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Provisioning Ingredients are necessary materials for cooking food and brewing drinks. Ingredients come in three types, base ingredients, medium ingredients, and improvement ingredients. Every recipe will contain one base, one medium, and from zero to three improvement ingredients. Both base and medium ingredients have varying level requirements. For more advanced base ingredients, you will need to use the corresponding advanced mediums.

Base ingredients are required for every recipe, and can usually be guessed from the name of the recipe. There are two sets of base ingredients, one for food and one for drinks. Food ingredients can be used to make Bread and Pies, Grilled, or Soup and Stew dishes. Drink ingredients can be used to make Beer and Spirits.

Medium ingredients are also required for every recipe. For each type of recipe, there are six possible mediums. Bread and Pies require some type of flour, Grilled recipes require an oil-based medium, Soup and Stew recipes require a cooking stock; similarly, Beer recipes require a malt, Spirit recipes require a mash, and Wine recipes require a grape. The medium (and associated category of recipes) determine the primary effect of the recipe: Foods raise a max Attribute for a time (Breads & Pies raise Health, Grilled foods raise Stamina, Soups and Stews raise Magicka), and Drinks raise the Attribute's regeneration rate (Beers for Health, Spirits for Stamina, Wines for Magicka). The amount of increase and the duration of the effect depend upon the level of the recipe.

Improvement ingredients are optional, and can be used to make more effective versions of each dish. The first improvement requires one additional ingredient, which is the same for all recipes of a given type. The second requires both that ingredient and two more, which are also the same for all recipes of a given type. Improvement ingredients add additional secondary effects to the base recipe (e.g., adding Hallertau Hops to a Bottled Buzz Beer recipe creates Fortified Bottled Buzz, which adds a Magicka recovery effect to the normal Health recovery effect of the beer).

[edit] Base Ingredients

  • Note: Only the base recipes are listed on these charts. More advanced versions are created by adding improvement ingredients below.

