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(RefID: xx002B74)
Added by Dawnguard
Location Dimhollow Cavern
Race Nord Gender Female
Level PC×1 (range=12-50) Class Vampire
RefID xx002B74 BaseID xx002B6C
Other Information
Health 100+(PC-1)×9 Magicka 50+(PC-1)×4
Stamina 50+(PC-1)×2
Primary Skills Sneak, Conjuration, Light Armor, One-handed
Perks Augmented Frost (rank 1); Bladesman (rank 1); Custom Fit; Fighting Stance; Hack and Slash (rank 1); Magic Resistance (rank 1); Necromancy
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Unaggressive
Essential Yes
Follower Yes
Faction(s) DLC1SeranaCrimeFaction; DLC1SeranaFaction

Serana is a Nord vampire found inside a sarcophagus in Dimhollow Cavern. She is the long lost daughter of Lord Harkon and Valerica, and is in possession of an Elder Scroll. Upon introduction, she will know if you are a vampire or not, and she will ask you to take her to her home.

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] As a Follower

Her main location during gameplay depends on which faction you ally yourself with—if siding with the Dawnguard, she can be found at Fort Dawnguard; if siding with the Volkihar vampires, she can be found at Volkihar Keep. After completing the Dawnguard main questline, she can normally be found at these same two locations, although you will occasionally randomly encounter her in the wilds of Skyrim, where she can be recruited to follow you again.

Serana wears a set of vampire royal armor with a pair of vampire boots, and she will don a unique hood when outside. She is equipped with an elven dagger.

During the quest Chasing Echoes, she will offer to turn you into a Vampire Lord. After completing the quest Kindred Judgment, she can be asked to turn you into a Vampire Lord at any time. If you sided with the Dawnguard, while a Vampire Lord they will refuse any interactions with you, stating that you need to get cured immediately. This starts Rising at Dawn.

She can also transform any elven arrows in your possession into Bloodcursed elven arrows after obtaining Auriel's Bow.

The spells she uses depend on her level. As long as she is a vampire, she has a Drain Life spell that gets stronger with higher levels. Additionally, in every case she knows the following spells:

12-19 Raise Zombie Ice Spike
20-27 Reanimate Corpse Ice Spike
28-37 Reanimate Corpse Ice Spike Lightning Bolt
38-47 Revenant Ice Spike Lightning Bolt
48-50 Revenant Ice Storm Chain Lightning

[edit] Curing Serana's Vampirism

Serana after she is cured of vampirism

If you side with the Dawnguard, you can convince Serana to cure her vampirism after her father's death. This depends on selecting certain conversation options over the course of the questline.

After Serana brings her scroll to Fort Dawnguard, you ask her "Have you always been a vampire?" while she is a follower. During this conversation, if you ask her if she has ever thought about getting cured, she will refer to her condition as a gift, insisting that she will never seek a cure for it. Should she say this, you can still ask her to seek a cure after her father has been defeated, but she will refuse and then refuse to speak to you about it further should you ask again. If you wish for her to cure her vampirism after the main questline, choose the option "Are you all right?" rather than asking her about the cure.

Once you have defeated Harkon and left Volkihar Cathedral, if you are not a vampire yourself, you can ask Serana if she's ever considered being cured. If you tell her that her vampirism makes you uncomfortable, she will criticize you for being self-centered and refuse to ever discuss the cure again. If you pick more tactful dialogue options, you can convince her to go see Falion. She will immediately leave, even if she is currently following you, saying that she needs to do this alone. Within a few days, she should show up at Fort Dawnguard as a normal human.

If Serana chooses to become human, she will no longer be able to provide you with bloodcursed arrows, nor will she be able to turn you into a vampire. Her eyes will also revert to her mortal green eyes. She will no longer be undead, which means that she can be healed by your Restoration healing spells, she won't be damaged by Restoration combat spells that target undead, and she appears with Detect Life instead of Detect Dead.

