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Provisioning Ingredients are materials used in Provisioning, necessary for cooking food and brewing drinks. Ingredients come in three types, base ingredients, medium ingredients, and improvement ingredients. Every recipe contains from one to three base ingredients. Medium ingredients are used when creating level 10 and up provisions of Fine quality and level 20 and up provisions of Superior quality. Improvement ingredients are used only for making Epic quality food and beverages.

Provisioning was significantly modified with Update 6. For the list of ingredients used before the update, see Provisioning Ingredients/deprecated. A table detailing the ingredient conversion can be found below.

Food Ingredients[edit]

ON-icon-food-Scuttle Meat.png Fish
ON-icon-food-Pinguis.png Game
ON-icon-food-Grilled Capon.png Poultry
ON-icon-food-Venison.png Red Meat
ON-icon-food-Plump Rodent Toes.png Small Game
ON-icon-food-White Meat.png White Meat
ON-icon-food-Ripe Apple.png Apples
ON-icon-food-Bananas.png Bananas
ON-icon-food-Jazbay Grapes.png Jazbay Grapes
ON-icon-food-Melon.png Melon
ON-icon-food-Pumpkin.png Pumpkin
ON-icon-food-Tomato.png Tomato
ON-icon-food-Beets.png Beets
ON-icon-food-Carrots.png Carrots
ON-icon-food-Corn.png Corn
ON-icon-food-Greens.png Greens
ON-icon-food-Potato.png Potato
ON-icon-food-Radish.png Radish
Medium ingredients
ON-icon-food-Drippings.png Cheese
ON-icon-food-Flour.png Flour
ON-icon-food-Garlic.png Garlic
ON-icon-food-Rice Mash.png Millet
ON-icon-food-Saltrice.png Saltrice
ON-icon-food-Seasoning.png Seasoning
Improvement ingredient
ON-icon-food-Battaglir Weeds.png Frost Mirriam

Beverage Ingredients[edit]

Alcoholic ingredients
ON-icon-food-Barley.png Barley
ON-icon-food-Rice.png Rice
ON-icon-food-Oat Mash.png Rye
ON-icon-food-Concord Grapes.png Surilie Grapes
ON-icon-food-Red Wheat.png Wheat
ON-icon-food-Sifted Flour.png Yeast
Tea ingredients
ON-icon-food-Bittergreen.png Bittergreen
ON-icon-food-Comberry.png Comberry
ON-icon-food-Jasmine.png Jasmine
ON-icon-food-Lotus.png Lotus
ON-icon-food-Mint.png Mint
ON-icon-food-Rose.png Rose
Tonic ingredients
ON-icon-food-Acai Berry.png Acai Berry
ON-icon-food-Coffee.png Coffee
ON-icon-food-Ginkgo.png Ginkgo
ON-icon-food-Ginseng.png Ginseng
ON-icon-food-Guarana.png Guarana
ON-icon-food-Yerba Mate.png Yerba Mate
Medium ingredients
ON-icon-food-Canis Root.png Ginger
ON-icon-food-Wild Honey.png Honey
ON-icon-food-Isinglass.png Isinglass
ON-icon-food-Lemon.png Lemon
ON-icon-food-White Malt.png Metheglin
ON-icon-food-Seaweed.png Seaweed
Improvement ingredient
ON-icon-food-Amber Malt.png Bervez Juice

Other Ingredients[edit]

Psijic Ambrosia
ON-icon-food-Perfect Roe.png Perfect Roe

Provisioning Revamp Ingredient Conversion[edit]

Most ingredients got converted to new ones in Update 6 to match the newly introduced recipes. However, ingredients that are no longer used in Provisioning were not converted to new ones, and instead got the "Old" prefix added to their name. These "Old Ingredients" serve no purpose, and have a value of 10 gold each to vendors.