[edit] Food

Ingredient Recipes
Bread and Pies Grilled Soup and Stew
Recipe Improvement Rank: 1
Add ON-icon-food-Meal.png Meal Add ON-icon-food-Drippings.png Drippings Add ON-icon-food-Thin Broth.png Thin Broth
ON-icon-food-Battaglir Weeds.png Battaglir Weeds ON-icon-food-Baguette.png Battaglir Loaf ON-icon-food-Drumsticks.png Battaglir Grill ON-icon-food-Stew Pot.png Stewed Battaglir
ON-icon-food-Bear Haunch.png Bear Haunch ON-icon-food-Pot Pie.png Bear Flank Pie ON-icon-food-Grilled Vegetables.png Bear Hash ON-icon-food-Covered Pot.png Bear Soup
ON-icon-food-Capon Meat.png Capon Meat ON-icon-food-Stew Pot.png Capon Tinish ON-icon-food-Grilled Capon.png Grilled Capon ON-icon-food-Stew Bowl.png Capon Noodle Soup
ON-icon-food-Goat Meat.png Goat Meat ON-icon-food-Pot Pie.png Goatherd's Pie ON-icon-food-Pork.png Roast Goat ON-icon-food-Stew Bowl.png Goat Bone Soup
ON-icon-food-Guar Eggs.png Guar Eggs ON-icon-food-Pot Pie.png Guar Quiche ON-icon-food-Stew Bowl.png Fried Guar Eggs ON-icon-food-Stew Pot.png Century Soup
ON-icon-food-Kwama Eggs.png Kwama Eggs ON-icon-food-Open Top Pie.png Kwama Quiche ON-icon-food-Covered Pot.png Kwama Omelet ON-icon-food-Stew Pot.png Poached Kwama Egg
ON-icon-food-Liver.png Liver ON-icon-food-Biscuit.png Liverwurst Tart ON-icon-food-Grilled Vegetables.png Liver and Lights ON-icon-food-Stew Pot.png Liver Goulash
ON-icon-food-Mutton Flank.png Mutton Flank ON-icon-food-Pot Pie.png Mutton Pie ON-icon-food-Pork.png Mutton Ribs ON-icon-food-Stew Pot.png Baandari Mutton Stew
ON-icon-food-Plump Worms.png Plump Worms ON-icon-food-Open Top Pie.png Worm Tart ON-icon-food-Plump Worms.png Grilled Worms ON-icon-food-Covered Pot.png Wriggles-in-Gullet
ON-icon-food-Pork.png Pork ON-icon-food-Pot Pie.png Trotter Pie ON-icon-food-Pork.png Roast Pig ON-icon-food-Stew Bowl.png Pork Soup
ON-icon-food-Scuttle Meat.png Scuttle Meat ON-icon-food-Baguette.png Scuttle Baguette ON-icon-food-Scramble.png Scuttle Scramble ON-icon-food-Covered Pot.png Scuttle Fondue
ON-icon-food-Sweetmeats.png Sweetmeats ON-icon-food-Muffin.png Sweetbread ON-icon-food-Grilled Vegetables.png Braised Sweetmeats ON-icon-food-Stew Pot.png Sweetmeat Surprise
Recipe Improvement Rank: 2
Add ON-icon-food-Milled Flour.png Milled Flour Add ON-icon-food-Cooking Fat.png Cooking Fat Add ON-icon-food-Broth.png Broth
ON-icon-food-Combwort.png Combwort ON-icon-food-Baguette.png Combwort Flatbread ON-icon-food-Grilled Vegetables.png Grilled Combwort ON-icon-food-Covered Pot.png Combwort Confit
ON-icon-food-Goat Bits.png Goat Bits ON-icon-food-Biscuit.png Goat Dumplings ON-icon-food-Pinguis.png Caramelized Goat Nibbles ON-icon-food-Stew Pot.png Goat Stew
ON-icon-food-Moon Sugar.png Moon Sugar ON-icon-food-Biscuit.png Moon Sugar Biscuits ON-icon-food-Brittle.png Moon Sugar Brittle ON-icon-food-Pig's Milk.png Elsweyr Fondue
