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Skyrim, much like the previous games, contains an assortment of trap types to threaten the wandering adventurer. This page includes descriptions of the various traps and triggering methods to help you recognize them and avoid, disarm, or turn them to your advantage. Also included here are a list environmental dangers and the puzzles that are found in a number of locations throughout the game.

[edit] Triggers

Triggers are distinct objects that may activate traps and/or other devices such as doors through direct physical contact or manual activation. Trigger activation is not limited to you, which means that followers, NPCs, and sometimes creatures can interact with a trigger device. Note that the vast majority of triggers can be tripped by casting the Magelight spell at them.

[edit] Pressure Plate

Pressure Plate with Nordic Rune
Dwarven Pressure Plates

Found in: Dwarven Ruins, Military Forts, Nordic Ruins.
Description: Comes in an assortment of types: a circular metal plate, a round stone plate with an old Nordic symbol on it, or a square floor tile.
Action: Activated by any source of sufficient weight resting on, or passing directly over the surface. Can also be triggered by arrow strike. Sometimes used as part of puzzles.
Operating Mode: Resets after weight is removed allowing certain types of traps to work repeatedly.

Used to trigger a variety of traps including battering rams, spike walls, and darts. Although pressure plates cannot be disarmed, they are most often placed in the middle of pathways, and activation can often be avoided by hugging the walls or simply jumping over the trigger surface. Another way is to drag an object by holding the action key onto the plate (bodies work well as they are fairly heavy). Note this will fire the trap when you initially put the object onto it, but it will not fire again until it is removed. The sneak perk Light Foot allows characters to walk and run directly over pressure plates without activating them, even when in werewolf form.

[edit] Switches

Lever Puzzle
Button found in Dwemer Ruins
Pull Chain

Found in: Military Forts, Nordic Ruins, Dwarven Ruins.
Description: Buttons - Small inset plaques.
Levers - A rounded metal box with a wooden or metal handle, usually mounted on floors or walls.
Pull-chains - A wall mounted switch that consists of a length of chain with a ring attached to the end.
Turn-handles - Rotating handles often set on pedestals.
Action: Manual activation will cause action in an associated object such as a opening a locked door or setting off a trap. Sometimes used as a part of puzzles.
Operating Mode: May be one time use, or reset depending upon the associated object.

While opening doors is the most common application of switches, they may also be used as parts of puzzles or to activate or disable traps. In the case of puzzles, activating switches in the correct order, or into the correct positions, may be required to clear barriers from pathways. Sometimes choosing the most obvious or incorrect switch will cause a trap to be triggered. Switches may also be hidden or found locked in small wall-mounted cages, which must be unlocked before the relevant switch can be activated.

In cases where an enemy NPC can use switches to manually trigger a trap, eliminating the NPC can prevent activation. Followers can be instructed to activate switches.

[edit] Tension Cable

Tension cable on chest

Found in: Military Forts, Nordic Ruins, Dwarven Ruins.
Description: A small box mechanism attached to a door or chest, with a cable connecting to a nearby pin.
Action: Triggers the trap when the door or chest is opened.
Operating Mode: One time use.

Most frequently, tension cables are attached to chests in dungeons, set to trigger traps such as darts when the container is opened. While the mechanism it activates is sometimes in plain view, it is advisable to check both sides of a container before attempting to open it. Tension cables can be safely disarmed by targeting the cable and successfully completing the lockpicking mini-game. They can usually be circumvented simply by analyzing the associated trap and dodging it after intentionally triggering it. Arrows or spells aimed at the tension cable can do this from a safe distance — preferably somewhere near a corner, doorway, or solid object you can use for cover from projectile traps.

[edit] Tripwire

A Tripwire

Found in: Mines, Military Forts, Towers.
Description: A cord stretched across an area of floor a few inches above the ground, and often secured to a wooden stake.
Action: Physical contact causes the cord to snap, activating the associated trap.
Operating Mode: One time use. Breaks once activated.

Because tripwires can only work once, they most commonly trigger single use traps like falling rocks or chain supported maces and battering rams. Jumping over the cord avoids activating the associated trap. They may also be triggered manually by targeting and hitting the activate button, or by shooting at the wire with an arrow, spell or shout.