Pc22.pngYou can reverse the effects of your choices in conversation by typing the following into the console: SetPapyrusQuestVar DLC1NPCMentalModel ToldPlayerSheDidntWantCure_var False. You will now be able to convince her to get cured. If she still refuses to talk about being cured, type the following into the console: SetPapyrusQuestVar DLC1NPCMentalModel CutOffCureDiscussion_var False. You can force the quest to start by typing the following into the console: setstage DLC1SeranaCureSelfQuest 10.

[edit] Combat Dialogue

Condition Dialogue
Defeating an enemy "Done and done." "Teamwork, right there."
Detecting an enemy "Where did you get to?"
Taunting an enemy "What have you got?" "Tough day for you!"
"I still remember how to fight!" "This won't end well for you!"
"I'm not going to die like this!"
Taunting a dragon enemy (in flight) "I'll bring you down!" "Get it on the ground!"
Taunting a dragon enemy (grounded) "Kill the beast!" "Get it now while we can!"
Taunting a draugr enemy "Back to dust!" "Too slow!"
"How many of you are there?!"
Taunting a Falmer enemy "Disgusting creatures." "I'm over here!"
"You fight worse than you smell!"
Taunting a gargoyle enemy "Come on, stoneskin!"
Taunting a vampire enemy "Sorry it had to be this way!" "Your powers are nothing!"
"I won't fall for your tricks!"
Taunting Lord Harkon "This day was always coming!" "It's time for you to suffer!"
"This is what your obsession brings you!"

[edit] Notes

  • Serana is voiced by noted voice actress Laura Bailey. (IMDb)
  • During the quest Chasing Echoes[verification needed — see talk page], you can ask Serana to marry you. However, she will refuse indefinitely, stating that even walking near a temple scares her. Despite this, she will follow you into any of the temples during normal travel. She will not marry you even if she has been cured of vampirism.
  • If Serana is a follower and you have lycanthropy, corpses she has reanimated can still be killed and fed on before they vanish completely. Bloodlust will still be extended and perk progress will still be made.
  • While following you, Serana interacts with most activators, which sometimes results in odd behavior. She tends to use any nearby crafting apparatus, she will sit in most chairs on her own or even on the floor, mine ore veins, eat food, dance, drink, and clap for bards at taverns.
  • When indoors, Serana's resurrection spell is able to penetrate walls and revive dead bodies you cannot see.
  • Even after you finish the Dawnguard main questline, Serana remains an essential character and can never be killed. This can make her a very valuable follower, as she is already quite powerful.
  • If Serana is cured of her vampirism, she will still wear her hood outside, and still complain about the weather.
  • When Serana is initially rescued, she will join you in addition to whatever follower you currently have. However, during the quests Chasing Echoes and Beyond Death, she will replace any follower you currently have active, and will be unable to be dismissed until those quests are over, though the option to do so is present.
  • If you're a normal vampire, Serana will still be willing to turn you into a Volkihar vampire. However, she will not offer to do so during the quest Chasing Echoes.
  • If you are already a vampire before meeting her at Dimhollow Crypt, she will have a different dialogue with you and ask why a vampire like you doesn't know about her father.
  • Serana cannot be asked to join The Blades.
  • If you kill an undead creature with Dawnbreaker while Serana is nearby, she may turn invisible.[verification needed — see talk page]
  • If she is wearing her default armor, she will automatically take her hood on and off depending on where she is. If she is given new armor to wear, then she will not automatically go back and forth, but will constantly wear her hood if she had it on when she was given the new armor, unless she is given a helmet.

