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SR-qico-Miscellaneous.png Investigate a murder in Markarth to discover a sinister plot surrounding the Forsworn.
Quest Giver: Eltrys
Location(s): Markarth
Next Quest: No One Escapes Cidhna Mine
Reward: Leveled gold reward for every piece of information reported to Eltrys
ID: MS01
Just an innocent observer

[edit] Quick Walkthrough

  1. Meet with Eltrys in the Shrine of Talos after receiving his note.
  2. Find evidence about Margret.
  3. Find evidence about Weylin.
  4. Find evidence about Thonar.
  5. Find out who "N" is.
  6. Find evidence about Nepos.
  7. Return to the shrine.

[edit] Detailed Walkthrough

[edit] An Attack

Glory to the Forsworn!

While walking through an open market in Markarth near stalls for the Jeweller and Meat Vendor, Weylin will attempt to kill a woman named Margret while she is buying jewelry. During the attack, he yells incoherently about the Forsworn. It is possible to save Margret if you're fast enough, and if you succeed in doing so she rewards you with a necklace. (Preventing the murder will affect the course of the quest; see Notes, below.)

You may take Margret's key from her body if she dies, for use later in the quest, although you can acquire it from the innkeeper as well. After Weylin dies, talking to the guards will result in their telling you to leave it, and they will then assure the small crowd that has gathered that the event has nothing to do with the Forsworn. All the stalls will be closed for a period of time. Shortly thereafter, Eltrys will approach you and ask if you saw what happened. He will then give you a note that he says you dropped. The note tells you to meet Eltrys at the Shrine of Talos.

Travel to the shrine, underneath the Temple of Dibella. To get there, climb the stairs at the north corner of the marketplace, follow the bridge to the left, then take the path to the left and you should see the door. Descend into the temple and speak to Eltrys, who will tell you that he is looking for answers about the Forsworn attacks that have been happening in the city. He will tell you to investigate Margaret and to find any information you can about the attacks. Note: If you already pick pocketed Thonar's journal the quest will jump ahead, and you'll find Eltrys dead with three angry guards at the shrine.

[edit] Margret

To find information on Margret, go to the Silver-Blood Inn and ask Kleppr or Frabbi about her. He will say that she rented the nicest room in the inn, which is down the hall to the left of the entrance. If you did not obtain the key to her room from her corpse earlier, you can receive it through dialog with Kleppr, steal it from behind the bar, or just pick the lock to her door.

Option Dialogue Reaction
I won't tell anyone. Promise. (Persuade) Passed: Well, you seem like the honest sort. Here you are.
Failed: Right. You adventuring types would never go into a room just to steal everything.
Passed: Continue investigation
Failed: Nothing
Maybe I could rent the room? (Bribe) Passed: Well, I guess Margret isn't around to complain. It's yours.
Failed: Sorry. Margret might be dead, but the room's rented.
Passed: Continue investigation
Failed: Nothing
Hand the key over. Now. (Intimidate) Passed: All right. I don't want any trouble. It's yours.
Failed: Are you serious? I hear more threatening words from my wife. (Kleppr)
or Are you serious? I say more threatening words to my husband. (Frabbi)
Passed: Continue investigation
Failed: Nothing
Never mind, then. Did you need anything else? Nothing

Searching the end table in her room will yield Margret's Journal. After reading her journal, your objective will be to find evidence about Thonar Silver-Blood.

If Margret is alive, she will be sitting by the fire or standing out in the market place. She reveals that she is an Imperial spy, and that she was interested in the Silver-Blood's mine. She tells you that she's sure Thonar arranged for her murder.

After finding information about Margret, a Guard will come up to you and tell you to "back off" and that it's your last warning to stop investigating (see dialogue below). Being the perfect, upstanding citizen you are, ignore this warning.

"You. I've seen you snooping around. Asking questions. Back off. You don't want to know what happens to troublemakers here."

"I'm not trying to cause trouble."
"You're finding it. That's bad enough. "
"What happens? I'm curious."
"No one tells me what to do."
"We'll see."
(regardless of choice) "This is your last warning outsider. We keep the peace, here. Stay out of our business."

Report back to Eltrys that Margret was investigating Thonar for a leveled gold reward.

[edit] Weylin

Follow the river down to the wooden docks and head into The Warrens. You can talk to Mulush before going into the warrens if you want to pass a speech challenge about how to get Weylin's key.