[edit] Valve

It's a big red wheel

Found in: Calcelmo's Laboratory and Derelict Pumphouse.
Description: A large wheel found in Dwemer locations that utilizes steam energy to activate a trap.
Action: When the wheel is turned the trap triggers.
Operating Mode: Usually resets, but may be a one-time use depending upon the associated object.

The trap as a whole utilizes steam energy to hold a trap in readiness until it is needed, at which point the steam pressure is used to spring the trap on the unsuspecting victim.

[edit] Weight Sensitive Plate

Grab it. You know you want to.

Found in: Nordic Ruins.
Description: A pedestal topped with an inset weight-sensitive slab. Usually has a desirable object sitting upon it.
Action: When the item is removed, the trap is triggered.
Operating Mode: One time use.

Use of the Alteration spell Telekinesis can allow removal of items resting on weight sensitive plates from a safe distance or angle. Items can also be knocked free with arrows or spells, but may be more difficult to find. The Slow Time shout can also be used to quickly snag the item and run away before the harmful effects of the trap are triggered.

It is also possible to switch the desired item with a trash item of similar or heavier weight, though this will not always be as practical as some of the above methods.

[edit] Physical Traps

Physical traps are classified as those that do non-magical damage.

[edit] Battering Ram

Battering Ram with plate trigger
Battering Ram, triggered

Found in: Mines, Ruins.
Description: Suspended logs capped on the ends with metal or mammoth skulls.
Action: When triggered, the log swings down and forward.
Operating Mode: Comes in single use, and resetting varieties.
Effect: Physical damage, and pushes the target.

The majority of battering rams are activated by trigger mechanisms such as pressure plates or tripwires placed in the middle of pathways, and are designed to strike an area slightly ahead of the trigger. Battering rams attached to chains will only deploy once, while those attached to metal frames reset after a few seconds. The small striking area allows the possibility of side-stepping an incoming battering ram, but also makes it harder to deploy against enemies.

[edit] Bear Trap

Bear Trap, armed and dangerous

Found in: The Ratway, Moss Mother Cavern, others.
Description: A large, metal jaw trap placed on the ground.
Action: Snaps shut when stepped on.
Operating Mode: One time use, but may be manually reset.
Effect: Physical damage, possible infection with a disease

Generally more of a nuisance than a serious threat, bear traps can be disarmed ahead of time by manual activation, and can be reactivated by you for the purpose of slowing enemy pursuit. The sneak perk Light Foot allows you to walk and run directly over bear traps without activating them. Bear traps can also be moved.

[edit] Bone Chimes

Bone Chime

Found in: Forsworn Camps, Bandit Mines.
Description: A collection of various bones suspended on rope vertically or horizontally.
Action: Physical contact generates noise detectable by enemy NPCs.
Operating Mode: Passive.
Effect: Causes sound detection event, impairing sneak effectiveness.

While bone chimes do not cause any physical harm, accidental activation may ruin the chance for a sneak attack, and may wake sleeping NPCs or undead.

[edit] Claw


Found in: Falmer-occupied Caves and Dwarven Ruins.
Description: A large, 3 fingered claw made of chaurus chitin, attached to a wall, floor, or ceiling.
Action: Acts like a spiked wall.
Operating Mode: Resets, but usually operated by tripwire.
Effect: Physical damage.

While it is not directly possible to disarm a claw trap, the trigger can be disabled, avoided, or prematurely triggered.

[edit] Ceiling Spikes

Ceiling Spikes plate before triggering
After triggering

Found in: Ansilvund, Forelhost, Forsaken Crypt.
Description: A round slightly raised floor disk with a bunch of rusty spikes on the ceiling above it.
Action: Triggered by standing on it. The disk rises up towards the ceiling and anyone standing on it may be impaled by the spikes.
Operating Mode: Resets after returning to floor level.
Effect: Physical damage.

Physical damage from ceiling spikes can be avoided by quickly hopping off the side of the platform as it is going up.

