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SR-qico-Miscellaneous.png Potema must be stopped.
Quest Giver: Courier
Location(s): The Blue Palace, Hall of the Dead in Solitude, Potema's Catacombs
Prerequisite Quest: The Man Who Cried Wolf
Reward: Leveled gold, Shield of Solitude
Disposition: 0→1 (Styrr)
ID: MS06
Required Level: 10
The Wolf Queen, awakened

[edit] Quick Walkthrough

  1. After receiving the letter from the courier, speak to Falk Firebeard.
  2. Speak to Styrr.
  3. Fight through the underground tunnels.
  4. Defeat Queen Potema and Potema's Remains.
  5. Retrieve Potema's Skull from the throne.
  6. Give the remains to Styrr.
  7. Return to Falk.

[edit] Detailed Walkthrough

[edit] Talk to Falk Firebeard

A while after completing The Man Who Cried Wolf the Courier will approach you with a letter from Falk Firebeard asking you to return to him. When you get there he will inform you that since you stopped the ritual, you have a connection to Potema and that she did not get destroyed when you stopped the ritual; she just doesn't have a physical body. He will inform you of some tunnels underneath the Temple of the Divines that will lead you to her. After talking to Falk, the quest will initiate, and then you are to speak with Styrr who will give you further instructions.

[edit] Speak to Styrr

Styrr is located in Solitude's Hall of the Dead. Head over there, and talk to Styrr. He will say that Potema is located in the Catacombs under the city, and the entrance to it is located in the Temple of the Divines. After speaking, he will give you the key to the Catacombs and the spell Turn Undead. Styrr will also tell you that your ultimate objective is to find Potema's remains and bring them to him so that they can be blessed.

[edit] Potema's Catacombs

When you arrive in the temple, go past the pews and on your left will be some stairs going down. Take the stairs, and you will be confronted with a locked iron gate, which can only be unlocked using the key Styrr gave you. After unlocking it, enter Potema's Catacombs.

The dungeon is filled with draugr and vampires. The type of draugr and vampires present seems to be dependent on level. Higher leveled characters can expect Draugr Deathlords and Ancient Vampires and similarly tiered enemies. The dungeon itself is very linear, and proceeding through it is a fairly simple endeavor.

"You've arrived at last."

Upon entering, the voice of Potema resonates out towards you: "You've arrived at last. The hero/heroine who prevented me from being bound returns to my fold. I have much to thank you for, little one. When you die I will raise you and you can take your place by my side." The iron gate that previously barred your path is opened once Potema has finished speaking. Proceed forward until you reach a room located at the bottom of a set of stairs with purple flammable liquid on the floor. There is a table in the center of this room, with a copy of the Lockpicking skill book Surfeit of Thieves. Proceed forward by opening an iron gate, and at the end of the long hallway, behind some hanging moss (harvestable), you will see a draugr.

A draugr rising from the water.

Proceed onward, and you will encounter two more draugr in the water. Defeat them, then avoid the spike door trap by jumping over the pressure panel. Continuing onward will eventually bring you to a bright room with cages hanging from the roof, with two draugr hidden in the right hand side of the room, and a rigged chest. Opening the chest is safe provided you stand to the side of the chest, which will place you out of the way of the arrows which shoot from behind the chest.

You will eventually reach what seems like a dead end, but there is a lever to open the path forward. Activate the lever, and the stone wall in front of you will start to revolve. Waiting will reveal that there is a door opening barred by an iron bar gate cut out in the rotating wall. If you throw the lever at just the right moment, you can stop the revolving wheel as the gate is opening. You may then pass through it at your leisure.

The room immediately after going through the revolving door is filled with various potions, ingredients, an alchemy lab and the door to the next area of the dungeon: Potema's Refuge.

[edit] Potema's Refuge

Walking forward will bring you to a room with three of the previously encountered revolving-stone doorways, and three corresponding levers. Just before the first lever is a room to the right with a Vampire in it. After taking care of the Vampire, enter the room and activate the lever on the floor behind the ornate black coffin- this opens a secret door to a passage leading to several urns and a chest with gold.

Return to the room with the three levers. Activating the first lever in line will stop and start the first revolving door, etc. Stop all three doors when the entrance is open to you, and walk forward. These rotating doors may slip over time so it's a one way trip past this point.

To your left will be a misty corridor with two spellcaster traps; these traps shoot fireballs from their soul gem if you get too close. Knock the gems out of place with a bow and arrow or fireball spell, thus disabling them, or use the pillars to your advantage to avoid the fireballs.

