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This article is about the place. For the quest, see Moss Mother Cavern (quest).

Moss Mother Cavern
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 8
Bears, Spriggans
Console Location Code(s)
MossMotherCavernExterior01, MossMotherCavernStart
Falkreath Hold
Northwest of Half-Moon Mill
Ore Veins
# of Gold 1
# of Iron 1
Moss Mother Cavern

Moss Mother Cavern is a small, open-ceiling, cavernous grove lush with flora, located northwest of Half-Moon Mill.

Moss Mother Cavern interior

As its name suggests, there is a lot of hanging moss that can be harvested from the various ledges near the small interior pond. It is also a good spot to harvest the mora tapinella mushroom which is usually only found growing sporadically on decaying logs. Other flora are present in smaller quantities.

As you approach the cave for the first time, Valdr, a Nord bandit archer, beckons you to help him: "Hello? You! Over here! Please, I need help!" His hunting party chased a wounded bear sow into the cave, and were ambushed by spriggans. His companions Ari and Niels were not so lucky and can be found dead inside. Valdr requires immediate healing or he will die due to his injuries: "I may have lost a drop or two of blood. Truth is, I'm not going anywhere like this. Hurts to breathe."

The cave is made up of an entrance passageway and a main chamber with a pool in it. The entrance has a spriggan and the bear in it which can be dealt with separately with enough stealth. Ari's corpse is lying here near a bear trap. The cave continues in through two ledges with a decaying log lying over them. Just past that is the main chamber inhabited by two spriggans. The room is just large enough that they can be handled individually without excessive noise. Niels' corpse can be found in this area.

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Notable Loot

  • An empty leveled soul gem and a chest with an adept-level lock in the first room, on the right ridge towards the entrance. The easiest way to get these is to cross the log connecting the two ledges and then turn right and follow it back towards the entrance.
  • A boss-level chest at the end of the cave, up the slope along the back wall, along with a one-handed weapon, potion, and boots nearby (all leveled).
  • A leveled war axe, leveled stamina potion, and large coin purse behind a stump just before the log that connects two ledges.
  • A leveled shield and leveled two-handed weapon lying at the bottom of the pool of water near a skeleton.
  • A large coin purse is partially hidden by plant matter, behind a log, found by going underneath log that connects the two ledges and directly opposite the column of rock on the left, before where the second bear rests.

[edit] Ore Vein Locations

  • Iron Ore: Once inside the first room, head to the left, and look along the wall.
  • Gold Ore: Along the back wall of the last room in the cave, above the lake.

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