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Deepwood Vale

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Nordic Ruin:
Deepwood Redoubt
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 14
Console Location Code(s)
DeepwoodRedoubtExterior01, DeepwoodRedoubtExterior02, DeepwoodRedoubt01, DeepwoodRedoubtStart
The Reach
West of Dragon Bridge
East of Mor Khazgur
Special Features
# of Alchemy Labs 1
# of Arcane Enchanters 1
# of Forges/Anvils 1
# of Workbenches 1
Deepwood Redoubt

Deepwood Redoubt is a Nordic ruin west of Solitude and far northeast of Markarth containing Forsworn.

It has an exterior and two zones, Deepwood Redoubt and Deepwood Vale. It serves as the entrance to Hag's End—and is the only way to discover those locations—forming a sizable dungeon network.

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Radiant Quests

  • Note: This location is one of many potential targets for one or more of the radiant quests found on this page.

[edit] Deepwood Redoubt

[edit] Exterior

The exterior campsite

As you approach from the stairs to the north there is a snowberry bush on your right, you will find yourself in front of a fortified position, with three Forsworn guarding the top of the staircase; two archers and one melee fighter. Once you've taken care of them, at the top of the staircase is a campfire on your left and a door set into the mountainside that leads into the actual interior of the dungeon. There is a second snowberry bush to the left of the entrance.

Before venturing in, past the entrance and to the west are some stairs where another Forsworn is standing over an altar. The altar has iron battleaxe, some Hagraven feathers, a filled random soul gem, a potion of minor magicka and a leveled poison. On your way back from the altar you will find a lean-to with a battleaxe, a long bow, an iron helmet, a potion of minor healing and one of minor stamina.

[edit] Zone 1: Deepwood Redoubt

The icy corridor

Through the iron door you will enter a frozen burial chamber. As you enter, on the right, a burial urn, a dagger, and three loose coins are tucked into a bottom burial compartment. Up ahead you will see a closed iron gate. Just before the gate, on the left, is a chest rigged with an apprentice level tension cable that triggers a spear trap from out of the wall below.

The gate opens to more catacombs and the path turns to the southwest. Just before you reach the stairway, watch for a pressure plate in the middle of the path that activates a dart trap. Climb to the top of an icy staircase to reach a large cavern. To the left is a campfire with two Forsworn standing by, one of these is an archer and the other a melee fighter. Attacking these two will alert two additional Forsworn archers into the caged walkway above. Once all of these are dealt with, go back to the top of the stairs. To the right of the stairs, climb the rocks on the north wall. At the top is a dead adventurer with a large coin purse and a random potion. An apprentice-locked chest is half-buried in the snow.

The Forsworn

Head back toward the campfire, not forgetting to loot the Forsworn killed there. There is only a skeleton with a small amount of gold along and a dagger in the area under the caged walkway. Beyond the campfire a Forsworn archer is at the end of a corridor of swinging blades. The lever to shut off the blades is also at the far end of the corridor.

Beware the floor!

Once past the archer and the swinging blades, pick up the coin purse from the table on the left as you pass. A steel shield is also by the table if you have need of it. Before entering the next room there are three frost runes on the floor; one in front of you, one on the right next to a stone table, and the other next to the wall by the doorway in the southern corner. On the table is an empty soul gem, and a potion is on the sideboard next to the table. The doors to the east are master-level lock but can be opened using the Deepwood Redoubt key. To locate the key, go through the doorway to the south being careful to avoid the two bone chimes, as any noise from them will alert a sleeping magic-using Forsworn. Just inside the room, a Deepwood Redoubt key and a potion of magicka are on a shelf (unless you have triggered the frost runes, in which case the key and potion will have been blown across the room). An arcane enchanter is against the wall. Next to the enchanter is a table with a Forsworn Missive, a leveled war axe, and a copy of The Legend of Red Eagle.

Sleeping Beauty

After dealing with the sleeping Forsworn, loot the Deepwood Redoubt key if you did not find it in the first room. Another copy of The Legend of Red Eagle can be found on the bookcase.

With the Deepwood Redoubt key, open the master-locked doors in the main room. The doors open into a short damaged corridor with a cave-in at the other end. Amongst the rubble is a sword. The door onward is to the left; be wary of the a pressure plate activating a spike wall in the threshold. Avoid the plate and climb the path, opening the doors to reach the caged walkway previously seen from below. Here you will encounter archers if you didn't kill them previously. At the far end of the walkway the path continues to the northeast to a Forsworn melee fighter sitting at a table in front of you. At the bottom of the stairs heading up is a coin purse. At the top of the stairs, on the right, is a bookcase containing a potion. The iron door is unlocked and leads to Deepwood Vale.

