Skyrim:The Serpent Stone

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Standing Stone:
The Serpent Stone
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Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 6
Ice Wraith
Console Location Code(s)
DoomstoneNorthernCoast01, DoomstoneNorthernCoast02, DoomstoneNorthernCoast03, DoomstoneNorthernCoast04
Directly east of College of Winterhold and northeast of Wreck of The Pride of Tel Vos, on an island.
The Serpent Stone

The Serpent Stone is one of the thirteen Standing Stones scattered across Skyrim.

The Serpent Stone, when activated

The stone is located on Serpentstone Isle, a fairly empty island to the northeast of Winterhold near the Wreck of The Pride of Tel Vos. An ice wraith guards the area near the stone. While the stone is active, the player can use a ranged attack that will paralyze a target for 5 seconds and also do 25 points of damage. Activating the stone will present the message:

"Once a day, those under the sign of the Serpent can use a ranged paralyzing poison on opponents."

[edit] Related Quests

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