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(lore page)
# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
SovngardeAlduinPerch, SovngardeCenter, SovngardeMeadHall, SovngardeNorth, SovngardeStart

Sovngarde is the Nordic afterlife. Those who are valiant in life are rewarded with an eternity here in the Hall of Valor, where they eat, drink, brawl, and sing. It is here where you'll have to defeat Alduin the World-Eater.

The ruined word wall in Sovngarde

Sovngarde is a realm within Aetherius to which valiant Nords go upon death. The land itself is rich and vibrant, sporting much flora. Large statues of fallen heroes are scattered about. On top of the central hill, you can find what was once a word wall, now covered in rubble. The most notable place in Sovngarde is the Hall of Valor, also known as Shor's Hall, a massive hall in which the dead drink, feast, and sing for all eternity. The hall is reached by first defeating the gatekeeper, Tsun, and then crossing over a bottomless chasm using the Whalebone Bridge. Those who enter need not fight for a certain cause; they need only fight with valor. Thus, Imperial soldiers and Stormcloaks can be found together. Nords afflicted with lycanthropy do not go to Sovngarde upon death, as their souls belong to Hircine and reside within his realm in Oblivion.

Despite it being a place for the dead, the living may visit Sovngarde, provided they have a way to get there. You'll visit Sovngarde through a portal created by the dragon priest Nahkriin atop Skuldafn Temple. At the time of your visit, much of the land is shrouded in fog, and Alduin flies the skies and swoops up hapless victims, devouring their very souls.

[edit] NPCs Living Here

Hall of Valor
Felldir the Old
Gormlaith Golden-Hilt
Hakon One-Eye
Jurgen Windcaller
Olaf One-Eye
Ulfgar the Unending
Froki Whetted-Blade
Galmar Stone-Fist
High King Torygg
Kodlak Whitemane *
Legate Rikke
Stormcloak Soldier
Svaknir §
Ulfric Stormcloak

* Depends on how far you have advanced through the Companions questline.
† Depends on how far you have advanced through the Skyrim civil war, and the side that you have chosen.
‡ Depends on if he is killed during the game.
§ Depends on the completion of the quest Tending the Flames.

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Notes

  • Although Sovngarde will technically respawn after ten days, there is no way to return to it after the main quest without the use of console commands. It is one of the few places in Skyrim that cannot be revisited, so be sure not to leave anything behind.
  • Beneath the Whalebone Bridge is a seemingly bottomless pit and immense waterfall. Falling into this area triggers instant death, even if you could survive the fall damage. You can only survive the fall if you enable god-mode via the console. It is the only situation in the game wherein you are killed instantly and unconditionally.
  • The roasted ox legs and roasted ox head found in Sovngarde are not food, but rather miscellaneous items.
  • Sovngarde is said to be ruled by Shor, but he does not appear to you.
  • The "stars" in Sovngarde are actually slowly moving around in the sky.
  • The constellation of the warrior, the thief and the mage can be seen in the sky of Sovngarde.
  • Even though they're technically dead, the Detect Life spell will detect the heroes of Sovngarde, as opposed to the Detect Dead spell.

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