Legacy ingredient conversion table
Old Base New Ingredient
ON-icon-food-Aged Meat.png Aged Meat ON-icon-food-Barley.png Barley
ON-icon-food-Red Wheat.png Ash Millet ON-icon-food-Oat Mash.png Rye
ON-icon-food-Battaglir Weeds.png Battaglir Weeds ON-icon-food-Scuttle Meat.png Fish
ON-icon-food-Bear Haunch.png Bear Haunch ON-icon-food-White Meat.png White Meat
ON-icon-food-Beef.png Beef ON-icon-food-Grilled Capon.png Poultry
ON-icon-food-Bervez Fruit.png Bervez Fruit ON-icon-food-Red Wheat.png Wheat
ON-icon-food-Black Tea.png Black Tea ON-icon-food-Pepper.png Yeast
ON-icon-food-Mudcrab Meat.png Capon Meat ON-icon-food-Venison.png Red Meat
ON-icon-food-Chaurus Meat.png Chaurus Meat ON-icon-food-Pinguis.png Game
ON-icon-food-Sujamma Berries.png Comberry ON-icon-food-Rice.png Rice
ON-icon-food-Combwort.png Combwort ON-icon-food-Plump Rodent Toes.png Small Game
ON-icon-food-Crawdad.png Crawdad ON-icon-food-Ripe Apple.png Apples
ON-icon-food-Crystal Berry.png Crystal Berry ON-icon-food-Concord Grapes.pngSurilie Grapes
ON-icon-food-Dark Bile.png Dark Bile ON-icon-food-Jasmine.png Jasmine
ON-icon-food-Desert Heather.png Desert Heather ON-icon-food-Mint.png Mint
ON-icon-food-Dragon's-Tongue Sap.png Dragon's-Tongue Sap ON-icon-food-Rose.png Rose
ON-icon-food-Dusk Beetle.png Dusk Beetle ON-icon-food-Lotus.png Lotus
ON-icon-food-Mudcrab Meat.png Flank Steak ON-icon-food-Bananas.png Bananas
ON-icon-food-Frog Legs.png Frog Legs ON-icon-food-Jazbay Grapes.png Jazbay Grapes
ON-icon-food-Glitter Rock.png Glitter Rock ON-icon-food-Bittergreen.png Bittergreen
ON-icon-food-Goat Bits.png Goat Bits ON-icon-food-Melon.png Melon
ON-icon-food-Mudcrab Meat.png Goat Meat ON-icon-food-Tomato.png Tomato
ON-icon-food-Guar Eggs.png Guar Eggs ON-icon-food-Pumpkin.png Pumpkin
ON-icon-food-Honey Comb.png Honey Comb ON-icon-food-Carrots.png Carrots
ON-icon-food-Horker Meat.png Horker Meat ON-icon-food-Potato.png Potato
ON-icon-food-Iron Peat.png Iron Peat ON-icon-food-Comberry.png Comberry
ON-icon-food-Jazbay Grapes (old).png Jazbay Grapes ON-icon-food-Acai Berry.png Acai Berry
ON-icon-food-Kaveh Beans.png Kaveh Beans ON-icon-food-Ginkgo.png Ginkgo
ON-icon-food-Kwama Eggs.png Kwama Eggs ON-icon-food-Greens.png Greens
ON-icon-food-Liver.png Liver ON-icon-food-Radish.png Radish
ON-icon-food-Molasses.png Molasses ON-icon-food-Yerba Mate.png Yerba Mate
ON-icon-food-Moon Sugar.png Moon Sugar ON-icon-food-Beets.png Beets
ON-icon-food-Mountain Berries.png Mountain Berries ON-icon-food-Ginseng.png Ginseng
ON-icon-food-Mudcrab Meat.png Mudcrab Meat ON-icon-food-Corn.png Corn
ON-icon-food-Mutton Flank.png Mutton Flank (None)
ON-icon-food-Orc Hops.png Orc Hops ON-icon-food-Coffee.png Coffee
ON-icon-food-Pig's Milk.png Pig's Milk ON-icon-food-Guarana.png Guarana
ON-icon-food-Plump Maggots.png Plump Maggots (None)
ON-icon-food-Plump Rodent Toes.png Plump Rodent Toes (None)
ON-icon-food-Plump Worms.png Plump Worms (None)
ON-icon-food-Pork.png Pork (None)
ON-icon-food-Ripe Apple.png Ripe Apple (None)
ON-icon-food-River Grapes.png River Grapes (None)
ON-icon-food-Saltrice.png Saltrice (None)
ON-icon-food-Scuttle Meat.png Scuttle Meat (None)
ON-icon-food-Mudcrab Meat.png Shank (None)
ON-icon-food-Shornhelm Grains.png Shornhelm Grains (None)
ON-icon-food-Snake Slime.png Snake Slime (None)
ON-icon-food-Snake Venom.png Snake Venom (None)
ON-icon-food-Spring Essence.png Spring Essence (None)
ON-icon-food-Sujamma Berries.png Sujamma Berries (None)
ON-icon-food-Sweetmeats.png Sweetmeats (None)
ON-icon-food-Tangerine.png Tangerine (None)
ON-icon-food-Venison.png Venison (None)
ON-icon-food-Wasp Squeezings.png Wasp Squeezings (None)
ON-icon-food-Wild Honey.png Wild Honey (None)
ON-icon-food-Wisp Floss.png Wisp Floss (None)
Old Improvement New Ingredient
ON-icon-food-Amber Malt.png Amber Malt (None)
ON-icon-food-Baker's Flour.png Baker's Flour (None)
ON-icon-food-Red Wheat.png Barley Mash (None)
ON-icon-food-Broth.png Broth (None)
ON-icon-food-Brown Malt.png Brown Malt (None)
ON-icon-food-Cake Flour.png Cake Flour (None)
ON-icon-food-Camaralet Grapes.png Camaralet Grapes (None)
ON-icon-food-Caramalt.png Caramalt (None)
ON-icon-food-Drippings.png Cooking Fat (None)
ON-icon-food-Corn Mash.png Corn Mash (None)
ON-icon-food-Drippings.png Drippings (None)
ON-icon-food-Emperor Grapes.png Emperor Grapes (None)
ON-icon-food-Drippings.png Fatback (None)
ON-icon-food-Glace Viande.png Glace Viande (None)
ON-icon-food-Golden Malt.png Golden Malt (Old Imperial Mash)
ON-icon-food-Grasa Grapes.png Grasa Grapes (None)
ON-icon-food-Imperial Flour.png Imperial Flour (None)
ON-icon-food-Imperial Mash.png Imperial Mash (Old Golden Malt)
ON-icon-food-Imperial Stock.png Imperial Stock (None)
ON-icon-food-Jus.png Jus (None)
ON-icon-food-Lado Grapes.png Lado Grapes (None)
ON-icon-food-Drippings.png Lard (None)
ON-icon-food-Meal.png Meal (None)
ON-icon-food-Milled Flour.png Milled Flour (None)
ON-icon-food-Oat Mash.png Oat Mash (None)
ON-icon-food-Pinguis.png Pinguis (None)
ON-icon-food-Ribier Grapes.png Ribier Grapes (None)
ON-icon-food-Rice Mash.png Rice Mash (None)
ON-icon-food-Sifted Flour.png Sifted Flour (None)
ON-icon-food-Stock.png Stock (None)
ON-icon-food-Drippings.png Suet (None)
ON-icon-food-Thin Broth.png Thin Broth (None)
ON-icon-food-Wheat Malt.png Wheat Malt (None)
ON-icon-food-Red Wheat.png Wheat Mash (None)
ON-icon-food-White Malt.png White Malt (None)
ON-icon-food-Wine Grapes.png Wine Grapes (None)
Old Blue New Ingredient
ON-icon-food-Concord Grapes.png Concord Grapes ON-icon-food-Lemon.png Lemon
ON-icon-food-Hallertau Hops.png Hallertau Hops ON-icon-food-Honey Comb.png Honey
ON-icon-food-Onion.png Onion ON-icon-food-Rice Mash.png Millet
ON-icon-food-Red Wheat.png Red Wheat ON-icon-food-Seasoning.png Seasoning
ON-icon-food-Salt.png Salt ON-icon-food-Garlic.png Garlic
ON-icon-food-Snowberry.png Snowberry ON-icon-food-Seaweed.png Seaweed
Old Purple New Ingredient
ON-icon-food-Oat Mash.png Barley ON-icon-food-Drippings.png Cheese
ON-icon-food-Canis Root.png Canis Root (None)
ON-icon-food-Garlic.png Garlic ON-icon-food-Flour.png Flour
ON-icon-food-Hops.png Hops ON-icon-food-Isinglass.png Isinglass
ON-icon-food-Juniper Berry.png Juniper Berry ON-icon-food-Canis Root.png Ginger
ON-icon-food-Red Wheat.png Oats ON-icon-food-Amber Malt.png Bervez Juice
ON-icon-food-Pepper.png Pepper (None)
ON-icon-food-Jazbay Grapes (old).png Piquant Jazbay Grapes (Old Jazbay Grapes)
ON-icon-food-Potato.png Potato ON-icon-food-Saltrice.png Saltrice
ON-icon-food-Saaz Hops.png Saaz Hops (None)
ON-icon-food-Tomato.png Tomato ON-icon-food-Battaglir Weeds.png Frost Mirriam
ON-icon-food-White Grapes.png White Grapes ON-icon-food-Corn Mash.png Metheglin


