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(RefID: 00072B09)
Location Riftweald Manor's backyard
Race Nord Gender Male
Level PC×1.2 (range=8-42) Class Bandit
RefID 00072B09 BaseID 00072B04
Other Information
Health 35+(PC-0.8)×13.2
Magicka 25
Stamina 70+(PC-0.8)×4.8
Primary Skills Two-handed
Perks Extra Damage 1.5
Moral. Any Crime Aggress. Aggressive
Vald watching over the backdoor of Riftweald Manor

Vald, a Nord bandit, is an associate of the Thieves Guild in Riften. Vald previously completed jobs for Maven Black-Briar, but during a job in which he was transporting the Quill of Gemination across Lake Honrich, he crashed the boat and lost the quill. Since then, he has been in debt to Maven, and works as a guard watching over Riftweald Manor, which is owned by Mercer Frey.

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[edit] Notes

[edit] Bugs

  • Even if you kill Vald, you will still have the dialog option to erase his debt with Maven. Attempting to erase Vald's debt after he is dead will still earn you leveled gold, but you will be unable to complete the quest by delivering the letter of pardon. The quest and item will stay active.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by version 1.2.4 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
    • If the undelivered letter bothers you, it seems you can place it on owned bookshelves.
  • It's possible that Vald won't come talk to you at the gate when you bring him the note to clear his debt, becoming hostile toward you instead.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by version 2.0.4 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
    • You can also try using Pacify if he becomes hostile and you don't wish to kill him. The Bend WillDB shout has the same effect and may work if Vald's level is too high for pacify.

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