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Ancestor Glade
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Added by Add-On Dawnguard
Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
DLC1AncestorGladeStart, DLC1AncestorGladeOrigin, DLC1AncestorGladePortcullis
Falkreath Hold
East of Falkreath
Southwest of Helgen
Ancestor Glade

The Ancestor Glade is a large area where swarms of ancestor moths can be found. It is central to the quest Unseen Visions but can be visited anytime.

Ancestor Glade Interior

The entrance puts you in an enclosed overgrown tunnel leading to the main area. There is a straight path that leads to a dead end. Another path to the left follows the wall, goes across a fallen log, and into another short tunnel opening up to the main cavern. If you have yet to start Unseen Visions, you'll be ambushed by three spriggan earth mothers in the first area of the cave, regardless of your level. During the quest Unseen Visions, there is a gate that will close behind you once you enter the main cavern, to prevent you leaving prematurely.

Standing with your back to the gate and facing the waterfall, there are five Canticle trees that can be harvested for their bark: one directly to your left along the ridge, one in the middle by where the draw knife is found, one along the back east wall, one along the south wall, and one concealed in the southwest corner behind some rocks.

There are multiple swarms of ancestor moths all around the area, as well as a few gatherings that land on the flora around the glade. The former can only be interacted with during the quest, while the latter are able to be harvested like other insects for their wings. Near the highest point in the glade (south point near a Canticle tree), there is a large number of moths flying around that can be caught; most either landing on a bush near the stream, or flying between the bush and the far edge past the tree. On the ledge to the left of the tree, a helmet and a gem are lying on the stone.

A staircase leads down to a shrine in the center of a lake with a Canticle tree and a draw knife, used to obtain bark from the Canticle tree. The knife is unobtainable unless the quest Unseen Visions has been started. Up a small brook to the west of the glade, on a ledge at the end, you can find a leveled dagger and an enchanted leveled shield. Both can be quite hard to see if it is night, so approaching from one of the bordering ledges can make spotting them easier. In addition, if you follow the stairs and some paths and reach the highest Canticle tree in the glade, there is a large stone altar before the tree with a soul gem, leveled unenchanted amulet, a gem, and some gold. A second altar is just past the first with more items on it. [verification needed — see talk page]

There are many plants found here which can be harvested for alchemy ingredients. In addition to a few dragon's tongue, a variety of colors of mountain flowers, and lavender, there are twenty-seven separate patches of yellow mountain flowers.

After reading the Elder Scrolls, you will be attacked by a group of either Dawnguard soldiers or vampires, depending on your chosen side. These enemies will continue to respawn every few days, like any other dungeon inhabitant. They spawn in a group of five to six at the foot of the stairs leading into the glade; if you sneak, it's possible to accidentally walk right up to them.

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