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This article is about the condition lycanthropy, in particular the effects it has on the player. For enemies and NPCs who are werewolves, see Werewolf.

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A Werewolf

Lycanthropy is a condition that gives you the power to take on the form of a werewolf. Becoming a werewolf adds the Werewolf skill line with which you can unlock extra bonuses.


[edit] Benefits and Disadvantages

Werewolves can deal lethal damage with their claw attacks, move swiftly, and have increased health and stamina. They can also use their forearms to block and bash, similar to normal weapon use. During the transformation, they retain buffs, passive skills from other skill lines, and benefits of equipped weapons and armor, including weapon enchantments.[verification needed — Do staff enchantments proc?] Unlike in previous Elder Scrolls games, player werewolves can still interact with most objects, change equipped armor and weapons, speak with NPCs (who generally behave normally rather than attacking or fleeing), and end the transformation at will (by using the transformation skill a second time).

The main disadvantage of the werewolf transformation is that, while it lasts, the only active skills that can be used are the two from the werewolf skill line. Another significant disadvantage is the limited time on transformations, though this time can be increased by various means using the werewolf skill line. It can be difficult to predict when a transformation will end, and when it does, the werewolf will be vulnerable for a brief time while returning to their original form. Whether they are in their beast form or not, werewolves are also vulnerable to poison damage and Fighters Guild abilities from players who have the Skilled Tracker passive skill.

[edit] Becoming a Werewolf

In order to become a werewolf, you must be infected with the disease Sanies Lupinus. There are two means of contracting this disease. One is to be scratched by one of a few special werewolf NPCs. These appear only at night and during a full moon, and only in a few locations. It is not necessary to kill the werewolf; once scratched, you can run away, allowing other players to contract the disease from the same werewolf.

The other way to contract Sanies Lupinus is to be infected by another player who is already a werewolf, and has the Bloodmoon ability.

Once you have the disease and enter a nearby city, you will be approached by an NPC who senses your "blessing", and offers the quest Hircine's Gift. Upon completion of this quest, you'll gain access to the Werewolf skill tree and the ability to transform. If you instead seek a local priest, they will cure the Sanies Lupinus and you will not become a werewolf.

There is one zone for each faction where both contagious werewolves and the Hircine's Gift questgiver reside.

[edit] Aldmeri Dominion

The werewolf questline in Dominion lands begins in Reaper's March. The shrine to Hircine is southwest of the Fort Sphinxmoth Wayshrine.

[edit] Daggerfall Covenant

Contagious werewolves in Covenant lands are found in Northern Bangkorai. During a full moon, they spawn all along the road that leads from Troll's Toothpick Wayshrine, winds through the Viridian Woods, and ends at the gates of Pelin Graveyard. Once infected, seek out Thoreki in Evermore.

[edit] Ebonheart Pact

The werewolf questline for the Pact begins in The Rift in the city of Riften.

[edit] Skill Perks

  • The numbers displayed here are the base values for the skills. The actual numbers you see in the game may depend on a variety of factors, including character level, skill line level, your equipped weapons and armor, other skills, etc. As such, they should only be used as a comparative reference.

[edit] Innate Abilities

These passive abilities are common to all Werewolves, and do not require the investment of skill points.

Name Description
ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Call of the Pack.png
Lycanthropy You can transform into a savage beast.
  • Take 50% More damage from Poison Attacks [sic]
Sprint When toggled:
  • Increase movement speed by 30%
  • Drains stamina while moving
Brace Tap shift to enemies in front of you. Hold shift to maintain, while active:
  • Defend 50% damage
  • Move 2(?) slower
CC Breaker (?)
  • Deals 1(?) to enemy
  • Chance to cause off-balance
Light Attack Deals 4 Physical Damage
Heavy Attack Hold to charge up to a heavy attack. Deals up to 1(?) Physical Damage.

[edit] Passive Abilities

Passive abilities are active all the time.

