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SR-icon-spell-Magic Hat.png Fortify Alchemy
School Restoration
Type Defensive
ID 0008b65c
Base Cost 17
Items Head, Neck, Hands, Finger
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Enchanting description: Created potions are <mag>% more powerful.
Fortify Alchemy increases the strength of potions created using Alchemy.

[edit] Enchanting

The following items use this effect. You can learn how to enchant custom items with Fortify Alchemy if you find one of the following items and disenchant it:

Items that use the effect but cannot be disenchanted include:

[edit] Items to Enchant

The Fortify Alchemy effect can be applied to the following items:

  • Circlets, Hoods, and Helmets
  • Gauntlets and Gloves
  • Necklaces
  • Rings

[edit] Notes

  • The book Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim lists the ingredient deathbell as "effective in mixtures for boosting one['s] Alchemy skill." This is not true, as there are no ingredients with the fortify alchemy effect.
  • Radiant Raiment in Solitude is a great place to look as it is frequently restocked with several enchanted items.
  • The Seeker of Shadows power from the Dragonborn DLC fortifies your alchemy along with all other stealth skills by 10%.

[edit] Bugs

  • Both a Falmer Helmet and a Circlet (or both a Falmer Helmet and the Krosis mask) can be worn together. Since both Falmer Helmets and Circlets can be enchanted with Fortify Alchemy, this allows you to equip five Alchemy-boosting items at once, instead of four.

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