"No doubt you seek to enter Potema's Sanctum."

Opening the door will bring you to a "sleeping" draugr in the seat near the back of the room with an accompanying vampire. The vampire will approach you and speak to you before attacking: "You've come far, mortal. No doubt you seek to enter Potema's Sanctum. I can see to that. We'll need plenty of fresh corpses to rebuild her army, you see." The draugr will now rise from the throne. The key to Potema's Sanctum is found on the body of the vampire (another copy of the key is found on the armrest of the draugr's throne). Loot it to avoid picking the Master lock to Potema's Sanctum, which is the final area of the dungeon.

[edit] Potema's Sanctum

"Serve me in death."

Proceeding forward will bring you to a room full of dead draugr, a dead vampire and a locked iron gate. Potema's voice will speak out to you:"Not much further. Come, little thing. Serve me in death." The iron gate will then unlock, and Potema will reanimate the vampire and two of the draugr in the room. Defeat them, then continue. It is also possible to reanimate the enemies here before Potema does, which means they not only won't attack, but they will be available as allies when you get to the main fight. You can also loot the dead bodies before Potema resurrects them, leaving them without weapons. In the hallway before the final encounter, there are two Resist Shock potions on the shelf near the door, take them as you will need them to defeat Potema. You will eventually come to a room with a floating spirit and tombs scattered around the perimeter and center of the room. This is the boss fight.

[edit] Defeating Potema

"You've come far, mortal, but can you stand against my inner council? Let's see!"

Again, you will hear Potema's voice: "You've come far, mortal, but can you stand against my inner council? Let's see!" She will radiate bolts of electricity and rotate the bolts, dealing shock damage to those the bolts of electricity hit. It is advisable to consume potions which give you Resist Shock - such as those in the antechamber. During the fight, she will mock you ("Don't applaud yourself too soon, worm!") and spur on her minions ("Rip the eyes from his/her head!"). It is important to note that arrows will not affect Potema, but magic will. Potema will also release draugr from their tombs, along with Frost Atronachs, and they will attack you. After each wave of defeated draugr, Potema will reanimate some of them, and will release some more draugr as well. The trick of reanimating them before Potema does also works here. Each wave of draugr you defeat will seemingly make Potema weaker. Keep killing the draugr, and the spirit of Potema will eventually recede into the locked room opposite where you came in.

If your sneak skill and patience are high enough, and preferably have the Deadly Aim perk, you can simply stand just outside the room in the hallway with your bow and pick off the draugr with one-shot kills while Potema's lightning chips away the health of those in its path. The other draugr will usually rush to the spot where the last was killed, making the fight fairly easy. For casters, summoning storm atronachs to defeat the waves of undead can be an effective tactic since storm atronachs are completely immune to electricity. The draugr will sometimes refuse to follow you if you exit through the doorway to the hall. You can use this to your advantage to pick them off one at a time or use it as a choke point.

Potema's Remains at her throne.

Follow the spirit of Potema, and Potema's Ghostly Remains will appear, and ready to fight you. The apparition may respawn and has to be defeated several times. It also has the ability to resurrect the draugr you just killed in the last room so watch for attacks from behind. After defeating the apparition, you will see that there is a seat with a skull on it. This skull is Potema's Remains. Take Potema's Skull, and loot the chest (technically, the skull can be removed once Potema gets up from the throne). Inside the chest is the Sneak skill book Legend of Krately House. Exit the room.

[edit] Give Potema's Remains to Styrr

There are only two more enemies between you and the exit at this point, two draugr, one higher level than the other. They are found seated in facing alcoves with a short pillar in the middle of the hall between them. On the pillar is a helmet or some other piece of loot. If you take this bait, the draugr awaken and attack you. You can ignore them and walk past (the object on the pillar is usually low-level), or deal with them individually (the higher-level of the two draugr may have an ebony weapon and ebony shield). A short distance after this, you pass through a door and emerge on a mountain overlooking a docked ship in Solitude (don't forget to look to your immediate left upon exiting the door in order to locate a chest with some decent loot). Travel to Solitude and go to the Hall of the Dead. There, speak with Styrr and he will gratefully accept the remains. He goes off to bless the remains, and all there is left to do now is to report to Falk Firebeard. Also, returning the remains will partially complete the Miscellaneous Quest "Helping the People of Haafingar", which ultimately goes towards your becoming a Thane of Solitude. Note: It is possible to become Thane before doing this quest if enough other quests have been obtained and completed.

