaying Burst Tome xx0012B0
Electrifying Burst xx0011FA Shock Damage 10pts for 6sec on Target 133 Electrifying Burst Tome xx00129B
Elemental Burst xx00121E Fire Damage 15pts on Target
Frost Damage 15pts on Target
Shock Damage 15pts on Target
108 Elemental Burst Tome xx00128F
Freezing Burst xx0011FE Frost Damage 10pts for 6sec on Target 126 Freezing Burst Tome xx001295
Frostbite* xx001243 Frost Damage 12pts for 6sec on Touch
Weakness to Frost 75% for 6sec on Touch
121 Frostbite Tome xx0012A1
Hangman's Noose xx001226 Drain Health 130pts for 3sec on Touch 137 Hangman's Noose Tome xx0012AC
Lightning Touch* xx00123B Shock Damage 12pts for 6sec on Touch
Weakness to Shock 75% for 6sec on Touch
127 Lightning Touch Tome xx0012A5
Mark of Fire xx000CEA Fire Damage 1pt in 15ft for 30sec on Target 75 Mark of Fire Tome xx0012A9
Scorching Touch* xx001235 Fire Damage 12pts for 6sec on Touch
Weakness to Fire 75% for 6sec on Touch
123 Scorching Touch Tome xx00129D
Searing Burst xx0011F2 Fire Damage 10pts for 6sec on Target 128 Searing Burst Tome xx001291
Arctic Touch* xx001245 Frost Damage 30pts for 6sec on Touch
Weakness to Frost 100% for 6sec on Touch
366 Arctic Touch Tome xx0012A2
Decaying Blast xx001204 Damage Health 16pts for 6sec on Target 375 Decaying Blast Tome xx0012B1
Electrifying Blast xx0011F9 Shock Damage 20pts for 6sec on Target 324 Electrifying Blast Tome xx00128C
Electrocuting Touch* xx00123D Shock Damage 30pts for 6sec on Touch
Weakness to Shock 100% for 6sec on Touch
384 Electrocuting Touch Tome xx0012A6
Elemental Blast xx001220 Fire Damage 25pts on Target
Frost Damage 25pts on Target
Shock Damage 25pts on Target
209 Elemental Blast Tome xx00128B
Freezing Blast xx001203 Frost Damage 20pts for 6sec on Target 308 Freezing Blast Tome xx001296
Immolating Touch* xx0011F6 Fire Damage 30pts for 6sec on Touch
Weakness to Fire 100% for 6sec on Touch
371 Immolating Touch Tome xx00129E
Mara's Wrath xx002841 Fire Damage 3pts in 15ft for 30sec on Target
Turn Undead 35pts in 15ft for 30sec on Target
388 Mara's Wrath Tome xx002844
Searing Blast xx001231 Fire Damage 20pts for 6sec on Target 312 Searing Blast Tome xx001292
Touch of Death xx001228 Drain Health 250pts for 3sec on Touch 316 Touch of Death Tome xx0012AD

* One thing that hasn't changed with this plug-in is that spells which combine an elemental damage effect with a weakness to that effect will not work quite as you'd expect. The first hit of these spells will do only the listed damage (adjusted by the target's natural resists/weaknesses). The weakness only comes into play if you then follow it up with another spell (either the same one, or any other that does the same elemental damage).

[edit] Illusion

Spell Name Spell ID Effects Cost Tome Name Tome ID
Blink xx001212 Invisibility for 5sec on Self 20 Blink Tome xx001285
Enhanced Visibility xx00120A Light 10pts in 30ft for 30sec on Target 19 Enhanced Visibility Tome xx001288
Night Form xx0011E0 Fortify Sneak 10pts for 30sec on Self
Invisibility for 30sec on Self
Sun Damage 2pts for 50sec on Self
100 (154*) Night Form Tome xx00128A
Orum's Aquatic Escape xx0011DF Invisibility for 15sec on Self
Night-Eye for 15sec on Self
Water Breathing for 15sec on Self
114 Orum's Aquatic Escape Tome xx001284
Thunderclap xx0012B2 Paralyze in 20ft for 1sec on Touch 142 Thunderclap Tome xx0012B6
Fenrik's Welcome* xx00122D Chameleon 100% for 5sec on Self
Open Average Lock on Target
(specifically, Open 50 pts on Target*)
210 Fenrik's Welcome Tome xx001281
Karstaag's Breath xx0011E8 Frost Damage 10pts for 10sec on Touch
Paralyze for 5sec on Touch
378 Karstaag's Breath Tome xx001286

*Although Fenrik's Welcome is an Open Average Lock spell, it will also open some Hard locks, especially when you are at lower levels. See the discussion of the Open spell for more details.