ON-icon-food-Plump Maggots.png Plump Maggots ON-icon-food-Empty Pot.png Maggot Haggis ON-icon-food-Empty Pot.png Maggot Bites ON-icon-food-Covered Pot.png Slumgullion
ON-icon-food-Plump Rodent Toes.png Plump Rodent Toes ON-icon-food-Muffin.png Rodent Muffins ON-icon-food-Pinguis.png Jerked Rodent ON-icon-food-Stew Bowl.png Squeak Soup
ON-icon-food-Venison.png Venison ON-icon-food-Biscuit.png Venison Pasty ON-icon-food-Grilled Steak.png Grilled Venison ON-icon-food-Jug.png Jugged Venison
Recipe Improvement Rank: 3
Add ON-icon-food-Sifted Flour.png Sifted Flour Add ON-icon-food-Suet.png Suet Add ON-icon-food-Stock.png Stock
ON-icon-food-Chaurus Meat.png Chaurus Meat ON-icon-food-Biscuit.png Chaurus Dumplings ON-icon-food-Covered Pot.png Slow-Roasted Chaurus ON-icon-food-Covered Pot.png Chaurus-in-Carapace
ON-icon-food-Crawdad.png Crawdad ON-icon-food-Pot Pie.png Crawdad Quiche ON-icon-food-Grilled Vegetables.png Crawdad Stir-fry ON-icon-food-Stew Pot.png Crawdad Etoufee
ON-icon-food-Flank Steak.png Flank Steak ON-icon-food-Pot Pie.png Flank Pie ON-icon-food-Pinguis.png Mountain Jerky ON-icon-food-Stew Pot.png Breton Stew
ON-icon-food-Frog Legs.png Frog Legs ON-icon-food-Muffin.png Frog Muffin ON-icon-food-Grilled Frog Legs.png Grilled Frog Legs ON-icon-food-Covered Pot.png Swamp Soup
ON-icon-food-Horker Meat.png Horker Meat ON-icon-food-Pinguis.png Horker Loaf ON-icon-food-Grilled Steak.png Grilled Horker ON-icon-food-Stew Pot.png Horker Stew
ON-icon-food-Saltrice.png Saltrice ON-icon-food-Biscuit.png Saltrice Biscuits ON-icon-food-Grilled Vegetables.png Fried Saltrice ON-icon-food-Stew Pot.png Saltrice Slurry
Recipe Improvement Rank: 4
Add ON-icon-food-Cake Flour.png Cake Flour Add ON-icon-food-Lard.png Lard Add ON-icon-food-Jus.png Jus
ON-icon-food-Beef.png Beef ON-icon-food-Biscuit.png Beef Pasty ON-icon-food-Grilled Steak.png Beef Sirloin ON-icon-food-Covered Pot.png Steak Soup
ON-icon-food-Shank.png Shank ON-icon-food-Open Top Pie.png Shank-and-Potato Pie ON-icon-food-Grilled Steak.png Grilled Shank ON-icon-food-Stew Pot.png Imperial City Stew
Recipe Improvement Rank: 5
Add ON-icon-food-Baker's Flour.png Baker's Flour Add ON-icon-food-Fatback.png Fatback Add ON-icon-food-Glace Viande.png Glace Viande
ON-icon-food-Mudcrab Meat.png Mudcrab Meat ON-icon-food-Muffin.png Mud Crab Cakes ON-icon-food-Fish Sticks.png Fishy Sticks ON-icon-food-Stew Bowl.png Crab Meat Stew
Recipe Improvement Rank: 6
Add ON-icon-food-Imperial Flour.png Imperial Flour Add ON-icon-food-Pinguis.png Pinguis Add ON-icon-food-Imperial Stock.png Imperial Stock
ON-icon-food-Honey Comb.png Honey Comb ON-icon-food-Sweetroll.png Sweetroll ON-icon-food-Grilled Steak.png Honey Brittle ON-icon-food-Stew Bowl.png Honey Pudding

