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Battle-Born Farm
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
BattleBornFarmExterior, BattleBornFarm
Whiterun Hold
East of Whiterun
North of Chillfurrow Farm
Special Features
# of Tanning Racks 1
# of Grindstones 1
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
# of Wood Chopping Blocks 1
# of Stone QuarriesHF 1
Ore Veins
# of Corundum 2
# of Quicksilver 1
The Battle-Born Farm

Battle-Born Farm is a farm just outside Whiterun, owned by the Battle-Born clan who are influential in the city.

Alfhild and Gwendolyn tend the farm. Alfhild will buy leeks and gourds for 1 gold apiece, and wheat for 5 gold apiece through dialogue.

The farm contains ten leek plants, five gourd plants, six wheat plants and two chicken nests. Lavender plants, a quicksilver ore vein, two corundum ore veins and an iron ore vein can be found nearby as well.

This farm has a grain mill, tanning rack, wood chopping block, and a grindstone for use.

[edit] Residents


[edit] Exterior

Crops Plants Animals Other
10 Cabbage
10 Gourd
18 Leek
10 Wheat
2 Lavender
2 Tundra Cotton
3 Chicken
1 Cow
2 Chickens' Nest

[edit] Related Quests

Inside Battle-Born Farm

[edit] Notes

  • One corundum ore vein and one quicksilver ore vein are located north of the farm, near the back exit from the Underforge.
  • One corundum ore vein is located northeast of the farm across the road among some rocks on the ground.
  • Though you can find and activate a grain mill here, it will only lead to an animation, with no actual function in the game.
  • The guard outside the farm will not be replaced should the Stormcloaks take Whiterun.

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