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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Console Location Code(s)
Whiterun Hold
Special Features
# of Alchemy Labs 1
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1

Breezehome is a house that can be purchased in Whiterun. Breezehome is the first home offered to you during the main quest. Breezehome is the cheapest house available for purchase in Skyrim, but it is also the only house in Skyrim that does not have an arcane enchanter.

It is conveniently placed just inside the entrance to Whiterun, next to Warmaiden's. This makes Breezehome useful for a character who frequently uses Smithing, as a full set of the stations are right next door.

To purchase the home, you must first complete the Bleak Falls Barrow quest for the Jarl of Whiterun. Upon completion he will permit you to purchase the house from Proventus Avenicci for 5,000 gold. The total cost of the house (including all upgrades) is 6,800 gold, or 6,550 gold if you have Hearthfire installed and choose to forego the alchemy laboratory in favor of a child's bedroom.

If you are having trouble finding Proventus you can get a quest marker on him through a miscellaneous task given by his daughter Adrianne Avenicci, who can usually be found outside of Warmaiden's, just inside the gates to Whiterun.

If you have completed Dragon Rising, Lydia will be appointed as your housecarl and a small bedroom will be added upstairs for her. Her bedroom includes a dresser, an end table, a sack, and a bed (marked as owned).

Once purchased, Proventus will provide a book, Whiterun Home Decorating Guide, which details the various house upgrades available from him. Proventus will only sell upgrades while actually inside Dragonsreach. If he is on the Great Porch or his bedroom, the option to decorate your house will not be available.

If the Stormcloaks take over Whiterun, Proventus will move to Solitude and no longer offer you any upgrades. Instead, Brill will be able to sell you upgrades in Dragonsreach after that.

[edit] NPCs Living Here

Lydia Follower

[edit] House Items

There are items that are in the house when you purchase upgrades (see below).

[edit] House Upgrades

Home and upgrades
Purchased From
Proventus Avenicci or Brill Price to Purchase Home OBValueIcon small.png 5,000 Housecarl Lydia
Total Cost of All Upgrades OBValueIcon small.png 1,800
Alchemy laboratory Bedroom furnishings Dining room decorations Kitchen Furnishings Living room furnishings Loft decorations Child's BedroomHF Housecarl's Quarters
ID before: (000e4ef9)
ID after: (000e4ec8)
ID before: (000e4ecb)
ID after: (000c6e3a)
ID before: (000e4ef1)
ID after: (000e4ec9)
ID before: (000e4ee3)
ID after: (000c6e3c)
ID after: (000c6e3b) ID before: (000e4efb)
ID after: (000c6e39)
ID before: (000e4ef9), (000e4ec8)
ID after: (xx004274)
ID before: (000e4f0a)
ID after: (000e4eca)
500 gold 300 gold 250 gold 300 gold 250 gold 200 gold 250 gold Become Thane of Whiterun

1 Alchemy Lab
1 Apothecary's Satchel
2 Bookshelves
2 Chairs
1 Chest
1 Table

2 Chairs
1 Dresser
3 End Tables
1 Table
1 Shield Plaque

1 Barrel
1 Chair
1 Cupboard
2 Shelves

2 Chairs
1 Cooking Pot
4 Shelves
1 Table

Harvestable Plants:
3 Elves Ear
3 Garlic
2 Salmon Meat

2 Bookshelves
2 Chairs
1 Cupboard
4 Shelves
2 Tables
1 Weapon Plaque
1 Weapon Rack

2 Chairs
1 Cupboard
1 Table
1 Weapon Plaque

1 Dresser
1 End Table

  Child's Bedroom only available if Hearthfire is installed. Choosing this upgrade will replace the Alchemy Laboratory.

[edit] Notes

  • This is the only buyable home in the base game that you do not have to purchase in order to become thane. If you complete the quest Dragon Rising while Balgruuf the Greater is jarl, you will become thane, with or without Breezehome.
  • You may want to remove books from the bookcase in the Alchemy Lab before converting it to a Child's Bedroom with the Hearthfire add-on. Books will remain in the room and the ones from the bottom shelf will be under the bed, rendered inaccessible.
  • Adopted children living here will have unique dialogue comments about Whiterun:
    • I like it here. The tree in the park is so pretty! (girls)
    • Braith is a big meanie. She keeps telling Lars'n me what to do. I don't wanna play with her anymore. (girls)
    • I played with Lucia in the park today. I feel sorry for her. (girls)
    • Dragonsreach is so cool! All the kids there are mean, though. (boys)
    • Lars is such a milk-drinker. He can't even stand up to a girl. (boys)
  • If you ask your spouse "How are the kids?" they may remark:
    • Just fine. Whiterun is a lovely city, and there are so many other children here- they all love playing together.

[edit] Bugs

  • There are a few bugs which affect all houses, see the bugs section of the Houses page for details and fixes.
  • If you remove a book from the bookcase on the main floor (beside the firepit) that is already placed on this bookcase, the bookcase may freeze, leaving you without access to any books within the case.
  • Although, theoretically, Lydia is supposed to sleep in the Guest Bedroom, she never seems to, and instead has the unfortunate habit of intruding upon your bedroom and using the chair inside.
  • After installing Dawnguard, you may encounter a bug when purchasing decor for Breezehome. After initially purchasing the alchemy lab, it will not disappear from the list of available decor; it will remain constantly available for purchase and will not appear in Breezehome.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by version 1.0 of the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.
    • Pc22.png You can also use the following console commands to fix the issue. Note that these commands do not require you to actually buy the alchemy lab upgrade.
      prid e4ef9
      prid e4ec8
  • The weapon plaque in the loft and the weapon rack near the front door may be inaccessible.
  • Upon completing the Battle for Whiterun, Breezehome will be unlocked even if you have not purchased the house. However, the steward still requires you to purchase the house for 5000 gold.
  • The option to replace the alchemy laboratory with a child's bedroom may not disappear after being purchased, and the change will not take place.
  • The option to purchase a child's bedroom as well as the bedroom may not be available while Avenicci is on the balcony.

[edit] Gallery

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