Option Dialogue Reaction
You must know something. (Persuade) Passed: Fine. I did notice something odd last time we handed out the pay. Little extra slip of paper for Weylin. Took it right to his room after he got it.
Failed: No. I don't.
Passed: Continue investigation
Failed: Nothing
Do you care about money? (Bribe) Passed: For that amount, I can. Fine. I did notice something odd last time we handed out the pay. Little extra slip of paper for Weylin. Took it right to his room after he got it.
Failed: No.
Passed: Continue investigation
Failed: Nothing
You better start caring. (Intimidate) Passed: Hold, on there. I think I just remembered something. The last time we handed out pay. Little extra slip of paper for Weylin. Took it right to his room.
Failed: Haven't up until now.
Passed: Continue investigation
Failed: Nothing
Fine, forget it. Hmph. Nothing

When you enter, Garvey will greet you. Speak to him and ask him if he knew Weylin, then ask for the key. He will only give you the key if you pass a speech, intimidate or bribe challenge.

Option Dialogue Reaction
It's important. Trust me. (Persuade) Passed: Trust is hard to come by here, but all right.
Failed: No. It's not. Trust me.
Passed: Continue investigation
Failed: Nothing
How about now? (Bribe) Passed: Welcome to the Warrens.
Failed: No, I don't think so.
Passed: Continue investigation
Failed: Nothing
I wasn't asking. (Intimidate) Passed: Now don't get all upset. Here. Take it.
Failed: And I wasn't stuttering. No key.
Passed: Continue investigation
Failed: Nothing
Never mind, then. Right. Nothing

If he doesn't give you the key, you will have to pick the lock on the door or pickpocket the key from him. Weylin's room is the one on the right, all the way at the back of The Warrens. Enter it and look in the chest to the left for Weylin's Note. Read the note and you will gain the objective "Find out who N is".

Once you exit The Warrens, a Breton named Dryston will approach you.

"You've been digging around where you don't belong. It's time you learned a lesson."

"You first. (Brawl) "
"Let's go!"
"Who sent you?"
"Someone who doesn't like you asking questions"
"I don't listen to threats."
"You'll listen to this."

All dialogue options will end in a brawl. If you attack him with anything but your fists (i.e., weapons or magic), you will receive a bounty and any guards that witness the attack will join in and fight you to the death. Once you beat Dryston, he will say:

"Ugh. You mangy piece of pit-bait!"

"Talk, or I send you to the gods."
"I was sent by Nepos the Nose. The old man hands out the orders. He told me to make sure you didn't get in the way. That's all I know, I swear!"

Attempting to speak further with Dryston will cause him to say: "Nepos is in charge. That's all I know."

You can again report back to Eltrys that Weylin got his orders from Nepos for a leveled gold reward.

[edit] Thonar

For the Forsworn!

Return back up the way you came down, and back up the stairs toward the Shrine of Talos, but this time just follow the path and you will end up in front of The Treasury House. Enter and tell Rhiada at the front desk that you need to see Thonar. She will let you speak with him if you pass a speech, intimidate, or bribe challenge, or you can pick the lock on the door.

Option Dialogue Reaction
He's expecting me. (Persuade) Passed: Oh, I'm sorry to keep you. Head right in.
Failed: No. He isn't.
Passed: Continue investigation
Failed: Nothing
Business, you say? (Bribe) Passed: Riches are a gate-opener around here. Head right in.
Failed: Private business, I mean. No visitors.
Passed: Continue investigation
Failed: Nothing
I wasn't asking. (Intimidate) Passed: Go... go right ahead then. Don't let me keep you.
Failed: I must have misheard you. Did you say you were leaving?
Passed: Continue investigation
Failed: Nothing
I'll try later, then. I doubt he'll be free, but all right. Nothing

When you enter the room you have two options, pickpocket his journal or speak with him. Asking about anything will end in him telling you to get out, at which point Nana Ildene (the old woman) will yell "For the Forsworn!" and kill Betrid Silver-Blood. Betrid's death is scripted - you cannot save her. Donnel (the old man who can be seen cleaning the Treasury House before the attack) will become hostile as well.

Kill Nana Ildene and Donnel, and then again talk to Thonar. He will curse the Forsworn, and then tell you that he has been controlling them by imprisoning their king Madanach. Madanach has now become "out of control," however.

