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(lore page)
# of Zones 4
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Nahkriin, Draugr, Dragons
Important Treasure
Diamond Claw
Console Location Code(s)
Skuldafn01, Skuldafn02, Skuldafn04, Skuldafn05
Special Features
Word Wall Storm Call
Skuldafn Temple from arrival point

Skuldafn is a dragon-infested sprawling ruin, containing a portal to Sovngarde guarded by a dragon priest. There are four interior zones, two of which are unconnected: Skuldafn Temple, a second Skuldafn Temple, Skuldafn North Tower, and Skuldafn South Tower, and an exterior to the rear of the temple.

The only way to reach Skuldafn is by forcing Odahviing to fly you there; this is accomplished during The Fallen. He will fly off after leaving you there. The only way to leave Skuldafn is to take the portal to the Nordic afterlife.

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Skuldafn

Overview of Skuldafn Temple

Odahviing will drop you off on top of an old dragon mound. You should be facing east, towards a low arch which opens to a stone bridge over the lake. Just to the right before the arch is a tree stump with some mora tapinella growing on it. There is a draugr on either side of the far end of the bridge, another patrolling the stairs off to the far right, and a frost dragon constantly circling overhead.

Beyond the far end of the bridge there is a purple mountain flower, and a thistle. The lake contains one fishing spot, and along the southern edge, another purple mountain flower, and a blue mountain flower. Start following the stairs up again, and you will quickly come across another two draugr. There is another thistle to the right, and a red mountain flower to the left after them.

After this is a large courtyard, and when you enter it, a fire type elder dragon will begin circling overhead. There are more draugr patrolling the battlements to the left, who may detect you if you choose to fight the dragon here. There is a snowberry plant just to left of the section where you enter, another at the base of the stairs on the far side and there is another thistle plant in the middle of the area. The entrance to Skuldafn South Tower is to the south of this area.

At the top of the stairs, on a walkway above that, is a draugr. Heading forward, there is a ruined tower to the left; it contains a single chest on the first floor. There is draugr patrolling the next area, another watching the area from the broken stairs to the north, two more walking along the higher walkway to the west, and two more on the higher walkway to the east (one is patrolling the length of the walkway, while the other stands still).

Once all of these draugr are dealt with, make your way along the walkways to the south. There is an altar here with three draugr, two are patrolling the lower area, and one is guarding the altar, which has a chest on it. To the east of the altar is the door to Skuldafn North Tower. Before you enter the temple, follow the walls to the west and north, and you will find an unlocked chest with random healing potion beside it. If you look up you should see a wooden bridge connecting the tower in front of you and the second external zone.

[edit] Skuldafn Temple

In keeping with the general theme of the place, the temple is rather large. The first room may appear deserted, but there are three draugr waiting behind the large platform in the middle of the room. Both paths lead to the same place; the path on the right is strewn with rubble, but contains a chest, while the left-hand path is booby-trapped. There are two pressure plates along the path that activate a dart trap from both walls.

After dispatching these first draugr, continue up the stairs; again, both lead to the same area. There is one draugr in the middle of the room, while another four lie in sarcophagi to the sides. Two will emerge as you reach the top of the stairs, while the other two will emerge once you pass the rotating pillars. Once they are out of the way, take a moment to assess the puzzle. There are two solutions here for two gates; the two side pillars must face outwards, while the one in the middle faces the gates. The right-hand gate's solution, from east to west, is Snake—Eagle—Whale, and the left-hand gate's solution is Snake—Snake—Whale.

There is a chest through the right-hand gate, while the path continues through the left-hand one. Through the corridor is a small room with a single draugr with it's back turned. Be warned though, this is an ambush. As you descend the stairs a draugr will burst through the middle sarcophagus, and another will emerge from one of the two behind you. Don't forget to loot the chest in the middle of the room, under the statue before heading forward.

The next corridor is infested with spiders. Hack your way through a cobweb, then turn right to discover three spiders at the high end of the corridor, along with three egg sacs. Hack your way through another cobweb to find another spider, before turning a few corners, where a final two spiders lie in wait. In the alcove to the right is an egg sac and a chest hidden under a cobweb. There is a salt pile on the ground to the right just before the doors.

There are two draugr in this room, they patrol either side of the lever above. There is a pillar puzzle here too, the ultimate solution is, from left to right, Whale—Snake—Eagle. You can also use Whirlwind Sprint to get across. The first pillar is immediatly in front of the entrance to the room, this is the "middle" pillar, and should be turned so the snake shows. Loot the chest on the other side of the platform before heading up the stairs. To the right at the top is the "third" pillar, which should be turned so the eagle shows. Head across the bridges, past the lever with a multitude of skulls lying around it, to the "first" pillar, which should be turned so the whale shows. Once this is done, pull the lever and head through the doors to the second Skuldafn Temple zone.

