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SR-mapicon-Nordic Ruin.png
Nordic Ruin:
Geirmund's Hall
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time Never (storage is safe)
Level Min: 6
Important Treasure
Words and Philosophy
Console Location Code(s)
GeirmundsHallExterior, GeirmundsHall01
The Rift
East of Ivarstead
Special Features
# of Arcane Enchanters 1
Ore Veins
# of Iron 1
Geirmund's Hall

Geirmund's Hall is a small crypt east of Ivarstead containing draugr.

[edit] Related Quests

  • Note: This location is one of many potential targets for one or more of the radiant quests found on this page.

[edit] Walkthrough

Jump down through the hole in the ground into the pool below. Under the pool you will find a short dead-end passage to a chest and some scattered items on the sandy bottom. Be careful to make sure your follower does not come with you because you may be unable to leave the water-filled passage and drown when they block your exit. When you come to the room with the rotating pillars, look at the walls. The order is Eagle—Whale—Snake—Whale. There are pillars for each one in this area guarded by one draugr each. Halfway through the pillar section, there is a table with a soul gem on a weight sensitive plate which will set off a battering ram in the form of a mammoth head and tusks swinging down from the ceiling. You can set the trap off safely if you are beside the table when you take the soul gem. At the bottom of the stairs, there is the first pillar (Eagle). Turning right, the second pillar (Whale) is next to the stairs. The third pillar (Snake) is behind the table. Going slightly backwards, then left, you can see the fourth pillar (Whale). Then turn to the right, pull the lever and you can go through the door.

In the area past the gate, you will encounter three more draugr (one at the bottom of the ramp, and two more guarding the corpse of Geirmund at the top). There is a well hidden coin purse in the second shelf of the fallen bookshelf at the base of the ramp; only the very top of it shows through the sand. Before approaching Geirmund for the key, you can use a Whirlwind Sprint shout to reach the broken bridge on the west side of the room, leading to a leveled treasure chest. Be careful when opening the door as it is rigged—there is a fire trap directly behind it that will blast you when the door opens. You can stand to the side to avoid the blast or disarm the tension cable first. The chest itself is not trapped, but does have an expert-level lock on it. Below the broken bridge is another coin purse.

Proceed to take the key from Geirmund's skeleton (the key is visible in his hand but it's not in his inventory). You can grab the epitaph for some content reference if you want, and Geirmund has some pretty good loot for the taking. The key will open the door directly behind Geirmund's resting place. As soon as it opens, a draugr may or may not spawn at the arcane enchanter's table, and there is a large spider or skeever to the left. Up the stairs to the right, there is a potion of invisibility and an urn for the taking. Once you've dispatched of the spider or skeever, proceed up the stairs it was guarding. Another leveled draugr will be patrolling at the top.

Once you reach the drawbridge, you'll be facing the raised bridge (with another draugr behind it) and a lever. There will be spear holes in the wall pointed in your direction—the said lever is a dummy that sets off a spear trap. Instead of that lever, if you are facing the bridge, the useful lever is directly behind you hidden in the corner. That one will lower the bridge for you. (If you did not Whirlwind Sprint to the hidden treasure chest from before, you can now just drop off the right side of this bridge to get to it and backtrack to here once you've gotten your treasure.) Kill the draugr here and cross the bridge to the center pillar. Here lies another switch that will drop the other side of the bridge. Two more draugr are mulling around the far side of this walkway. You can easily shoot and kill them before dropping the bridge. However, when they die, they may land on the pressure plate behind them setting off the swinging axes in the hallway. You will find one more draugr just past the pressure plate around the corner at the end of that hall.

This next area is where you'll confront the boss, Sigdis Gauldurson. Once you drop down here and head towards the quest objective, Sigdis Gauldurson will bust out of his sarcophagus. Don't bother wasting arrows/magic/shouts as he is rising. They will not harm him, and may trigger a bug (see the Bugs section).