[edit] Nepos

Exit the Treasury House and go left, and head up the stairs. At the top of the second flight of stairs, the stairway forks. Take the stairs to the left to Nepos's House. Go in and talk to Uaile. No matter what you say to her, Nepos will say that you can go in and speak to him. When you do so, he will admit that he receives and executes orders from Madanach. He will then inform you that the maid at the door was actually a Forsworn agent and you won't be getting out of the house alive. Ending conversation with Nepos will cause everyone in the house to become hostile to you.

Alternatively, pickpocket Nepos's journal to gather the evidence secretly and avoid the fight. Lingering too long after the theft here will result in everyone becoming hostile anyway.

[edit] Do the Time Without Doing the Crime

It's off to Cidhna Mine for you.

Head back to the shrine of Talos to find that Eltrys has been killed by a group of guards, who are now lying in wait for you. The guards there will attempt to arrest you, and will tell you that they must now pin the murder(s) in the city on you, after which you will spend the rest of your life in Cidhna Mine. You can either resist arrest or go to jail. Agreeing to be taken to jail leads to the quest No One Escapes Cidhna Mine. If you resist arrest, every guard in Markarth will become hostile. The exact conversation is as follows:

Guard: "We warned you, but you just had to go and cause trouble. Now we have to pin all these recent murders on you. Silence witnesses. Work. Work. Work."

You will then have three options:

Player: "What did you do to Eltrys?"

Guard: "Same thing we do with all the other natives who want to change things around here. We had a nice little deal going between Thonar and Madanach until you and Eltrys started snooping around. Well, you wanted to find the man responsible for those killings? You'll have plenty of time with the King in rags when you're in Cidhna mine [sic]."

Player: "You're corrupt. Thonar is paying you."

Guard: "We have a nice arrangement in this city, and we're not letting you get in the way. You have a problem with that? Take it up with Madanach. I'm sure the King in rags and his Forsworn would love to meet you. Now you're coming with us. It's a life sentence in Cidhna Mine for you."

Player: "Madanach is behind these killings!"

Guard: "You think you're the only one who knows that? We had a nice little deal going between Thonar and Madanach until you showed up. You'll have plenty of time to take it up with the King in Rags while you're serving a life sentence in Cidhna Mine."

You will then have two choices:

Player: "Fine. I'll come quietly."

Guard: "You'll never see the sun again, you hear me? No one escapes Cidna Mine. No one."

Player: "You're not taking me alive!"

Guard: "You'll never leave Markarth!" (attacks)

If you successfully escape from the initial guards, other Markarth guards will try to arrest you, resulting in a different conversation:

Guard: "Halt. You're under arrest for murder and conspiracy against the city of Markath!" (if the Guard initiates dialogue)


Guard: "In the name of Jarl, I'm ordering you to stand fast!"

Player: "You're making a mistake..."

Guard: "You're the one who conspired with the Forsworn against Markarth! You're coming with me, murderer!" (If the Player initiates dialogue)

You will then have the following choices:

Player: "It wasn't me. I've been framed!"

Guard: "You aren't fooling me. Trusted witnesses have seen you commit several murders. And there are accounts of your suspicious behavior throughout the city. Now come quietly."

Player: "I submit. Take me to jail."

Guard: "You'll never see the sun again. No one escapes Cidhna Mine. No one."

Player: "I'd rather die than go to prison!"

Guard: (attacks)

If your speech skill is 75 or greater, you will have the following option:

Player: "Any chance I could talk you into overlooking this?"

Guard: "You're not sweet-talking your way out of this. Not after what you did. You're headed to Cidhna Mine, and that's that."

If you are a member of the Thieves Guild, you will have the following option:

Player: "I'm with the Guild. How about you look the other way?"

Guard: "Not a chance. Not for this. You're going to the Cidhna Mine [sic] for the rest of your days."

If you have completed the quest Silver Lining for the Thieves Guild, you will have the following option:

Player: "I'm with the Guild. Is this enough to clear my bounty?"

Guard: "I don't care who you're with. After what you did, you're lucky I'm not cutting you down where you stand!"

Finally, if you are Thane of the Reach, you will have the following option:

Player: "I'm the Jarl's Thane. I demand you let me go at once."

Guard: "No one in the Jarl's court is above the charge of conspiring against the city. You're coming with us."