[edit] Skuldafn Temple

Prepare for another battle; around the corner from the entrance are three draugr, one on the same level, and two above. The chest on the altar is empty. The path forward is up the stairs, then to the right, which cuts back to a bridge over the altar, and through a corridor. Stop before the next room. There is a pressure plate on the floor which activates a double trap. The first part is highly visible when triggered, being that a lantern drops onto, and ignites, an oil slick. The second part, which the fire is designed partly to distract you from, is a dart trap on the opposite wall. On the back wall is a leveled soul gem and stamina potion.

At the top of the circular staircase is a closed gate, and more draugr, who are in a room to the south. Two draugr are active and may detect you, and come out of the room. A third one is inside a sarcophagus, which opens when you enter the room. There an oil slick in the room, with a lantern overhead, a chest to your right, and the lever for the closed gate to the left.

Continue forward until you spot another lantern. There is a pressure plate under the arch before the section where the lantern hangs, and a chest to the right. Around the corner from here is a high leveled draugr, or at high levels a dragon priest, guarding a puzzle door. The draugr carries the diamond claw which reveals the combination for the door as Fox—Moth—Dragon, from top to bottom.

From here it is only a short distance before you come across a word wall. The wall reveals one word for the Storm Call shout. Continue to the left of the wall, past a burnt corpse and an iron greatsword. Before the exit, there is a room to the right with a dead draugr, two random potions, a steel war axe, and a random helmet There is also some flawless gems underneath a Linen in a basket to the right when you enter the room and a leveled regeneration potion on the shelf above.

[edit] Skuldafn Temple Exterior

When you emerge two draugr will immediately notice your presence. Deal with them then head straight forwards from the door to the tower connected by a short wooden bridge that was visible from the outer courtyard. Head down a level to where there are a few shelves. Loot the shelves for two leveled healing potions and a gem. There is also a chest on the very bottom level. Be careful not to fall down here, if you survive you will have to traverse the whole temple again.

If you have attempted to sneak during this part, you may have noticed that you are being detected, but not attacked. If you look high above to the north-northeast you will see a dragon looking back. This dragon, and another on the opposite side of the portal which is also visible, is unaggressive. Head to the south and then east; take care of the two draugr here before heading up the stairs to the left.

The dragon priest Nahkriin awaits. He has a small amount of inbuilt resistance to magic, and knows a lot of spells, including summoning, ward, wall, and cloak spells. Altogether he has a decent amount of magic resistance and a small amount of physical resistance. He also has perks for greater magic and healing effects from his spells, so it will be a tough fight.

Once he has been defeated, loot him for his eponymous mask, and his staff, which is needed to access Sovngarde. You can choose to fight the two unaggressive dragons, for their loot and souls, at this point. Attacking one of them will turn both aggressive. They will repeat over and over the phrase "Skuldafn fen kos dinok" while attacking you.

When you are ready, walk up the small platform in the middle of the area and face the area where the portal was. Activate the Dragon Seal by placing Nahkriin's staff in it, then make your way over to the portal. Jump into the middle of the portal to exit Skuldafn and enter the Nordic afterlife.

[edit] Skuldafn South Tower

The tower is quite small, but still heavily populated by draugr. Before ascending the staircase, check the room to your right. There are two draugr in here, and an urn. There is another draugr patrolling the staircase. There are two more draugr in the room at the top of the staircase that are guarding a chest. The doors to the southeast and southwest are exits to the building. You emerge high above the entrance, but can jump down to the protrusion that is the entrance, and then jump safely to the ground.

[edit] Skuldafn North Tower

The tower is quite small too, and there are still a few draugr about. Before ascending the staircase, check the room to your right, there is a single draugr. There is another draugr patrolling the staircase. There is one more draugr in the room at the top of the staircase that is guarding a chest. The door to the southwest exits the building. As before, you emerge high above the entrance, but can jump down to the protrusion that is the entrance, and then jump safely to the ground. Before you do so, enter the other door to discover a chest that was hidden by the rubble inside.

[edit] Notes

  • This location is only accessible during the related quest, and it is impossible to return to Skuldafn Temple after you enter the portal to Sovngarde, so make sure you get everything you want from the Temple before you jump in the portal. Remember that Nahkriin's mask is required to get the ninth dragon priest mask, Konahrik, so be sure to loot him.
  • All four dragons present in Skuldafn are unique. The difference between the ordinary versions and the first two dragons is that they have the dunSkuldafnDragonFaction so they don't fight the draugr present, and their displayed name will always be "Dragon". The two dragons by the portal are unaggressive versions of the first two, but will fight you if you attack them. All four may have higher stats than the ordinary versions of their type.
  • If DurnehviirDG is summoned in Skuldafn, he will also speak the unique dialogue that the other dragons in the area have while in combat.

[edit] Bugs

  • If the puzzle door or rotating pillars do not work, check here for possible fixes.

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