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Retrieve a certain amulet for Kotaro.
Quest Giver: Kotaro at the Docks
Location(s): Docks
Prerequisite Quest: Starting Out
Next Quest: Catacomb Escape
Reward: N'Gasta's Amulet
Required Items: None
Difficulty: Medium

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Make your way north to the docks to get you to the Isle of N'Gasta.
  2. The docks have many loose boards that fall out when you approach them. The sharks in the water will finish you shortly after you fall in so be careful.
  3. At the end, use your gold to pay the boat-master (only 3 gold per trip).
  4. Once arriving on the island you'll have to deal with skeletons which rise from the ground when you approach, and zombies. The skeletons are quite easy but zombies are not. Fortunately, the zombies are very slow and easy to run away from.
  5. Approach the main complex west of where you arrived. You should find a closed gate which you can't open. Go on the north side of the wall and you should find a skeleton head of sorts with a lever in it. Pull the lever to open a door on the other side. You'll find a number of potions and things inside including a crow-bar which you can use to open that gate.
  6. The quickest path is to the left but there are some health potions to be found on the right path.
  7. Enter the small building with stairs going up to a wheel. Turn the wheel to turn the statues head so you can cross.
  8. Cross the statue to N'Gasta's home, get the amulet and have a chat with him.
  9. Return back to the mainland the way you came.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

B: A Secret Island?
E: Lever
Point A - Docks
The docks to the island of N'Gasta begin here. There are a total of 8 sections and the 6 middle ones all have one or two sections that fall out as you approach. Unless you have very good reflexes you may wish to walk slowly until you see the section fall. Then, back up and take a running jump at it. Save a few times after a difficult jump. If you fall in the water you will be killed quickly by the sharks or the tentacles (although it is occasionally possible to swim back to shore). Note that ropes are actually walkable.
Point B - Secret Island
After the second or third dock section, if you look to the south you should see two islands connected via a dock section which are accessible only via the water. Unfortunately, there are also a number of sharks patrolling the waters. If you jump from where the image to the right was taken and swim back around the island you might make it safely. To get off the island, jump off to the southeast and swim for the main island, keeping an eye out for sharks. The island contains 4 gold pouches, 3 healing and 2 strength potions, a great source if your supplies are low or you are just starting.
Point C - Boatman
A boatman is found here at the end of the docks. Give him 3 gold pieces to be taken to the Isle of N'Gasta.
Point D - Isle of N'Gasta
You arrive here from your boat ride which started at C. The boatman will stay here until you return for the trip back.
Point E - Skull Lever
A strange skull lever is found here which will open the secret door at Point F.
F: A Secret Room
Point F - Secret Room
This door is opened by the lever at Point E. Inside a crow bar can be found and two potions.
Point G - Locked Grate
The locked grate here can be opened with the crow bar found in the secret room at Point F. You may have to lure the two zombies here away so you can open it in peace.
H: A Strange Eye
Point H - Eye Wheel
An eye statue and a turn wheel can be found here on the second level of the small crypt. Turn the wheel once to turn the eye and the large statue at Point I allowing you to reach N'Gasta's castle.
Point I - Large Figure
A large stone figure here provides some sort of a makeshift bridge to reach N'Gasta's castle. The figure's head is turned by the wheel at Point H.
Point J - N'Gasta's Castle
The ornate home of N'Gasta can be found here. You don't go inside the castle during this quest, but you will later on. Note that it looks possible to reach N'Gasta's house via the water but don't die as soon as you touch the water. Once you approach the gate N'Gasta will exit, give you the amulet to deliver, and chat for a bit. Once you're done talking, you can leave the island and return to the main land.


Isle of N'Gasta Map
RG-map-NGastas Amulet.jpg
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