Appears Only with the Dawnguard Official Mod

[edit] Chaurus CocoonDG

Chaurus Cocoon

Found in: Darkfall Cave, Forgotten Vale, Blackreach, possibly other Falmer occupied caves.
Description: Brownish-grey bulbous sac.
Action: When approached, may hatch a Chaurus Hunter or Chaurus Hunter Fledgling.
Operating Mode: Single-use only.
Effect: Surprise attack.

Chaurus cocoons can be found in Falmer-infested locations if you have the Dawnguard add-on installed. They may be inert, or a chaurus may burst forth when you come near or damage them. They can be destroyed by weapons or spells, but may still release their occupant if the first attack does not destroy them. Using the Aura Whisper shout will reveal if one is inhabited, allowing you to safely trigger it from a distance with a ranged attack.

Appears Only with the Dawnguard Official Mod

[edit] Crossbow MountDG

Crossbow mounts

Found in: Dead Drop Falls, Ruunvald Excavation.
Description: Set of one to three crossbows set up to aim at trigger location.
Action: Fires a number of bolts into a kill zone when triggered.
Operating Mode: Single-use only. May reset on subsequent visits to location. Set off by a tripwire.
Effect: Physical damage.

Added by the Dawnguard plug-in, crossbow mount traps can be avoided by evading the trigger. Activate the crossbow mount itself to receive a crossbow, and additionally a bolt if not yet triggered. Activate again to re-insert the crossbow, load a bolt (taken from your inventory) and reset the trap.

[edit] Dart Trap

Dart trap

Found in: Nordic Ruins.
Description: Not always visible, but when it is, normally a set of small tubes in a wall, floor, or ceiling.
Action: Fires a rapid volley of poison darts into a target area when triggered.
Operating Mode: Single-use and resetting varieties.
Effects: Physical damage to health, poison damage to health, or infection with a disease.

One of the most common traps encountered in ruins, dart traps have a wide variety of triggers.

[edit] Dwarven Scuttle

Dwarven Scuttle

Found in: Dwarven Ruins.
Description: Metal orifice-like gates attached to walls.
Action: When approached, disgorges a Dwarven Spider or Dwarven Sphere.
Operating Mode: Single-use only.
Effect: Surprise attack from Dwarven Automaton.

Dwarven scuttles are commonly found in Dwarven ruins. Most are inert, but a few will open and drop a Dwarven Automaton when approached. There is no visible trigger for them, and sneaking will not prevent them from opening. The Aura Whisper shout will detect the automaton while it is still in the scuttle.

[edit] Dwemer Ballista

Dwemer ballista trap
A lever-activated ballista

Found in: Raldbthar, Blackreach, Irkngthand.
Description: Large missile launcher on stand.
Action: Fires three exploding missiles straight ahead when triggered.
Operating Mode: Single-use only. May reset on subsequent visits to location.
Effect: Physical damage and possible fireball effect.

One of the deadliest devices in Skyrim, Dwemer ballistae are usually found as one-time-use launchers in Dwarven ruins, activated by a nearby lever. The only reported instance of this item being used as a trap is within the depths of Raldbthar. It is triggered by a pressure plate across from the ballista at the top of a flight of stairs. It can be avoided by simply running over the trigger and down the stairs, causing the missiles to pass harmlessly overhead.

[edit] Exploding Spider EggDB

Exploding Spider Egg

Found in: Highpoint Tower, White Ridge Barrow, other dungeons on Solstheim.
Description: A pulsing, slime-covered, reddish sac.
Action: When approached, a flame spider will burst forth from the sac and attack. They can be triggered from a distance if struck by a missile or spell, or snuck past with sufficient Sneak skill.
Operating Mode: Single-use only.
Effect: Surprise attack.

[edit] Falling Boulders

Boulders falling

Found in: Ruins and bandit camps mostly, may appear elsewhere as well.
Description: A group of boulders held in a raised wooden container with a drop gate.
Traits: When triggered, the gate drops and the rocks fall out.
Operating Mode: One time use.
Effect: Physical damage and clutters the floor where they land.

Falling boulders are most frequently triggered by tripwires.

[edit] Falmer Hive

A Falmer hive trap

Found in: Falmer-occupied Caves.
Description: A fungus-like tunnel attached to the wall.
Traits: When approached, a Falmer will emerge from the tunnel.
Operating Mode: One time use.
Effect: Surprise attack from a Falmer.