[edit] Bugs

  • If you give Serana Potions of Blood and she consumes one while she is your follower, you will lose your vampire stages as if you had used that potion yourself.
  • When Serana is your follower, she may not return to a walking position after sneaking.
    • Going to the sneaking position yourself, then changing instance, then going back to the walking position may cure this, at least until the next time she gets stuck in sneaking position. If that doesn't work, you can order her to perform an action on an object, forcing her to switch her animation.
    • Pc22.png Disabling and re-enabling her with the console also fixes this.
  • Serana may get stuck in combat after her target has died. Entering combat again fixes this only as long as the combat persists.
    • Use the Unrelenting Force shout on her, or attack her until she falls to her knees.
    • A powerful Pacify spell such as Pacify or Harmony also fixes it, but requires the Master of the Mind perk unless she has been cured of her vampirism.
    • Pc22.pngOpen the console, select Serana, then enter disable followed by enable.
    • Pc22.pngOpen the console, select Serana (her RefID is xx002B74), and type moveto player.
  • After being asked to "wait" or being dismissed as a follower, she may not have the option to follow again.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by version 2.0.2 of the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.
    • Pc22.png To bring back the "Come with me" dialogue after dismissing Serana, enter the code sqv DLC1NPCMentalModel in the console. You are given a long list of information. Scroll down the list using the up and down arrows, and make sure that the following codes: CanFollow_var = True / IsFollowing_var = True / IsWaiting_var = True / TurnOffComeWithMe_var = False / LockedIn_var = False are in order by looking at the false/true (i.e., if LockedIn_var was set to true then you need to put it to false). To do this, enter the following command: setpqv DLC1NPCMentalModel LockedIn_var False. Once you do this you should be able to recruit Serana to be your follower again.
    • To get Serana following again after asking her to "Wait", go somewhere far away (like inside Fort Dawnguard) and wait three to five days.
  • Even after completing Touching the Sky, Serana will sometimes say that she will meet you at Darkfall Cave when dismissed as a follower, though she will never go there.
  • Sometimes after completing the main questline for Dawnguard, while visiting a specific place (like Volkihar Courtyard), she will appear out of nowhere and act as if she were your follower even if she wasn't beforehand. If you dismiss her, however, you will never be able to recruit her again as the option "Come with me" will not appear.
  • If you have both a dog follower and a humanoid follower when entering the cell to kill Harkon, she will continue to follow you in addition to your other two followers after you've completed the quest. This effectively allows you to have two humanoid followers and a dog. You can dismiss the humanoid follower and acquire another while still keeping Serana as a follower. ?
  • Unlike other followers, the option "I need you to do something." does not appear while conversing with her as a follower. You will need to press and hold E (Pc22.png) or A (Xbox360.png) in order to issue commands to pick up, sleep, attack, etc.
  • When you convince Serana to get cured of her vampirism and meet you back at Fort Dawnguard, after the short talk about being cured, she may only reply to dialogue options with "What do you need?" and "Yes?", making it impossible to take her as a follower again.
  • Sometimes when Serana is your follower, you will acquire 'vampire skills' and yet not be a vampire (Champion of the Night, Nightstalker's Footsteps and Weakness to Fire).
    • To remedy this effect, get infected with vampirism. Then, after telling Serana to wait somewhere, proceed with the quest to cure it.
  • If you bring Serana back to Dimhollow Cavern, she may become totally immune to any attacks. ?
    • Advance the primary questline of the College of Winterhold. The issue will be fixed when Quaranir freezes time.
    • Pc22.png Highlight Serana in the console and type setghost 0.
  • Sometimes when Serana wears her hood outdoors, the game creates a new copy of the hood for her to wear, which will eventually fill up her inventory with a number of identical hoods.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by version 1.2.2 of the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.
    • Pc22.png You can temporarily fix this by opening the console, clicking on Serana, and then typing removeitem xx00E6A0 #, where xx is the code for the Dawnguard DLC (probably 02 or 03) and # is the number of hoods she has (which can be found out by typing showinventory and checking how many she has). Unfortunately, the game will start adding new hoods after that, necessitating using this fix again.
  • While Serana is your follower if you use Vampiric Drain as a Vampire Lord the spell's damage decreases dramatically. This is the result of a condition on the Damage Health effect of the spell; if Serana is following you, the Damage Health effect will be reduced to zero points for all levels of the spell and only the Drain Health, Magicka, and Stamina will take effect.
  • After the explosion of Eye of Magnus in College of Winterhold, Serana may disappear. ?
    • She returns to you when you enter Ancestor Glade during the Unseen Visions quest.
  • Talking through Serana's dialogue tree in the Soul Cairn may cause her to stay in one place instead of following you, as if you had ordered her to wait (which you cannot do in the Soul Cairn).

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