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Every soul in Skyrim is one of six possible strengths: Petty, Lesser, Common, Greater, Grand, and Black. More powerful creatures have more powerful souls. Souls are trapped in soul gems by using a soul trap spell or effect. Trapped souls are used to enchant and recharge items.

[edit] Souls Alphabetically

This table provides soul strengths for the creatures in Skyrim. NPCs are not listed because all NPCs, regardless of level, have black souls, which are the same magnitude as grand souls but can only be captured in black soul gems or The Black Star. Dremora and ghosts are NPCs.

Souls with a superscript (e.g., L:2x) are leveled. The number in the superscript is the level of the creature relative to yours. So "2x" means the creature is twice your character's level, and "-1" means that the creature is your character's level minus one. Any fractional levels are rounded down after multiplying. Some leveled creatures don't level based on a formula. See their specific page for more details.

Creature Soul Level
Alpha Wolf Petty
Ash HopperDB Lesser
Ash SpawnDB Common
Ash Spawn SkirmisherDB Greater
Ash Spawn ImmolatorDB Grand
Bear Lesser
Betty NetchDB Grand
BristlebackDB Lesser
Burnt SprigganDB Greater
Bull NetchDB Greater
Cave Bear Common
Chaurus HunterDG Greater
Chaurus Reaper Common
Chaurus Lesser
Chicken Petty
Corrupted Shade LeveledL:1x, Petty
Cow Petty
Curalmil Common
Deer Petty
Death HoundDG Lesser
Dog Petty
Dragon Priest Grand
Draugr Death Overlord Greater, Grand
Draugr Deathlord Common, Greater, Grand
Draugr Overlord Lesser
Draugr Restless Lesser
Draugr Scourge Lord Common
Draugr Scourge Common
Draugr Thrall Petty
Draugr Wight Lesser
Draugr Petty
Dwarven Centurion No soul (Resists Soul Trap)
Creature Soul Level
Dwarven Sphere No soul (resists soul trap)
Dwarven Spider No soul (resists soul trap)
Elk Petty
Falmer Gloomlurker LeveledL:-5
Falmer Nightprowler Common
Falmer Shadowmaster Common, Grand
Falmer Skulker Lesser
Falmer WarmongerDG Greater, Grand
Falmer Lesser
Flame Atronach Lesser
Fox Petty
Frost Atronach Common
Frost Troll Common
Frostbite Spider Petty, Lesser
GargoyleDG Lesser
Giant Frostbite Spider Lesser
Giant Greater
Goat Petty
Hagraven Common
Horker Petty
Horse Lesser
Ice Wolf Lesser
Ice Wraith Lesser
King Olaf One-Eye Common, Greater, Grand
Magic Anomaly LeveledL:1.75x
Mammoth Grand
Mikrul Gauldurson Common
Mudcrab Petty
Creature Soul Level
Netch CalfDB Common
Potema's Remains Common, Grand
Pit Wolf Lesser
Rabbit Petty
Red Eagle LeveledL:Special
Restless Draugr Lesser
Riekling Lesser
Riekling Hunter Common(?)
Sabre Cat Lesser
Shade Lesser
Sigdis Gauldurson Common
Skeever Petty
Skeleton Petty
Slaughterfish Petty
Snow Bear Common
Snow Fox Petty
Snowy Sabre Cat Lesser
Spectral Warhound Leveled
Spriggan Earth MotherDG Greater
Spriggan Matron Common
Spriggan Lesser
Storm Atronach Greater
The Pale Lady Greater
Troll Lesser
Udefrykte Common
Venomfang Skeever Lesser
WerebearDB Common
Werewolf Lesser
Wispmother Greater
Wisp Petty
Wolf Petty
Wounded Frostbite Spider Lesser

[edit] Soul Strength

The Soul Strength captured from the creature depends on its level. Some enemies have static levels, like Alpha Wolf, which always appears as level 2. Other creatures' levels depend on your character's level, like Magic Anomaly, which is your character's level multiplied by 1.75, then rounded down to the nearest level. So if your character's level is 8, and encounters a Magic Anomaly, the Magic Anomaly will have a Soul Strength of Lesser, being at level 14. But when your character is level 18, a Magic Anomaly will have a Soul Strength of Greater, being at level 31.

Soul Level Creature Level
Petty 1-3
Lesser 4-15
Common 16-27
Greater 28-37
Grand 38+ or NPC

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