[edit] Drink

Ingredient Recipes
Beer Spirits Wine
Recipe Improvement Rank: 1
Add ON-icon-food-Brown Malt.png Brown Malt Add ON-icon-food-Corn Mash.png Corn Mash Add ON-icon-food-Wine Grapes.png Wine Grapes
ON-icon-food-Aged Meat.png Aged Meat ON-icon-food-Beer.png Dark Meat Beer ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Rotmeth ON-icon-food-Wine.png Meat Muscat
ON-icon-food-Dragon's-Tongue Sap.png Dragon's-Tongue Sap ON-icon-food-Beer.png Dragon's-Tongue Ale ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Slash of the Dragon ON-icon-food-Wine.png Dragon's-Tongue Shirza
ON-icon-food-Dusk Beetle.png Dusk Beetle ON-icon-food-Beer.png Sun's Dusk Ale ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Beetle Shots ON-icon-food-Wine.png Dusky Claret
ON-icon-food-Iron Peat.png Iron Peat ON-icon-food-Beer.png Bog-Iron Ale ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Truth-Glimpse ON-icon-food-Wine.png Ungorth
ON-icon-food-Ripe Apple.png Ripe Apple ON-icon-food-Beer.png Golden Apple Ale ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Golden Liqueur ON-icon-food-Wine.png Apple Wine
ON-icon-food-Shornhelm Grains.png Shornhelm Grains ON-icon-food-Beer.png Shornhelm Ale ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Aqua Vitae ON-icon-food-Wine.png Spiced Wine
ON-icon-food-Snake Slime.png Snake Slime ON-icon-food-Beer.png Snake Sweat ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Slither Liqueur ON-icon-food-Wine.png Snake Sherry
ON-icon-food-Snake Venom.png Snake Venom ON-icon-food-Beer.png Saloop ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Blinder ON-icon-food-Wine.png Numb-All-Over
ON-icon-food-Tangerine.png Tangerine ON-icon-food-Beer.png Citrus Malt ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Tangerine Liqueur ON-icon-food-Wine.png Sunset Rose
ON-icon-food-Wasp Squeezings.png Wasp Squeezings ON-icon-food-Beer.png Bottled Buzz ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Hive Mind ON-icon-food-Wine.png Wet Wasp White
ON-icon-food-Wild Honey.png Wild Honey ON-icon-food-Beer.png Voljar's Honey Cider ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Voljar's Liqueur ON-icon-food-Wine.png Voljar's Mead
ON-icon-food-Wisp Floss.png Wisp Floss ON-icon-food-Beer.png Sylph-Sandy ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Sylphy Gin ON-icon-food-Wine.png Dream Madeira
Recipe Improvement Rank: 2
Add ON-icon-food-Amber Malt.png Amber Malt Add ON-icon-food-Wheat Mash.png Wheat Mash Add ON-icon-food-Grasa Grapes.png Grasa Grapes
ON-icon-food-Comberry.png Comberry ON-icon-food-Beer.png Comberry Cider ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Greef ON-icon-food-Wine.png Shein
ON-icon-food-Dark Bile.png Dark Bile ON-icon-food-Beer.png Four-Eye Grog ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Old Kindlepitch ON-icon-food-Wine.png Clamberskull
ON-icon-food-Glitter Rock.png Glitter Rock ON-icon-food-Beer.png Sweetmilk ON-icon-food-Spirits.png White Eye ON-icon-food-Wine.png Gold Coast Muscat
ON-icon-food-Orc Hops.png Orc Hops ON-icon-food-Beer.png Brew-Wife Ale ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Hopscotch ON-icon-food-Wine.png Vintage Spew
ON-icon-food-Pig's Milk.png Pig's Milk ON-icon-food-Beer.png Jagga ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Jagga Ouzo ON-icon-food-Wine.png Porky Port
ON-icon-food-Sujamma Berries.png Sujamma Berries ON-icon-food-Beer.png Sujamma Stout ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Sujamma ON-icon-food-Wine.png Sujamma Red
Recipe Improvement Rank: 3
Add ON-icon-food-Caramalt.png Caramalt Add ON-icon-food-Oat Mash.png Oat Mash Add ON-icon-food-Lado Grapes.png Lado Grapes
ON-icon-food-Ash Millet.png Ash Millet ON-icon-food-Beer.png Ash-Slake Ale ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Gray Lightning ON-icon-food-Wine.png Ash Zinfandel
ON-icon-food-Black Tea.png Black Tea ON-icon-food-Beer.png Bitter Tea ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Black Night Cordial ON-icon-food-Wine.png Black Wine
ON-icon-food-Desert Heather.png Desert Heather ON-icon-food-Beer.png Heather Tea ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Heather Bender ON-icon-food-Wine.png Heather Mead
ON-icon-food-Molasses.png Molasses ON-icon-food-Beer.png Fermented Treacle Tea ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Treacle Run ON-icon-food-Wine.png Cane Mead
ON-icon-food-River Grapes.png River Grapes ON-icon-food-Beer.png River's Ale ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Night-Grog ON-icon-food-Wine.png River Madeira
ON-icon-food-Spring Essence.png Spring Essence ON-icon-food-Beer.png Spring Infusion ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Blessed Spring Water ON-icon-food-Wine.png Sparkling Spring
Recipe Improvement Rank: 4
Add ON-icon-food-Wheat Malt.png Wheat Malt Add ON-icon-food-Barley Mash.png Barley Mash Add ON-icon-food-Camaralet Grapes.png Camaralet Grapes
ON-icon-food-Crystal Berry.png Crystal Berry ON-icon-food-Beer.png Crystal Beer ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Crystal Clarity ON-icon-food-Wine.png Crystalline Wine
ON-icon-food-Kaveh Beans.png Kaveh Beans ON-icon-food-Beer.png Kaveh Stout ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Qhalua ON-icon-food-Wine.png Kaveh Red
Recipe Improvement Rank: 5
Add ON-icon-food-White Malt.png White Malt Add ON-icon-food-Rice Mash.png Rice Mash Add ON-icon-food-Ribier Grapes.png Ribier Grapes
ON-icon-food-Mountain Berries.png Mountain Berries ON-icon-food-Beer.png Mountain Lager ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Mountain Spirits ON-icon-food-Wine.png Comet Wine
Recipe Improvement Rank: 6
Add ON-icon-food-Imperial Mash.png Imperial Mash Add ON-icon-food-Golden Malt.png Golden Malt Add ON-icon-food-Emperor Grapes.png Emperor Grapes
ON-icon-food-Bervez Fruit.png Bervez Fruit ON-icon-food-Beer.png Bervez Lager ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Berveza Vitae ON-icon-food-Wine.png Bervez Wine
ON-icon-food-Jazbay Grapes.png Jazbay Grapes ON-icon-food-Beer.png Jazbay Brew ON-icon-food-Spirits.png Eye-Opener ON-icon-food-Wine.png Jazbay Cabernet

[edit] Medium Ingredients

[edit] Bread and Pies

  • Level 1: ON-icon-food-Meal.png Meal
  • Level 2: ON-icon-food-Milled Flour.png Milled Flour
  • Level 3: ON-icon-food-Sifted Flour.png Sifted Flour
  • Level 4: ON-icon-food-Cake Flour.png Cake Flour
  • Level 5: ON-icon-food-Baker's Flour.png Baker's Flour
  • Level 6: ON-icon-food-Imperial Flour.png Imperial Flour

[edit] Grilled

  • Level 1: ON-icon-food-Drippings.png Drippings
  • Level 2: ON-icon-food-Cooking Fat.png Cooking Fat
  • Level 3: ON-icon-food-Suet.png Suet
  • Level 4: ON-icon-food-Lard.png Lard
  • Level 5: ON-icon-food-Fatback.png Fatback
  • Level 6: ON-icon-food-Pinguis.png Pinguis