Choosing any option other than surrender or resisting arrest will result in the guard insisting that you must go to Cidhna Mine, leaving you with only those two options anyway. It's also possible to interrupt the dialogue without picking any of the options.

As soon as you submit and agree to be taken to jail, you'll continue to the next quest.

[edit] Notes

  • It is possible to save Margret from Weylin's attack if you act as soon as he pulls his knife. If you attack him, he will become hostile towards you and attack you instead of Margret. Margret will reward you for saving her and you will not get a bounty on your head. This will have an effect on the information gathering stage of the quest.
  • It is not necessary to complete all objectives to advance the quest to the final stage. Upon completion of any task AFTER discovering Margret's status as a spy, the final scene will trigger the next time you enter the Shrine of Talos.
  • If you complete the negotiations between the Empire and the Stormcloaks and you choose to give Markarth to the Stormcloaks, you will not be able to complete this quest if you began it but did not meet with Eltrys. Upon entering the Shrine of Talos, you will find Eltrys dead, but the guards will not arrest you for the murder. If you choose to go to jail, you will not be able to gain entrance to the King in Rags' cell to continue the quest.
    • It appears that by handing over Markarth during the negotiations, this quest will automatically end.
  • It is possible to complete this quest without starting No One Escapes Cidhna Mine by stealthily killing the middle guard in the Shrine of Talos when you return there for your final report to Eltrys before you are seen. If you do this, however, you will never be able to start the next quest.
  • If you have completed the quest Silver Lining, you will have the dialogue option to tell the guards you want to clear your bounty for half the cost. However, the guard will tell you he doesn't care who you're with, and your only option will be jail time in Cidhna Mine.
  • If Nana Ildene and Donnel die before you talk to Thonar, Betrid will die without anyone being there to kill her. She will not die if you never talk to Thonar.