Appears Only with the Dawnguard Official Mod

[edit] Gargoyle StatueDG

A Gargoyle Statue within Castle Volkihar

Found in: Bloodlet Throne, Castle Volkihar Undercroft, Dimhollow Crypt.
Description: A Gargoyle disguised as a statue.
Action: When approached, a Gargoyle will come out.
Operating Mode: Single use only.
Effect: Surprise attack from a Gargoyle.

Appears Only with the Dawnguard Official Mod

[edit] Hanging SpikesDG

Hanging Spike Trap

Found in: Castle Volkihar Undercroft.
Description: A dangling chain of rusty spikes.
Operating Mode: Passive.
Effect: Physical damage, alerts nearby enemies, and possible disease infection.

[edit] Rotten Planks

Rotten Planks

Found in: Mines.
Description: Rotten planks covering a hole.
Action: Breaks when walked over or stood upon, causing the character to fall through.
Operating Mode: One time use.
Effect: Possible falling damage.

Appears Only with the Dragonborn Official Mod

[edit] Riekling BarrelDB

A Riekling coming out of the barrel

Found in: Riekling-occupied areas in Solstheim.
Description: A Riekling hiding in a barrel.
Action: When approached, the barrel bursts open and a Riekling comes out.
Operating mode: One time use.
Effect: Surprise attack by the barrel's occupant.

[edit] Slicer

Slicer in operation

Found in: Bthardamz, Raldbthar, possibly other Dwemer ruins.
Description: Series of blades above a doorway or passage.
Action: When activated, swings down and damages unwary adventurers below it.
Operating Mode: Resets.
Effect: Physical damage.

[edit] Spear Trap

Spear trap protecting a switch

Found in: Nchuand-Zel, Nordic Ruins, Dwarven Ruins.
Description: Anywhere from one to twelve spears hidden in a wall or floor. The outlet holes are normally visible.
Action: When triggered the spears come out. Normally they then retract back into the wall, floor, or ceiling.
Operating Mode: Generally resets.
Effect: Physical damage, blocks movement while out.

A tension cable rigged to chest or door is a common trigger, though some may also be rigged to pressure plates or dummy switches. When triggered, the spikes shoot out with a distinctive sound, and will seriously harm anyone too slow to avoid them.

Ceiling-mounted variants are also present in some Dwarven Ruins, easily spotted by the presence of pressure plates. Nordic spike traps have a hexagonal diamond or lozenge shape hole, while Dwarven spike traps are more rectangular.

[edit] Spike Pit

Spike pit

Found in: Halted Stream Camp, elsewhere in the wilderness.
Description: Sharpened wooden or metal stakes, usually placed at the bottom of a pit, or edge of a precipice.
Action: Static.
Operating Mode: Passive.
Effect: Physical damage and sometimes disease infection.

[edit] Spike Wall

Spike Wall

Found in: Military Forts, Nordic Ruins, others.
Description: Large square metal grate with spikes on one side, attached to a hinge on a wall or ceiling.
Action: When triggered, slams around, then retracts to original position.
Operating Mode: Resets.
Effect: Physical damage and pushes anyone struck. Sometimes found on high, narrow paths where it will knock anyone struck off the walkway.

The high damage and knockback of spike walls can make them useful against enemies lured into the area of effect. Use caution with followers since the most common trigger for spike wall traps are pressure plates, which followers have a tendency to activate.

It is also possible to jam the trap by placing an object on the pressure plate. As long as the blocking object is present, the trap will not reset or trigger.

[edit] Spinning Blades

Spinning blades

Found in: Bthardamz, other Dwemer ruins, Understone Keep, Blackreach, Irkngthand.
Description: Spinning blades. Usually moves down a track that is visible before activation. Another version is stationary and hidden until activated.
Traits: Moving version follows track to end and back, and may run continuously or shut off after one cycle. Stationary version runs until turned off.
Operating Mode: Resets.
Effect: Physical damage.