[edit] Mysticism

Spell Name Spell ID Effects Cost Tome Name Tome ID
Baltham's Insight xx0011EE Detect Life 150pts for 5sec on Self 24 Baltham's Insight Tome xx00127F
Llivam's Reversal xx00122C Reflect Spell 15pts for 20sec on Self
Spell Absorption 10pts for 20sec on Self
338 Llivam's Reversal Tome xx001283

[edit] Restoration

Spell Name Spell ID Effects Cost Tome Name Tome ID
Aundae's Aura* xx0011E4 Fortify Willpower 10pts for 30sec on Self
Fortify Blade 5pts for 30sec on Self
Fortify Mysticism 5pts for 30sec on Self
Fortify Destruction 5pts for 30sec on Self
Sun Damage 1pt for 30sec on Self
50 (76*) Aundae's Aura Tome xx001280
Berne's Aura* xx0011E2 Fortify Agility 10pts for 30sec on Self
Fortify Sneak 5pts for 30sec on Self
Fortify Hand to Hand 5pts for 30sec on Self
Fortify Acrobatics 5pts for 30sec on Self
Sun Damage 1pt for 30sec on Self
50 (76*) Berne's Aura Tome xx00127D
Quarra's Aura* xx0011E6 Fortify Strength 10pts for 30sec on Self
Fortify Blunt 5pts for 30sec on Self
Fortify Hand to Hand 5pts for 30sec on Self
Fortify Heavy Armor 5pts for 30sec on Self
Sun Damage 1pt for 30sec on Self
50 (76*) Quarra's Aura Tome xx00127C
Disease Resistance xx001D89 Resist Disease 50pts for 20sec on Self 149 Disease Resistance Tome xx00284C
Leech Vitality xx000CE9 Absorb Health 10pts on Touch
Absorb Magicka 20pts on Touch
64 Leech Vitality Tome xx000CE6
Magicka Vortex** xx0012B8 Absorb Magicka 10pts for 5 sec on Touch
Stunted Magicka for 30sec on Touch
Weakness to Magic 25pts for 30 sec on Touch
140 (117*) Magicka Vortex Tome xx0017A3
Resist Paralysis xx001D92 Resist Paralysis 20pts for 20sec on Self 69 Resist Paralysis Tome xx002850
Resist Poison xx001D94 Resist Poison 50pts for 20sec on Self 149 Resist Poison Tome xx002851

* The three Aura spells are named after the three clans of vampires in Morrowind. In each case, the normal cost of a spell containing the four fortify effects would be 76 (that is, if it were possible to make such a spell yourself—multiple fortify skill enchantments cannot be combined in a single spell at the spell-making altar). The cost of the Sun Damage effect comes out to 27. If the cost of the Sun Damage is added in, the total cost of the spell should be 103. However, it appears that the developers have chosen to subtract the magicka cost of the Sun Damage effect, resulting in an actual base cost of 50. The sun damage is most likely a "downside" to balance out the many positive effects of the spell, and so should not make it more costly to cast.

**The calculated magicka cost of the Magicka Vortex spell includes no cost for the Stunted Magicka effect, which according to the construction set has a base cost of 0. It is likely that the extra 23 magicka is in fact for the Stunted Magicka effect, which would be consistent with a base cost of 0.77 for that effect.

[edit] Spell Notes

  • The cost for most spells matches the value you would calculate from the Spell Cost equation. In other words, if you were to create the same spell at the Spellmaking Altar it would have the same magicka cost as the built-in spell. However, there are a few notable exceptions, as noted in the tables. Spells that are a bad deal, i.e. more expensive than a custom spell, are in red; spells that are a good deal are in green. The magicka cost if you were to create a custom spell at the Spellmaking Altar is shown in parentheses.
  • Cost for spells is dependent upon your skill in the school (as modified by Luck, see Magic Overview). The provided baseline values are the magicka cost when your skill level is 33. For other skill levels the magicka cost can be determined from:
Cost * (1.4 - 0.012 * Skill)
  • Level indicates what skill level you must reach (or surpass) in order to use a spell. Skill Level 0-24 = Novice, 25-49 = Apprentice, 50-74 = Journeyman, 75-99 = Expert, 100 = Master
  • The base cost in gold that you must pay to purchase a spell is always three times the current magicka cost of the spell, taking into account your character's skill level and Luck. (The actual cost you pay is further increased based on how well you haggle with the merchant). Therefore, if you have any Fortify Skill or Fortify Luck spells/potions handy, you can get significantly better deals when purchasing spells.

