Skyrim:Treasure Map IX

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Found in the following locations:
Treasure Map IX
A treasure map pointing to a hidden cache underneath a waterfall (map).

SR-book-Treasure Map IX.png

Explicit Instructions

  • Travel to Broken Helm Hollow.
  • At the entrance, move down to where the waterfall is crashing on the rocks.
  • Chest should be there under the waterfall along the cliff.
    • Careful not to get swept off, can be fatal to low level players.
    • If you follow the stream down you can find a Corundum Ore vein and a Nirnroot as well as a really scenic vantage that matches the perspective the map.


  • Chest may not be there at all. ?
    • Pc22.png The chest can be spawned to the hidden spot by using the console command "f4a0c".placeatme 10e05e .
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