Spinning blades are arguably one of the deadliest traps in the game, capable of quickly killing you, your followers, or even your enemies. They are often activated and deactivated by a nearby lever, but may be triggered merely by approaching them. However, they are easily avoided by use of the Become Ethereal shout, or by careful timing.

[edit] Steam Piston

Steam pistons & pressure plates
Steam pistons, triggered

Found in: Dwarven Ruins.
Description: A large round piston recessed into a wall.
Action: When triggered (typically by pressure plate), the piston extends, pauses for a few seconds, then retracts.
Operating Mode: Resets.
Effect: Pushes targets directly in front of piston, blocks movement while extended. May push you off ledges or into other traps. In a few cases, these are mounted vertically on the floor, and can be used to reach higher ledges.

[edit] Swinging Blades

Swinging Blades

Found in: Barrows.
Description: Similar to the swinging blades from Oblivion, these are pendulum arms with crescent blades at the end. They swing faster than in Oblivion, though.
Traits: Once triggered, continues to swing until deactivated.
Disarm: Not possible, but typically has a pull chain beyond the blades that will turn them off.
Operating Mode: Continuous.
Effect: Physical damage and sometimes disease infection.

Swinging blades can be avoided by sprinting (or using the Whirlwind Sprint shout), stepping carefully between the blades (this is much harder than sprinting, though, as there is very little space), or simply using the Become Ethereal shout and walking through.

Getting struck by these blades can sometimes cause you to contract diseases, such as Bone Break Fever.

[edit] Swinging Mace

Swinging Mace

Found in: Most bandit caves.
Description: A spiked ball on a chain.
Action: Swings down when triggered.
Operating Mode: One time use.
Effect: Physical damage.

[edit] Trap Door

Trap door

Found in: Shroud Hearth Barrow, Rannveig's Fast, others.
Description: A large two-piece grating in the floor, over a pit of some kind.
Action: Opens once triggered, remains open until closed.
Operating Mode: Continuous.
Effect: Creates a hole in the floor, through which you can fall.

Trap doors cannot be disarmed directly, but the trigger can be avoided and can sometimes be directly closed or opened with a switch or chain.

[edit] Magical Traps

Magical Traps are traps that do elemental or magical damage, and can be resisted through racial abilities, enchantments, and alchemy potions.

[edit] Elemental Rune

Elemental Rune trap

Found in: Various, but normally where Mage-type enemies are present.
Description: Basically identical to the Rune spells that mages can learn. Takes the form of a large faintly glowing symbol on a wall or floor.
Disarm: The rune can be triggered using a spell, or a shout, causing it to explode while you remain out of its range. Alternatively, Whirlwind Sprint can be used to run past the rune without taking damage.
Action: Explodes when touched, inflicting severe damage to the target.
Operating Mode: One time use.
Effect: Elemental damage (comes in fire, frost, and shock varieties) plus appropriate side effects.

[edit] Flame Spout Trap

Three active flame spouts

Found in: Ansilvund, Ustengrav, Riftweald Manor, Silverdrift Lair, others.
Description: Unique floor plates with multiple holes.
Action: When triggered via an appropriate amount of weight, flames spout upward from the floor holes.
Operating Mode: Continuous as long as enough weight is applied.
Effect: Fire damage plus possibly setting target on fire for a small damage-over-time effect.

Flame spout traps fire continuously as long as there is weight on the triggering floor plates. Corpses, and even fired arrows, will trigger these traps. The sneak perk Light Foot allows characters to walk and run directly over flame spout traps without activating them. Whirlwind Sprint will trigger them, but the burst of speed is fast enough to pass over the plate before it ignites. Note: If the center of an individual plate lacks a dark diamond in the center, it will not shoot flames, even when stepped on.

[edit] Flamethrower Statues

Flamethrower in action

Found in: Dwarven Ruins, Nordic Ruins.
Description: Any type of statue or wall feature with a tube sticking out.
Action: Shoots a jet of flame.
Operating Mode: Either continuous or timed.
Effect: Fire damage plus possibly setting target on fire for a small damage-over-time effect.