  [Aged Meat → Barley]
The new Barley should not be confused with the Old Purple ingredient of the same name, which has been converted to Cheese.

  [Frog Legs → Jazbay Grapes]
The new Jazbay Grapes should not be confused with the Old Base ingredient of the same name, which has been converted to Acai Berry, or the Old Purple ingredient "Piquant Jazbay Grapes," which used to be called "Jazbay Grapes" prior to patch 1.2.3.

  [Goat Meat → Tomato]
The new Tomato should not be confused with the Old Purple ingredient of the same name, which has been converted to Frost Mirriam.

  [Honey Comb → Carrots]
The new Carrots should not be confused with the Unknown ingredient of the same name.

  [Horker Meat → Potato]
The new Potato should not be confused with the Old Purple ingredient of the same name, which has been converted to Saltrice. Further, this Saltrice should not be confused with the Old Base ingredient of the same name, which is no longer used in Provisioning.

  [Iron Peat → Comberry]
The new Comberry should not be confused with the Old Base ingredient of the same name, which has been converted to Rice.

  [Golden Malt → Old Imperial Mash]
Golden Malt is no longer used in Provisioning, but has been renamed to "Old Imperial Mash" instead of "Old Golden Malt," even though its icon is still the Golden Mash one.

  [Imperial Mash → Old Golden Malt]
Imperial Mash is no longer used in Provisioning, but has been renamed to "Old Golden Malt" instead of "Old Imperial Mash," even though its icon is still the Imperial Mash one.

  [Salt → Garlic]
The new Garlic should not be confused with the Old Purple ingredient of the same name, which has been converted to Flour.

  [Piquant Jazbay Grapes → Old Jazbay Grapes]
Piquant Jazbay Grapes are no longer used in Provisioning, but have been renamed to "Old Jazbay Grapes" instead of "Old Piquant Jazbay Grapes."

  [Potato → Saltrice]
The new Saltrice should not be confused with the Old Base ingredient of the same name, which is no longer used in Provisioning, and has been renamed to Old Saltrice.