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Shimmermist Cave
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# of Zones 2
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 18
Console Location Code(s)
ShimmermistCaveExterior, ShimmermistCave01, ShimmermistCave02
Whiterun Hold
Northeast of Whiterun
East of Whitewatch Tower
Ore Veins
# of Quicksilver 2
Shimmermist Cave

Shimmermist Cave is a Falmer-infested cave located northeast of Whiterun.

The cave is used by the Falmer to breed chaurus. It has an exterior and two interior zones: Shimmermist Cave and Shimmermist Grotto.

[edit] Related Quests

  • Note: This location is one of many potential targets for one or more of the radiant quests found on this page.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Exterior

Outside of the cave are several menacing Falmer totems that should be a sign to stay away. It can be very difficult for low level players to clear this area.

[edit] Zone 1: Shimmermist Cave

Shimmermist Cave is a cave system that is occupied by Falmer and chaurus. Entering the cave, it is strikingly unique with a plethora of bioluminescent flora and natural lighting. There are a lot of glowing mushrooms to be harvested. The ambiance is beautiful with shimmering opalescent ceilings, green glows and free-flowing mist. Proceeding inward, more Falmer totems are encountered as the path leads into a pond fed by a waterfall. Having a light source or Night Eye is recommended after this room as traps are hard to see and areas where the Falmer dwell are the darkest portions of the cave. After passing over the pond and through the following tunnel, the bodies of three bandits are to your right as you emerge into the next chamber where you encounter the first Falmer.

[edit] Zone 2: Shimmermist Grotto

Shimmermist Grotto is the deepest portion of the cave system and by far the deadlier one. Falmer are found in larger numbers and, descending deeper, the webbing of Chaurus begins to appear.

[edit] Chaurus Breeding Ground

Large amounts of chaurus eggs can be harvested from egg sacs. They are not unguarded and the well-armored poisonous insects can quickly tear through those that are unprepared. They strike in numbers, but can be deadly even when alone. After leaving the breeding grounds a large pit where the Falmer feed the insects is found.

[edit] Dwarven Ruins

A few more isolated Falmer can be encountered, but the real danger is located inside a small section of Dwarven ruins. After opening the door, a leveled Falmer and a Dwarven centurion await you inside. Either creature is a formidable foe and separating them is key. Low level players will likely die in one or two hits from either one, even from being near the Dwarven centurion as its vents can be fatal. Dwarven centurions have difficulty maneuvering corners and can't fit into small spaces which can be taken advantage of to kill it with ranged attacks. Numerous Dwemer items can be looted after winning the fight. Be sure to find the chest behind the table with centurion parts on it as well as the dresser a small distance from it.

[edit] Notes

  • If the centurion is lured via ranged attacks through the preceding hallway, it will in turn be stuck as the corridor is too short for its tall frame. This affords the possibility for ranged attackers to take advantage of the situation, but they must still beware of steam venting.
    • Another way of effortlessly finishing the centurion is to hide inside the small hut in the room where the centurion is initially located. It cannot enter through the small entrance and will allow itself to get assailed by a barrage of attacks from inside without retaliations.
  • Two quicksilver ore veins are located outside, west-southwest of the cave entrance. The first is in front of a large rock, and the second is directly south of it.
  • It is possible to bypass the initial Falmer cave area and go straight to the grotto. In the first room with the bridge and two waterfalls, go across the bridge then immediately bear left and back, then jump up the rocks (a bit tricky) to the tunnel that leads to the grotto. You will come out on a stone shelf right across from the Falmer, who will be able access your position, but the centurion will not (if you back up a bit). It is also possible to reach this ledge by climbing the rock in the center of the bridge and using Whirlwind Sprint to reach the entrance.

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