[edit] Flammable Gas

Flammable Gas Explosion

Found in: Stony Creek Cave, Knifepoint Mine, Gloombound Mine, Alftand, Raven Rock MineDB.
Description: Almost invisible; flammable gas can only be detected as a mild visual distortion.
Action: Ignites when exposed to flame such as fire magic, fire breath, or torches.
Operating Mode: Single use.
Effect: Instant flash-burn explosion, dealing substantial fire damage.

Flammable gasses are only found in a few places, but can be quite dangerous. Any ignition source, such as a lit torch, using a Fire Breath Shout, or even having a flame spell at the ready will ignite the vapors, causing significant damage to everyone caught in its area of effect, including you or followers. The resulting explosion will also alert nearby enemies. After exploding, the gas will take some time to build up to explosive levels again. Be very careful if you have a follower or multiple followers (including dogs) - particularly if one of them is carrying a torch or likes to use fire spells. Setting off a gas explosion can cause your follower to become hostile to you if they are damaged by it, or two followers to become hostile to each other if one of them sets it off and damages the other.

[edit] Oil Slicks/Oil Lanterns

No smoking!

Found in: Various locations.
Description: A shiny, iridescent puddle of liquid on the floor. Sometimes has one or more oil lanterns hanging from ropes above it.
Action: Harmless unless ignited by a fire source. Catches fire and burns for several seconds once lit.
Operating Mode: Once lit, the flames spread quickly, the oil burns away after a few seconds, and is gone afterwards. Useful against groups of higher level enemies.
Effect: Fire damage plus possibility of incineration.

Oil slicks and lanterns can be lit by a fire spell or by shooting a lantern causing it to fall into the oil. These traps can also be triggered by enemies or even ignited by a secondary trap mechanism such as a tripwire that drops a lantern from the ceiling. Lighting the oil will often place nearby enemies on alert. Note that the flame trail left by flame atronachs will not ignite oil slicks, though they may still set them off inadvertently by casting fire spells and missing, or by setting off trap mechanisms as any follower or summon may do.

[edit] Spellcaster Trap

Spellcasting soul gem on stand

Found in: Various locations.
Description: Takes the form of a soul gem on a stand.
Action: When an entity comes within a proximity distance, the gem starts shooting spells at it. Spells often include an area effect.
Operating Mode: Proximity trigger, continuous as long as target entity is within range.
Effect: Elemental damage (all types possible) plus appropriate side effects.

Spellcaster traps can be disarmed by removing or dislodging the soul gem from the stand. Running up to the trap and grabbing the soul gem is the simplest way of doing this; grabbing it from behind is a better way to avoid damage, but is not always possible. Knocking the soul gem out of its stand using a spell, shout, or well-placed arrow is possible, but will not always disable the trap if the gem is only knocked askew. For this reason, the spell Telekinesis is very handy for dealing with these traps as the soul gem is both dislodged and brought towards you. It is also possible for one of these traps to dislodge its own soul gem, but this is exceedingly rare.

[edit] Natural Hazards

[edit] Deadly DarknessDB

Found in: Apocrypha during Black Book: Filament and Filigree
Description: Appears just as standard darkness.
Action: Constant.
Effect: Walking into the darkness deals moderate damage. This damage can only be avoided by using a light source, such as the Candlelight spell or a torch. Note that this damage is scripted, so there is no other way to resist it (not even with the Become Ethereal shout).

[edit] Deadly Light

Deadly Light

Found in: Twilight Sepulcher
Description: Appears just as standard light, though it stands out because the area it's in is otherwise unusually dark.
Action: Constant.
Effect: Walking into the light deals heavy damage (up to 100 points per second)[verification needed — Is this value accurate?], which can quickly kill you. Note that this damage is scripted, so there is no way to resist it (not even with the Become Ethereal shout), thus the best strategy is to simply avoid it.

[edit] Fire

Found in: Various locations.
Description: Source of light and heat. Generally seen in destroyed buildings, but also can be seen in more civilized locations, such as blacksmith's forges.
Action: Generally just constant. Temporary fire can also be created as a result of other types of traps, such as oil slicks. It can also be the result of spells, such as Wall of Flames, or the explosion that results when a Flame Atronach is killed.
Effect: Standing in fire causes Fire Damage. The type caused by traps is generally more dangerous.

