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Thalmor Embassy
(view on map)
# of Zones 5
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 2
Console Location Code(s)
ThalmorEmbassy01, ThalmorEmbassy02, ThalmorEmbassy03, ThalmorEmbassy04, ThalmorEmbassy05
West of Solitude
East of Ironback Hideout
The embassy is guarded inside and out by numerous Thalmor soldiers

Thalmor Embassy is the Aldmeri Dominion's diplomatic mission to Skyrim, located north of Solitude, which serves as the center of Thalmor activity in Skyrim.

The embassy is a gated complex. Elenwen is the resident ambassador, known for hosting the province's most powerful men and mer at lavish ambassadorial parties. It is via an ill-gotten invitation that the player infiltrates the building as part of the main quest line.

The Party

[edit] Residents

Name Job
Elenwen Emissary
Rulindil Third Emissary
Tsavani Cook
Brelas Servant
Malborn Servant
Thalmor Archer Guard
Thalmor Soldier Guard
Thalmor Wizard Guard

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Notes

  • If you return to the Embassy compound after completing Diplomatic Immunity, you can enter the grounds and the barracks, but not the Embassy building.
    • If you return with a horse, you can use it to gain access to a tree to the left of the Embassy inside the first section of the compound. Hit the jump button repeatedly and you will climb up the tree and eventually clear the fence. The whole Embassy is then accessible, except for the reception room and the kitchen.
    • It is also possible to reenter the Embassy through Reeking Cave using platforming and the shout Whirlwind Sprint. Reeking Cave is west-northwest of the Embassy. There is no icon on the map for the cave entrance, but it is near the northwest corner of the embassy and near the end of the road as shown on the map. Once in the cave, in order to get up the ledge you must walk to the top of the log, aim the crosshair slightly above the right side of the ledge you are trying to get on, and use Whirlwind Sprint.
    • It is possible to reenter the Embassy via the outer wall, using a kettle and Whirlwind Sprint. From standing outside the main gate, looking in, go to the left and around the corner. Where the wall again turns left, drop the kettle and then pick it up to eye level. Slowly walk to the wall. When the kettle appears to have a hole in the bottom, whirlwind sprint in. It does not appear to respawn, so those killed during Diplomatic Immunity remain dead, but prepare to deal with the remainder.
    • It is possible to reenter using the wooden plate trick and walking through the front door. The exterior does respawn guards but not the interior. Repeat the wooden plate trick inside to access locked rooms.
    • It is possible to summon ArvakDG on the other side of the stone fence by jumping from the snow pile onto the corner of the fence, then ride Arvak. You will then be on the blocked side of the fence.
  • Patch 1.4 moves Unusual Gem in the Thalmor Embassy to Reeking Cave next to a dead conjurer near the trap door used to escape the dungeon.
  • A copy of the Illusion skill book Before the Ages of Man can be found in the Reeking Cave.

[edit] Bugs

  • Do not attempt to enter the Thalmor Embassy to acquire the Stone of Barenziah within for the quest No Stone Unturned until you have received the quest Diplomatic Immunity. Doing so will trigger an event that changes the dialog options for any NPCs that are also visiting the Embassy for the party. This can and likely will be detrimental to any quests related to those NPCs (such as Jarls or Maven Black-Briar), causing you to be unable to start or complete quests requiring those NPCs until you have finished the quest Diplomatic Immunity. ?
    • Pc22.png It is unconfirmed whether or not completing the quest Diplomatic Immunity using console commands would fix this error. However, it has been found that entering the Embassy before starting the quest Diplomatic Immunity may cause Delphine to no longer give the quest-related dialog that begins the quest in the first place.
    • If you are running Patch 1.4 or later, there is no problem with entering the Reeking Cave for the Stone, so long as you keep well away from anyone in the Embassy itself until the Diplomatic Immunity quest.
  • While the quest Diplomatic Immunity has not yet been started, entering the Thalmor Embassy causes stage 180 of that quest to be set to "done." Stage 180 is thought to be an invalid stage, but may in fact be the stage that changes the chat dialogs for the NPCs visiting the party. ?
  • Attacking anyone in the Thalmor Embassy before starting Diplomatic Immunity will result in the quest being uncompletable. ?

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