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A Female Dark Seducer

Dark Seducers are Sheogorath's Daedric guards in Dementia, and can be found guarding the Crucible section of New Sheoth. Their base is at Pinnacle Rock, where Sheogorath placed a wellspring from which they are able to enter and live in his realm. They are rivals with the Golden Saints and the two are sometimes found battling each other.

Dark Seducers exhibit little beyond their appearance to match their names, and can seldom be considered seductive. While they too assert their superiority over all others in the realm, they appear to have a more patient, introspective nature than their Golden Saint rivals. They often appear humble in their dealings with mortals, and are known to be patient with the "lesser races". Like the Golden Saints, they are a matriarchal society, with the males playing secondary roles. They call themselves Mazken. The named Dark Seducers are Adeo, Dylora, Autkendo Jansa, Nelrene, Stela, Grakendo Udico, Grakedrig Ulfri and Vika.

No Dark Seducers, whether named or not, have the persuasion option available in their dialogue menu.

Most of the Dark Seducers are related to Shivering Isle's Main Quest. They generally have no unique name. The generic varieties of Dark Seducer that you may encounter are:

  • Dark Seducer
  • Dark Seducer Guard
  • Dark Seducer Archer
  • Dark Seducer Soldier
  • Dark Seducer Warrior
  • Dark Seducer Mage
  • Dark Seducer Kiskedrig
  • Dark Seducer Grakedrig

For more information about Dark Seducers read the book Saints and Seducers.


All Dark Seducers have ranks. In theory, there are seven ranks. Only four ranks are used in-game, however. The ranks are as follows:

  1. Kiskengo
  2. Kiskella
  3. Kiskedrig
  4. Grakendo
  5. Grakella
  6. Grakedrig
  7. Autkendo

Most Dark Seducers are ranked at Kiskengo. From this we can assume this is equivalent to a soldier. Only three other ranks are used: Grakendo (Grakendo Udico), Grakedrig (Grakedrig Ulfri), and Autkendo (Autkendo Jansa).


A male Dark Seducer

In the Shivering Isles, the Dark Seducers are not creatures but NPCs.

Overall spells, abilities and powers (all immune to silence):






They wear light armor and carry a mace, axe, shortsword, longsword, and/or a bow. Specific details on the weapons carried by Dark Seducers is provided in the Weapons article.


All Dark Seducers will be able to cast two randomly selected spells: a powerful Alteration spell and a powerful Restoration spell. In each case the effect is randomly determined from the following list while the strength of the spell is randomly based on the seducer's skill level. The possible effects for each school are:

† This effect is listed three times in the leveled list and is therefore more likely to be chosen
‡ Similarly to the effect above, this one appears four times in the leveled list and is also more likely to be chosen

Certain Dark Seducers, in particular mages, will be able to cast a different set of leveled spells: a major Alteration spell, 1 major and 1 minor Destruction spell and a major Restoration spell. The possible effects for each school are:

† These effects are listed twice in the leveled list and are therefore more likely to be chosen
‡ Similarly to the effects above, this effect is listed three times in the leveled list
†† Similarly to the effects above, this one appears four times in the leveled list and is also more likely to be chosen

Dark Seducer Containers[edit]

The seducers have their own special set of containers, all found in Pinnacle Rock.

Type # Arrows Gems Gold Plain Armor Magic Armor Plain Weapon Plain Jewelry Potion Scroll Other
Dark Seducer Containers
Chest 12 10% 10% 100% 25%(L) 10%(L) 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% Repair Hammer 25%
Urn 11 10% 10% 100% 25%(L) 10%(L) 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% Repair Hammer 25%
Dark Seducer Healing Containers
Healing Chest 4 1×100%(R)
Healing Urn 22 1×100%(R)



  • Dark Seducers refer to male characters as "The Duchess of Mania." The bug is due to the Dark Seducer dialogue checking her own gender instead of the player's gender.