Appears Only with the Dawnguard Official Mod

[edit] LightningDG


Found in: Soul Cairn.
Description: A lightning bolt from the sky.
Action: Random lightning strikes frequently occur while in the Soul Cairn. Generally, these are harmless unless they happen to strike you directly.
Effect: Shock Damage if it hits you. May also drain magicka a bit.

[edit] Magical Wind

Magical Wind

Found in: The slopes between High Hrothgar and the Throat of the World.
Description: Powerful swirls of wind and snow
Action: Blocks the path up to the peak of the mountain, though you can climb around it with some difficulty.
Effect: Severe Frost Damage. Even with a high level of resist frost, this can kill you quickly.

Magical Wind can be dispelled with the Clear Skies shout, though it may only clear for a short while, so you'll need to move quickly and shout multiple times to get through it.

[edit] River Rapids

River Rapids

Found in: Most rivers.
Description: Rapidly flowing sections of river
Action: Pushes you in the direction of flow
Effect: Generally harmless, though it can make it difficult to find a slope to get back onto the shore, and in some cases it can send you over waterfalls, which may prove harmful or fatal depending on how long a drop it is.

[edit] Puzzles

Appears Only with the Dragonborn Official Mod

[edit] Ancient Door PuzzleDB

Ancient Door Puzzle

Found in: Bloodskal Barrow.
Description: A large door that can only be opened by using the Bloodskal Blade.
Action: Triggered by hitting certain points in the door with the Bloodskal Blade's special attack.
Incorrect Solution: N/A
Correct Solution: Opens the door.

[edit] Glowing Stones

Glowing Stones

Found in: Ustengrav.
Description: Three odd stones found in a staggered row in front of a portcullis gate.
Operating Mode: Stones glow red and chime while you are nearby, all three active opens a portcullis for a few seconds.
Solved By: Going near all three stones and getting through the portcullis while it's open. Requires use of Whirlwind Sprint.
Incorrect Solution: The portcullis will close, and puzzle will reset.
Correct Solution: Once the portcullis is passed, it stays open.

Appears Only with the Dawnguard Official Mod
Appears Only with the Dragonborn Official Mod

[edit] Kinetic ResonatorDG, DB

A Kinetic Resonator
A Tonal Lock

Found in: Arkngthamz, Fahlbtharz.
Description: A dwemer lock. Multiple Kinetic Resonators can be combined to create a Tonal Lock.
Action: Triggered by hitting the blue orbs.
Incorrect Solution: Releases various Dwemer automata to attack, or sets off other traps.
Correct Solution: Opens a gate.

[edit] Puzzle Door

Puzzle Door

Found in: Bleak Falls Barrow, Dead Men's Respite, Folgunthur, Forelhost, Korvanjund, Reachwater Rock, Shroud Hearth Barrow, Skuldafn, Valthume, Yngol Barrow.
Description: The correct Dragon Claw must be inserted into a receptacle to trigger a Puzzle Door.
Action: Opens a door, provided any associated code combinations have been selected.
Operating Mode: Typically one-time use.
Symbols: There are nine symbols used by the Puzzle Doors. They are the Bear, Dragon, Eagle, Fox, Moth, Owl, Snake, Whale, and Wolf. Pictures can be found on the Puzzle Totems page.
Incorrect Solution: Often triggers a trap centered around the door.
Correct Solution: Opens the associated door.

[edit] Spinning Symbol/Rune Totems

Is that the right symbol?

Found in: Ruins, The Karthspire (Akaviri variant), rare occurrences outside.
Description: Stones (usually in groups of three or four) with three faces with a symbol on each face. Symbols include several different animals.
Operating Mode: Totems spin when activated to show a new face. Sometimes causes other totems in the room to spin as well.
Solved By: Showing correct sequence, often shown around the room or by pressure plates/spinning keyhole wall(s) that will reveal correct symbol order, then activating a switch.
Incorrect Solution: Normally triggers a trap centered around the switch.
Correct Solution: Opens a pathway by lowering a bridge or opening a door.
Symbols: There are a total of nine symbols used. They are the Bear, Dragon, Eagle, Fox, Moth, Owl, Snake, Whale, and Wolf. Pictures can be found on the Puzzle Totems page.

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