[edit] Zone 2: Deepwood Vale

Deepwood Vale

Not really a conventional zone, Deepwood Vale is actually a large exterior area of Deepwood Redoubt, enclosed from the outer world by the fierce mountains of the Reach. You exit into a snowy area with trees all around and a path heading to the southeast before turning to the east. Here the path passes under a rock arch formation, with a snowberry bush on your right. In front of you is your first look at the large fortress ahead. You can see a large arch ahead with stairs leading up to a look-out point; towers are to the north and south, with the structure rising in the distance. Following the path as it twists and turns to reach a fast moving river. Follow the river downstream to a dead frost troll, a nirnroot, and an apprentice-locked chest. Head back upstream to the bridge across the river. Just before you cross the bridge there is a corundum ore vein to your left. Notice two archer Forsworn patrolling from the two lookout points ahead. Cross the bridge and up two flights of stairs.


At the top of the second flight of stairs is the large Forsworn camp, spread out over three sections. Forsworn are warming themselves by a large campfire just in front of you, and many other Forsworn busying themselves around the camp. The first tent by the fire has a potion of random healing on the table. A pair of random bracers or gauntlets, are on the table outside the tent. To the left are three more tents and a tanning rack. A Forsworn is sitting at a table and another wandering the area. The first tent has an empty petty soul gem and a random poison; there is nothing of interest in the remaining tents.

The smithing area

Across from here is a smithing area with a workbench, a forge and anvil, and a grindstone. The tent here has a medium coin purse, random armor and weaponry. There is an unlocked chest under the table.

To the south of the smithy are five more tents arranged around a campfire. There are two Forsworn here; one sitting in the tent to the right, and another asleep in the second tent on the left. An alchemy lab is in the first tent on the left, as well as a set of shelves containing a potion of minor stamina, a random poison, a canis root, and an apothecary's satchel. A copy of the Sneak skill book Sacred Witness is found on the table. The stairs in the southeast corner of this area lead up to the Forsworn Briarheart. The wooden steps in the west corner lead up to the south tower. Take the wooden steps to the west first. There is a Forsworn sitting on a bench to your right and the tower just ahead. There is only an ice wolf pelt and two samples of frost mirriam in this section of the tower, so descend the stairs to the left of the tower to the lower level. In the tower’s lower level is a grindstone and a weapons rack containing an iron sword, an iron mace and a random warhammer. There are also stairs leading down to your right as you enter. Down these stairs is a table with two healing potions. There is also a master-locked wooden door that opens to the outside. From this tower, follow the bridge north to the lookouts. First you will come to a Forsworn chopping wood at a wood chopping block. There is a campfire with a cooking pot and a rack with two hanging salmon. The next bridge continues along the wall to a patrolling archer and a Forsworn mage sitting at the table. Notice the stairs heading down into the water. Swim towards the bridge the camp is on. Take a quick dunk under water to find is an apprentice-locked chest. Continue across to the north tower. Outside the tower, under the hanging cage are three barrels with an iron battleaxe on top. Inside the tower is a Forsworn melee fighter standing by a long table whose back may be turned to you. There is nothing of interest on the first level, so take the stairs up. Here a long table holds a random mace, a random empty soul gem, and a random potion of healing. You can jump over a large hole on the floor to the north, but there is nothing of interest there. From here. take the wooden ramp to the southeast, back across the river and through the three Forsworn tents. Veer left, under a stone rampart, to a small set of wooden steps leading up to the Forsworn Briarheart.

Boss's Tent

There is a second Forsworn here as well, standing in front of three archery targets. The Briarheart is often watching him while seated on a bench. From the wooden steps, you will be approaching the Briarheart from behind. Straight ahead is a tent containing the boss chest. Inside the tent is also a random battleaxe, a copy The Legend of Red Eagle, a leveled healing potion and another potion. There is a steel shield next to the table. To the right of the tent are stairs leading down to the Forsworn camp. Take the stairs heading up to the northeast to discover Hag's End.

The path turns to the northwest and continues along until you get to another lit brazier. There are stairs leading up to the east and at the top of the stairs, close to the stakes near the door leading to Hag's End. From here you can climb up on top of the waterfall where there is an expert-locked chest with the Predator's Grace boots next to it. There is also a quicksilver ore vein amongst some rocks across from the chest. Head through the unlocked iron door to enter Hag's End.

[edit] Maps

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