Name Line Rank Skill Rank Description
Devour 5
Can devour humanoid corpses to earn more time in werewolf form.*
Pursuit 3
Increases Stamina by 10%. (While in Werewolf form.)
Increases Stamina by 20%. (While in Werewolf form.)
ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Blood Rage.png
Blood Rage 4
Generates 2 Ultimate every 3 seconds by taking damage
Player must be in humanoid form. (With Werewolf Transform Ultimate slotted.)
Generates 5 Ultimate every 3 seconds by taking damage
Player must be in humanoid form. (With Werewolf Transform Ultimate slotted.)
Bloodmoon 6
Allows player to turn another player into a Werewolf once every 7 days by returning to the Werewolf ritual site. Turned players earn the Werewolf Skill Line. Players infected with Vampirism cannot be turned.
ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Savage Strength.png
Savage Strength 6
Increases Max Stamina by 3% for each kill. Effect stacks up to five times.
Increases Max Stamina by 5% for each kill. Effect stacks up to five times.
ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Call of the Pack.png
Call of the Pack 7
Allows allies to remain in Werewolf form for 3% longer
Affects up to five targets and stacks up to five times.
Allows allies to remain in Werewolf form for 5% longer
Affects up to five targets and stacks up to five times.
  Devour actually works on beast corpses as well as humanoid corpses. Daedra cannot be devoured, even when they have a humanoid appearance, as Dremora do. NPC vampires and their thralls are considered undead and cannot be devoured. Some dro-m'Athra can be devoured.
*  You can only devour a corpse every few seconds, and feeding is interrupted by combat. This prevents you from remaining in werewolf form indefinitely by constantly killing and consuming weak enemies. Devouring a corpse also restores a large amount of health.

[edit] Ultimate Abilities

These abilities must be activated manually, for a cost of Ultimate.

Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cost
ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Werewolf Transformation.png
Werewolf Transformation 0 Instant Self N/A N/A 2.8 [800 / 775 / 750 / 725] Ultimate
Transforms player into a Werewolf causing nearby enemies to run in fear. Increases Stamina, Armor, and Run Speed. Attack damage is derived from Max Stamina.
ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Pack Leader.png
Pack Leader Allies gain Ultimate faster.
Allies nearby increase Ultimate gain by 8%.
725 Ultimate
ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Werewolf Berserker.png
Werewolf Berserker Increases attack speed with each hit and adds bleed damage.
Attacks increase in speed with each hit and can cause bleeding.
725 Ultimate

[edit] Active Abilities

These abilities must be activated manually, for a cost.

Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cost
Pounce 2 Instant Enemy 5-20m N/A 0.0 117 Stamina
Player leaps to target, dealing [13 / 13 / 13 / 14] Physical Damage and stunning off-balanced targets.
ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Brutal Pounce.png
Brutal Pounce Deals damage to all enemies in the area.
Deals [14 / 15 / 15 / 15] Physical Damage.
ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Feral Pounce.png
Feral Pounce Each use increases time in werewolf form.
Adds 1/2/3/4 additional seconds to Werewolf timer.
Roar 5 1 second Self N/A 8m 0.0 374 Stamina
Unleash a beastly roar causing fear, disorientation, and off-balance to enemies within 6 meters for [3.5 / 3.75 / 4.0 / 4.25] seconds. Affects up to 3 nearby enemies.
ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Ferocious Roar.png
Ferocious Roar Killing feared targets leaves nearby allies off-balance and disoriented.
When an enemy is killed in this state his nearby allies are set off-balance and disoriented for [2.5 / 2.75 / 3.0 / 3.25] seconds.
ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Rousing Roar.png
Rousing Roar Increases weapon power of nearby allies.
Nearby allies gain [3 / 4 / 5 / 6] Weapon Power for each enemy target affected. Lasts 10 seconds.

[edit] Notes

  • The Pack Leader skill changes the werewolf's fur color to white.
  • The Werewolf Berserker skill changes the werewolf's fur color to black.
  • If you are cured of your lycanthropy, any skill points you invested in it will not be returned. To get the skill points back, you must visit a Rededication Shrine before you go to a Priest of Arkay for the cure.

[edit] Gallery

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