[edit] Bugs

  • If you are having trouble starting the next quest No One Escapes Cidhna Mine after this quest is completed and submit to go to jail, with no reason, even if you complete this quest before starting one of two civil quest, try this solution. proceed this quest as normal. and when you are at the end of the quest and you are in Talos' Shrine, You'll see Markarth Guards waiting for you. One of the guards will initiate a dialogue with you. You've got three option whether you go to jail, pay the gold, or refuse submission. At this time, don't close the dialogue menu, open the console menu right now, and type setstage ms02 10. And the next quest will start with no problem.
    • If you kill the Markarth guard that warns you once you find evidence about Margret, the center guardsmen will not be at the Shrine of Talos, making it impossible to complete the quest. However, if the side of the city's alliance changes during this part of the quest, it will be completed and the guards will vanish from the game; making it impossible to start No One Escapes From Cidhna Mine.
  • If you enter Markarth for the first time while completing the A Night to Remember quest and it is nighttime, the incident in the marketplace which initiates this quest will not have happened. This can lead to a few other bugs:
    • If you then proceed to pickpocket Thonar's Journal before entering the Shrine of Talos, you will find Eltrys's dead body and three guards who will arrest you for his murder as well as the other murders around the city (even though no one else has died), thus completing a quest which never started. This also prevents the deaths of Margret, Betrid, Nana and Donnel.
    • If the incident in the marketplace does not occur, Vigilant Tyranus will not spawn in Markarth, preventing you from starting the House of Horrors quest.
  • If you become a Thane of the Reach before starting or completing this quest, you will not be arrested when you return to the Shrine of Talos, making you unable to complete the quest. Even if you murder a guard and submit to arrest, you still will not be able to complete the quest.
  • Followers may get permanently stuck in the Shrine of Talos, regardless of if the quest is completed and you escaped from Cidhna Mine. If this happens, the follower will not leave even after you tell them to go home, and if they are moved elsewhere via console, they will walk back to the Shrine of Talos, no matter where in Skyrim they are.
  • If the Markarth Guards do not warn you off after having investigated the Inn for Eltrys and you get stuck (Guards won't arrest you) when returning to him after finding out all you can about the Conspiracy, if you wander the streets and do meet the Guard who warns you off and then returning to the Temple, you will still get arrested (or attempted to get arrested).
  • It is possible for two guards and an Imperial soldier to spawn at the Shrine of Talos instead of three guards, with the middle guard being replaced by the Imperial soldier. The Imperial soldier will not give dialog options that allow the completion of the quest, instead preferring to talk about the war. The other guards will not initiate dialog. This will leave the quest stuck at this stage, since you cannot be framed and sent to prison for Eltrys' murder.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by version 1.2.1 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
    • Pc22.pngIf you use the console command setstage ms02 10, then go commit a crime, get yourself arrested, and thrown in jail, the quest will proceed as normal.
    • Pc22.pngIf you type setstage ms01 100, the quest will end and you get teleported in prison, triggering the next quest. (you may need to use setstage ms02 0, to start the next quest after being teleported to the mine)
    • If you go into the shrine of Talos after having completed the recon and the third guard is absent, and fails to show after waiting, restarting the quest, and other suggested fixes, kill the two guards present then submit to arrest. Serve the jail time, then come back after being released from jail.
  • If you save Margret, but later take her journal, it becomes permanently stuck in your inventory as a quest item.
  • If you obtain Margret's journal before meeting with Eltrys at the Shrine of Talos, the guard that approaches you after reading the journal and exiting the Silver-Blood Inn may be missing all speech audio (subtitles show for a faction of a second then disappear), even greetings. ?
  • If you give Margret's journal to Eltrys before leaving the Shrine of Talos and immediately after taking the quest, it will be bugged when re-entering the temple of talos to return the clues you found. There will only be two guards and if you talk to the one on the right, he talks as if he is guarding a dwemer museum and will not initiate any conversation about the murder. ?
  • Even if you prevent Weylin from killing Margret, the journal update will say he killed her.
  • You may freeze after submitting to the guards to complete the quest. The freeze appears to be caused by the removeallitems console command, and thus allows you to test if you are a victim of this particular bug by using it on yourself. ?
    • Simply storing your items into a container and taking them out fixes the bug, allowing you to continue.
  • If you pickpocket Nepos's Journal and only read it after going outside, the quest will update and tell you to go meet Eltrys, but when you do, only two guards are waiting next to Eltrys's body and won't initiate dialogue. ?
    • This can be fixed by going back to Nepos's house and killing everyone there.
  • If you are wanted in Markarth for a separate reason, you have to deal with the guards first, then leave the Shrine of Talos and come back. ?
  • Dryston may fail to spawn when you have exited the Warrens. ?
    • Pc22.pngType player.placeatme 000D6711 to make him appear.
  • When acquiring Weylin's Note from the chest, taking the note adds 'Read Weylin's Note to your journal, even if you read the note before taking it. Reading it again doesn't update the journal, but the next quest stage (the brawl) does.

[edit] Quest Stages

The Forsworn Conspiracy (MS01)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
15 I've received a note from a man named Eltrys in Markarth. He wants me to meet him at the Shrine of Talos, presumably to talk about the recent murder in Markarth's marketplace.
Objective 10: Go to the Shrine of Talos
20 Eltrys has asked me to uncover evidence surrounding the murder of woman in Markarth's marketplace, who was attacked in broad daylight by a man claiming to be a member of the Forsworn.
Objective 20: Find evidence about Margret
Objective 25: Find evidence about Weylin
Objective 30: (Optional) Obtain the key to Margret's room
Objective 35: (Optional) Talk to Margret
Objective 22: Read Margret's Journal
Objective 50: Find evidence about Thonar
Objective 40: (Optional) Obtain the key to Weylin's room
Objective 27: Read Weylin's Note
Objective 28: Find out who "N" is
Objective 60: Find evidence about Nepos
55 (Thonar admits to having Madanach locked up in Cidhna Mine)
Objective 55: Read Thonar's Journal
Objective 70: Return to Eltrys (if both Thonar and Nepos have confessed)
Objective 65: Read Nepos's Journal
80 (Nepos confesses)
Objective 70: Return to Eltrys (if both Thonar and Nepos have confessed)
95 Finishes quest Eltrys is dead, and I've been framed for his murder. My only option to clear my name is to let myself be imprisoned inside Cidhna Mine and locate Madanach, the King in Rags.
100 Finishes quest Eltrys is dead, and I've been framed for his murder. My only option to clear my name is to let myself be imprisoned inside Cidhna Mine and locate Madanach, the King in Rags.
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 0, 10, 12, 13, 32, 37, 39, 41, 42, 43, 45, 49, 50, 52, 54, 57, 60, 61, 72, 74, 82, 90.

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