Skyrim:Polymorph Skeever

SR-icon-spell-Magic Hat.png Polymorph Skeever
Greater Power
Type Other Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Self Equip Voice
Spell ID 0006e205 Editor ID PolymorphSkeever
Duration 60 sec Range 0
  • Not found in game.
Take on the form of a skeever.

Polymorph Skeever is a Greater Power that was not included in the game which allows the player to transform into a skeever. It is incomplete and very buggy, but it is at least partially functional.


  • While in skeever form, you cannot interact with any NPCs (except followers), but you can use doors.
  • You cannot interact with any items. However, you can interact with containers, so you can loot items from containers, but not items lying on the ground.
  • You also will have no access to any of the menus, so you can't view the map or your powers/spells. You can view your inventory, but only by interacting with a container as above.
  • Your carrying capacity is greatly reduced as a skeever, which may cause you to become too encumbered to move when you first cast the spell.
  • You can transform into a skeever, but despite the listed 60 second duration, it never actually expires, so there is no way to transform back.
  • The camera is positioned slightly below the floor, making navigation somewhat difficult.
  • The game may crash to desktop while in skeever form. The reasons for this are unknown, but it may explain why the ability was never fully included in the game.
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