[edit] Boss Strategy

Sigdis will conjure two illusions of himself and teleport to one of four spots in the room. The illusions will die in one hit, so find the real one and defeat him. There are several strategies to do this:

  • The illusions glow with a faint blue aura, while Sigdis himself does not. Equip your bow and arrow, crouch behind his tomb for cover, and aim for the one without the glowing blue aura. If you kill the two illusions he will teleport and create them again. If you approach Sigdis, he will generally try to deal one more hit of damage before teleporting and summoning new illusions. This rapid room-crossing can be tricky to overcome for melee-dependent classes. For melee players, a bone-crushing shield bash will stagger him long enough to land an overpowered hit or two quick follow-up hits before he teleports away.
  • While Sigdis is teleporting, put a rune on one of the spots he appears, then quickly turn to aim at another spot. When he finishes teleporting, either you will have hit him or you've eliminated an illusion. If the latter, quickly fire again at another spot and you can potentially eliminate 2 of the 3 possible versions of him.
  • Return to the ledge from which you entered the cavern. It's then easy to pick Sigdis off, and he doesn't seem to shoot back, although he still teleports himself and his two minions around the room.
  • Once you've hit the real Sigdis, his damaged health bar will start to show when your sight hovers over him, while the illusions will never show a damaged health bar as they dissipate when damaged. This is an easy way to tell where Sigdis is when he teleports.
  • Look closely at them: the fake two have glowing purple runes on them, while the real one does not. The real one will also have a helm with horns curled down, like an ancient Nord helm, while the illusions he makes have helms with the horns straight and pointed up, like those on the Helm of Yngol or on draugr deathlords, or no horns at all.

It is important to note that when he is attacked by a melee weapon, it may be disarmed from you (although shield bashing seems to alleviate this threat). Try to use magic where able.

Once he is defeated, you'll find an escape tunnel behind his sarcophagus leading to a treasure room. Through the treasure room, you'll climb a narrow hallway to a lever that will open a hidden door back to the first room.

[edit] Notes

  • A large amount of mushrooms can be found in the cave: bleeding crown, fly amanita, white cap, along with a few hanging moss.
  • In the pool under the drop, there is a unique grey stone button called "raised stone". Unsure of its purpose as it didn't seem to do anything when pressed.
  • A copy of the Two-handed skill book Words and Philosophy is in the boss treasure room.
  • Tell any follower you have to wait outside the cavern or on the tomb side out of harm's way. Do not leave them on the islands in the middle of the water. They may die or kill his clones, making your task harder.
  • Sigdis' clones have petty souls. Using a bow with a soul trap enchantment and a decent Sneak skill, you can farm the respawning clones until your soul gems are all filled. However, the only way to leave the ruin is through the secret door that opens when you kill Sigdis, so you can only exploit this mechanism for a single session.
  • There are two iron ore veins outside, just east of the entrance.
  • There is one corundum ore vein outside, just northwest of the entrance.

[edit] Bugs

  • Save before falling down the hole. Sometimes the pillars won't turn when activated. Reloading may resolve this.
  • If you get a kill move on Sigdis and he teleports while in the middle of the move, his body may disappear making it impossible to complete the quest.
    • Pc22.png The body can be recovered with the console. Type prid 000A5E68, then moveto player, then disable, then enable . This will make the body accessible again.
  • Do not attempt to use Unrelenting Force against Sigdis while he is emerging from his coffin. He will glitch and you will be unable to kill him. ?
    • If you do glitch him by starting with Unrelenting Force you may be able to un-glitch him by using it again on the "dead body" while fighting him. One of the three spawns during the fight will almost always be a dead body.
  • If you paralyze him before he disappears he will glitch and be unkillable. ?
  • You may be unable to loot Sigdis if he has been disintegrated. ?
  • Followers caught in the pendulum trap room sometimes disappear for good. ?

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