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A montage of preset Khajiit faces available in Skyrim
Illustration of a typical Khajiit Suthay-raht male

The Khajiit are a race of feline humanoids hailing from the province of Elsweyr, well-known for their keen intelligence and agility. While these traits make them superb thieves and acrobats, Khajiit are also fearsome warriors. However, strenuous training must typically be undertaken to make wielding magic a serious option, either in passive or aggressive actions. Khajiit rarely take to the sea, though the prospect of trade and shipping skooma does draw some to work as sailors.

Physiologically, Khajiit differ greatly from both the varied races of man and mer, not only in their skeletal structure (possessing a tail and, in some forms, a digitigrade stance, i.e. toe walking) and dermal makeup (the "fur" that covers their bodies) but in their digestion and metabolism as well. The Khajiit, along with the Argonians and the Imga, make up the so called 'beast races' of the Empire, due to their anthropomorphic qualities. It is currently unclear whether a successful union between Khajiit and other races may occur, for no well-documented cases exist despite rumors. The divergent appearance and mannerisms of the Khajiit often lead bigoted members of other races to look down on them.

For more information, see the main lore article.

[edit] In-Game Description

Hailing from the province of Elsweyr, they are intelligent, quick, and agile. They make excellent thieves due to their natural stealthiness. All Khajiit can see in the dark at will and have unarmed claw attacks.

[edit] Traits

  • Claws ability (FormID 000aa01e): Khajiit claws do 12 points of damage in addition to their base damage value of 10 points for unarmed combat.
    • Although the in-game text says "Khajiit claws do 15 points of damage.", the actual effect magnitude is only 12 points.
    • The game data also describes the effect as "Khajiit claws do four times the damage of a man's punch."
  • Eye of Night lesser power (FormID 000aa01d): Improved night vision for 60 seconds, multiple times per day.
  • Height: 1 (M), 0.95 (F)

[edit] Gameplay

Khajiit, like Argonians, make good thieves due to their bonuses in skills typically associated with stealth-oriented classes. Eye of Night is a handy lesser power while dungeon-crawling or for seeing at night, when many thieves do their work. Their claw bonus helps in brawls, and, combined with the Fists of Steel perk, makes unarmed combat viable.

In combat, players have the opportunity to take advantage of the Khajiit's bonuses to one-handed and ranged weapons, and their strong bonus to Sneak makes sneak attacks accessible at early levels.

[edit] Skills

[edit] Notes

  • The Khajiit Claws racial bonus to unarmed damage stacks with other sources of damage increase, such as perks like Fists of Steel and equipment like the Gloves of the Pugilist.
  • Khajiit NPCs cannot be married in any way or form, even with the use of the console. The dialogue options won't be there. However, you can use the console to turn a marriageable NPC of another race into a Khajiit. Khajiit characters can also marry NPCs of other races.

[edit] Bugs

  • Khajiit tails may sometimes continue to move after death. This is more common with dead bodies that were put in areas for show, such as finding a dead body in a jail cell in a dungeon, and not as common with actual NPCs that are killed. Tails of the player continue to move after death on frequent occasion.
  • Khajiit tails may sometimes stop moving at all after death, freezing in the place where they were in the moment of death.

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