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Daedric Shrine:
Shrine to Peryite
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Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 12
Kesh the Clean
Console Location Code(s)
The Reach
West of Karthwasten
Special Features
# of Alchemy Labs 1
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
The Shrine to Peryite

The Shrine to Peryite is the shrine to the Daedric Prince, Peryite.

The shrine is relatively humble; it contains little besides a table with a copy of the Speech skill book The Buying Game on it, a cooking pot, and an odd-looking golden cauldron. Where most Daedric Princes have a statue, Peryite has a large and sinister-looking tree. The alchemy lab and cooking pot are often in use by the only worshipper of Peryite there, a Khajiit named Kesh the Clean. Kesh owns the copy of The Buying Game, and will be displeased if he sees you taking it.

The shrine is positioned on the top of a cliff above Karthwasten; at the base of this cliff, just several meters to the southeast, is an unmarked location with an interesting easter egg and some good loot. Two randomized poisons and a dagger, as well as a permanent diamond, will be at the base of some sort of ancient totem. The totem has dragons at the top and looks like it was made to hold shackled prisoners, possibly for sacrificial purposes. The nearby chest will contain some random gold and loot, and seems to always have a copy of the Illusion skill book Incident at Necrom.

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