[edit] Soup and Stew

  • Level 1: ON-icon-food-Thin Broth.png Thin Broth
  • Level 2: ON-icon-food-Broth.png Broth
  • Level 3: ON-icon-food-Stock.png Stock
  • Level 4: ON-icon-food-Jus.png Jus
  • Level 5: ON-icon-food-Glace Viande.png Glace Viande
  • Level 6: ON-icon-food-Imperial Stock.png Imperial Stock

[edit] Beer

  • Level 1: ON-icon-food-Brown Malt.png Brown Malt
  • Level 2: ON-icon-food-Amber Malt.png Amber Malt
  • Level 3: ON-icon-food-Caramalt.png Caramalt
  • Level 4: ON-icon-food-Wheat Malt.png Wheat Malt
  • Level 5: ON-icon-food-White Malt.png White Malt
  • Level 6: ON-icon-food-Imperial Mash.png Imperial Mash

[edit] Spirits

  • Level 1: ON-icon-food-Corn Mash.png Corn Mash
  • Level 2: ON-icon-food-Wheat Mash.png Wheat Mash
  • Level 3: ON-icon-food-Oat Mash.png Oat Mash
  • Level 4: ON-icon-food-Barley Mash.png Barley Mash
  • Level 5: ON-icon-food-Rice Mash.png Rice Mash
  • Level 6: ON-icon-food-Golden Malt.png Golden Malt

[edit] Wine

  • Level 1: ON-icon-food-Wine Grapes.png Wine Grapes
  • Level 2: ON-icon-food-Grasa Grapes.png Grasa Grapes
  • Level 3: ON-icon-food-Lado Grapes.png Lado Grapes
  • Level 4: ON-icon-food-Camaralet Grapes.png Camaralet Grapes
  • Level 5: ON-icon-food-Ribier Grapes.png Ribier Grapes
  • Level 6: ON-icon-food-Emperor Grapes.png Emperor Grapes

Since all other malts are in the beer category and all other mashes are in the spirits category, this appears to be an oversight from the developers.

[edit] Improvement Ingredients

[edit] Bread and Pies

First improvement
  • ON-icon-food-Red Wheat.png Red Wheat
Second improvement
  • ON-icon-food-Barley.png Barley
  • ON-icon-food-Oats.png Oats

[edit] Grilled

First improvement
  • ON-icon-food-Salt.png Salt
Second improvement
  • ON-icon-food-Garlic.png Garlic
  • ON-icon-food-Pepper.png Pepper

[edit] Soup and Stew

First improvement
  • ON-icon-food-Onion.png Onion
Second improvement
  • ON-icon-food-Potato.png Potato
  • ON-icon-food-Tomato.png Tomato

[edit] Beer

First improvement
  • ON-icon-food-Hallertau Hops.png Hallertau Hops
Second improvement
  • ON-icon-food-Hops.png Hops
  • ON-icon-food-Saaz Hops.png Saaz Hops

[edit] Spirits

First improvement
  • ON-icon-food-Snowberry.png Snowberry
Second improvement
  • ON-icon-food-Juniper Berry.png Juniper Berry
  • ON-icon-food-Canis Root.png Canis Root

[edit] Wine

First improvement
  • ON-icon-food-Concord Grapes.png Concord Grapes
Second improvement
  • ON-icon-food-White Grapes.png White Grapes
  • ON-icon-food-Jazbay Grapes.png Piquant Jazbay Grapes

[edit] Alliance Specific Ingredients

The base ingredients (and recipes) for those items created with Recipe Improvement ranks 1 - 3 are alliance specific. The last column gives the character level needed to consume the items.

Rank Aldmeri Dominion Daggerfall Covenant Ebonheart Pact Level
1 Pork Capon Meat Goat Meat 1
Aged Meat Shornhelm Grains Snake Slime
Guar Eggs Battaglir Weeds Kwama Eggs 5
Dusk Beetle Iron Peat Snake Venom
Sweetmeats Bear Haunch Scuttle Meat 10
Ripe Apple Tangerine Wild Honey
Liver Mutton Flank Plump Worms 15
Wisp Floss Wasp Squeezings Dragon's Tongue Sap
2 Goat Bits Combwort Plump Rodent Toes 20
Pig's Milk Dark Bile Sujamma Berries
Moon Sugar Venison Plump Maggots 25
Glitter Rock Orc Hops Comberry
3 Crawdad Horker Meat Chaurus Meat 30
Molasses Black Tea River Grapes
Saltrice Flank Steak Frog Legs 35
Spring Essence Desert Heather Ash Millet

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