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Danger.png Make a copy of your Skyrim.ini before you make any changes. Changes in the Skyrim.ini can corrupt game saves, prevent Skyrim from starting, or cause the game to intermittently crash. It is safe to leave the original values in the INI file, just place a ";" sign at the beginning of the line, and the game will not use it. You can put the modified line below that line. If you have trouble identifying which change you made is causing issues, you can delete the Skyrim.ini file, the default one will automatically be restored the next time you start Skyrim.

Most of the ini structure of Skyrim.ini is similar to that of Oblivion's Oblivion.ini. See Oblivion:Ini Settings. Unlike TESIV, the values are already in the game archives so do not have to be included in the .ini, and a variable can be set to default by deleting it from the .ini file. A full list of Skyrim.ini settings can be generated with the saveini console command.

Faster Book Reading - With this value, you can set how long the animation for opening a book takes. The default variable is 1000.0000, and 400.0000 is a recommended tweak.

  • [Interface]
  • Variable: fBookOpenTime

Keep Game Running in Background - boolean switch, controls whether or not the game continues to process when switching tasks. It defaults to 0, suspending the game when switching tasks (Alt-F4). Setting it to 1 lets it run in the background, and can also improve stability during play. [General] Variable: bAlwaysRun

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