[edit] Return to Falk Firebeard

Travel to Blue Palace, and speak to Falk, where he will give his gratitude, some gold and the Shield of Solitude. The quest concludes here.

[edit] Notes

  • The requirements for beginning this quest are being at least level 10, having completed the requisite quest The Man Who Cried Wolf, and having leveled up at least once somewhere outside Solitude and its subordinate locations (stores, houses, etc) since completing the requisite quest.
  • The Shield of Solitude that is received as reward for this quest has a unique Resist Magic enchantment that can be learned through disenchantment, and can be stacked with the regular Resist Magic in double enchantments to create a single item with 45% magic resistance.

[edit] Bugs

  • In order to receive the Letter from Falk Firebeard, you must gain a level after completing The Man Who Cried Wolf. If you have already reached level 81, the only way to acquire the letter and activate this quest is to steal it from Falk.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by version 1.3.1 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.Sometimes when you steal the letter from Falk and read it the quest will not activate.
    • As of Official Patch 1.9 you can also use the legendary skills feature to level past 81 to make the quest trigger.
  • Falk Firebeard will have the Letter from Falk Firebeard in his inventory regardless of whether you have started the prerequisite quest or even talked to him. It can be pickpocketed but is then unable to be dropped as it is tagged as a quest item.
  • The Letter from Falk Firebeard may not always be removed from your inventory at the conclusion of the quest and will remain behind as an unremovable quest item. ?
    • Pc22.png Use the console command player.removeitem D91D1 1 to remove the letter.
  • When fighting Potema's three waves of summoned draugr, all three waves may not spawn, leaving the quest stuck.
    • Reloading from a previous save prior to entering the room is the only way to correct the issue.
  • Room with Draugr may not load properly. Draugr waves will load, but room is missing visual assets. Room may be very dark and filled with green mist. Potema's lightning attack does not function. The final door may also be missing. ?
    • Exit zone and re-entering room will load room assets properly. Potema will load and activate, and final door will load. Any draugr previous killed will remain dead.
  • One of the draugr may get knocked through the non-door to Potema's Remains, or be teleported there on loading a save, making it impossible to kill him and leaving the quest stuck (you can tell by the red icon on your radar behind the door). ?
    • Try conjuring a creature on the other side of the door by facing the door up close and casting the spell.
  • The bar on the door after you collect Potema's Remains may be unresponsive even though the door behind it opens. ?
    • Going back through the previous door you entered and returning should make it activate.
  • Potema's Skull may not be "active", making it impossible to complete the quest.
    • Save and reload. Skull should be near where Potema's remains have fallen (or where it would have rolled from the throne).
  • Falk's conversation may be missing the entry needed, even with the journal saying "Return to Falk". Aside from making it impossible to finish the quest, this also means you cannot obtain the Shield of Solitude. This will happen if you have already defeated Potema and recovered her skull before you start the quest. ?
    • Pc22.png Stand in front of Falk Firebeard and type into the console. setstage MS06 160 this will award shield and money, then setstage MS06 250 to remove it from the journal.
  • When you take Potema's Skull, the quest marker will point you back they way you came, not through the door behind her throne. On going back you might find that the rotating doors have shifted, trapping you unless you remember the door behind Potema's throne.
  • Sometimes after defeating Potema's summoned draugr in the first room where she is encountered, her ghostly remains will not appear to fight you and you are able to take the remains and finish the quest anyway. ?
    • Pc22.png You can make her appear by the command enable 00103499.

[edit] Quest Stages

The Wolf Queen Awakened (MS06)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
50 Potema has been summoned from beyond the grave and is gathering power. Falk has sent me to Styrr to get the key to Potema's Catacombs.
Objective 50: Speak to Styrr
100 Potema has been summoned from beyond the grave and is gathering power. Styrr has given me the key to Potema's Catacombs. I must enter the catacombs and prevent Potema from fully resurrecting by acquiring her bones.
Objective 100: Defeat Potema
Objective 125: Retrieve Potema's remains
150 Potema has been summoned from beyond the grave. I've defeated her in the Catacombs and retrieved her bones. I must return them to Styrr for blessing and tell Falk Potema has been defeated.
Objective 150: Return to Falk Firebeard
Objective 155: Give Potema's remains to Styrr
250 Finishes quest I have defeated Potema and been rewarded by Falk Firebeard.
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 0, 5, 10, 60, 160, 170, 190.

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