[edit] Other Spells

This a list of preexisting spells that can now be found in spell tomes. All of them can also be purchased from spell vendors without the plug-in, with a few exceptions.

  • Those listed in italics were in the Construction Set, but never available in-game until now.
  • For those listed in parentheses, the corresponding spell tome will never actually be found in game because it was left out of all the leveled lists.
Alteration Conjuration Destruction Illusion Mysticism Restoration

Burdening Touch
Hindering Touch
Encumbering Touch
Oppressing Grasp
Weight of the World

Ease Burden
Lighten Load
Pack Mule

Heat Shell
Flame Shield
Fire Shield

Frost Shell
Ice Shield
Glacial Wall

Open Very Easy Lock
Open Easy Lock
Open Average Lock
Open Hard Lock

(Protect Other)

Electric Shell
Lightning Shield
Lightning Wall

Water Breathing

Sea Stride

Minor Bound Armor
Major Bound Armor
Greater Bound Armor
Superior Bound Armor

Bound Boots
Bound Cuirass
Bound Gauntlets
Bound Greaves
Bound Helmet
Bound Shield

Bound War Axe
Bound Bow
Bound Dagger
Bound Mace
Bound Sword

Summon Flame Atronach
Summon Frost Atronach
Summon Storm Atronach
Summon Clannfear
Summon Daedroth
Summon Dremora
Summon Dremora Lord
Summon Ghost
Summon Lich
Summon Scamp
Summon Skeleton
Summon Skeleton Champion
Summon Skeleton Guardian
Summon Skeleton Hero
Summon Spider Daedra
Summon Faded Wraith
Summon Gloom Wraith
Summon Xivilai
Summon Zombie
Summon Headless Zombie

Turn Undead
Repulse Undead
Rebuke Undead
Dismiss Undead

Entropic Bolt
Withering Bolt
Entropic Touch
Withering Touch

Sever Magicka

Corrode Armor
Disintegrate Armor
(Corrode Weapon)

Minor Enervation
Major Enervation
Dire Enervation

Minor Wound
Major Wound
Dire Wound
Superior Wound

Magicka Drain
Greater Magicka Drain
Superior Magicka Drain

Fire Ball
Fire Storm
Flash Bolt
Blazing Spear
Heat Blast
Burning Touch
Flame Touch
Searing Grasp
Scorching Blow

Hail Storm
Ice Storm
Frost Bolt
Cold Touch
Frost Touch
Winter's Grasp
Arctic Blow

Shocking Burst
Lightning Ball
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Blast
Shocking Touch
Electric Touch
Lightning Grasp
Lightning Surge

Weakness to Fire
Weakness to Frost
Weakness to Magicka
Weakness to Poison
Weakness to Shock

Soothing Touch
Calming Touch


Enthralling Presence
Alluring Gaze
Seductive Charm
Voice of Rapture
Beguiling Touch
Mesmerizing Grasp

Command Creature
Dominate Creature
Command Humanoid
Dominate Humanoid
Commanding Touch
Dominating Touch

Voice of Dread
Fearful Gaze
Terrifying Presence
Touch of Fear
Grasp of Terror

Touch of Frenzy
Touch of Rage

Shadow Shape
Spectral Form


Eyes of Eventide
Eyes of Midnight




Minor Life Detection
Major Life Detection
Greater Life Detection
Superior Life Detection

Minor Dispel
Major Dispel
Dispel Other
Greater Dispel Other
Superior Dispel

Superior Spell Reflection
Legendary Spell Reflection

Soul Trap
Greater Soul Trap
Superior Soul Trap

Superior Spell Absorption
Legendary Spell Absorption

Remote Manipulation
Psychic Motion
Movement Mastery

Absorb Attribute: Strength

Absorb Health
Leech Health
Consume Health
Devour Health

Absorb Magicka

Cure Disease
Cure Paralysis
Cure Poison

Fortify Agility
Fortify Endurance
Fortify Intelligence
Fortify Luck
Fortify Personality
Fortify Speed
Fortify Strength
Fortify Willpower

Fortify Fatigue
Greater Fortify Fatigue

Fortify Health
Greater Fortify Health

Fortify Magicka
Greater Fortify Magicka

Minor Magic Resistance

Restore Agility
Restore Endurance
Restore Intelligence
Restore Luck
Restore Personality
Restore Speed
Restore Strength
Restore Willpower

Minor Respite
Major Respite

Heal Major Wounds
Heal Greater Wounds
Heal Superior Wounds

Greater Convalescence
Superior Convalescence

[edit] Bugs

  • Due to a scripting oversight, a random Tome spell may be added to your spellbook on loading a save or when fast-traveling.

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