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Military Fort:
Northwatch Keep
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 12
Northwatch Archers, Northwatch Guards, Northwatch Interrogator, Northwatch Mages
Important Treasure
2920, Morning Star, v1
The Legendary Sancre Tor
Console Location Code(s)
Northwest of Dragon Bridge
North of Pinefrost Tower
Special Features
# of Forges/Anvils 1
Northwatch Keep

Northwatch Keep is a medium-sized military fort in northwest Haafingar, to the west of Fort Hraggstad. The fort is used as a jail by the Thalmor. It has a courtyard and one interior zone: Northwatch Keep.

The fort is off-limits to anyone except the Thalmor; ignoring the warnings to stay away will result in the patrolling guards becoming hostile. If you ask the Northwatch guard at the front entrance for details of the Keep, he will curtly reply, "You have no business here, so keep walking." and, "That's privileged information. Now move along."

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Notes

  • If the entire fort is cleared prior to the quest Missing In Action, only the inside of the fort will be reset when the quest progresses to the objectives in which you are required to save Thorald.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Exterior: Courtyard

The main entrance to the fort is guarded by one Northwatch guard. There are three more guards patrolling the grounds, and three Northwatch archers patrolling the walkways above; they all turn hostile when you trespass on the grounds. One guard is leaning by the door, another in the camp to the left of the entrance, and the third is working the forge near the camp. There is one archer standing on the battlements above the first guard, and the other two are patrolling the walkways above.

There is a back gate to the Keep and a master-locked door, both situated by the forge. There is a campfire on the walkways above and bed rolls in the tents and by the campfire.

[edit] Zone 1: Northwatch Keep

The prisoners have a grim future in this place

Inside the front door is a flight of stairs that leads to a circular room with a guard and a mage sitting at a desk. There is a chest with leveled loot on the other side of the desk from the entrance. Down a further two sets of stairs is an archer patrolling a small hallway, with two guards in the next room which is a bar, one of whom is sitting at a table and the other behind the bar. On the shelves behind the bar is a copy of the One-handed skill book 2920, Morning Star, v1. Through the next corridor is a dead bandit in a cart.

Down more stairs is a two-story room with a guard patrolling the lower floor and another on the upper floor. In the room on the lower floor, there is a mage carrying the Northwatch Captain's key. A copy of the Two-handed skill book The Legendary Sancre Tor can be found beside the table with a lantern, and a knapsack on the shelves by the bed. There is a chest beside the fire on the top floor and a guard to the right through the corridor. To the left is a torture room with a chest, leveled weapons, and is guarded by a Northwatch interrogator who carries the Northwatch Keep key, which unlocks the back door.

The door past the previous guard leads to the cell block, with an archer, a guard, and three prisoners. There are four cells, each with a master-level lock, but beside the door are two levers that pop open the cell doors; however, the prisoners do not try to escape when released. Around the corner and up a flight of stairs is the back door.

[edit] Bugs

  • If you are able to clear out the keep and enter the dungeon area inside, some prisoners will be seen roaming freely through the halls without the Thalmor being aggressive to them. ?

[edit] Map

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