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Imperial Camp:
Winterhold Imperial Camp
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Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days
Imperial Soldiers
Console Location Code(s)
Southeast of Dawnstar
Northwest of Frostflow Lighthouse
Ore Veins
# of Moonstone 1
The Winterhold Imperial Camp

Winterhold Imperial Camp is an Imperial camp southeast of Dawnstar.

The camp is populated by a commander—normally Legate Sevan Telendas—a number of soldiers, and an Imperial quartermaster.

[edit] Related Quests

[edit] Notes

  • One moonstone ore vein is located 300 ft southwest of the camp, on top of the mountain peak.
  • Legate Rikke will assume command of the camp during the Imperial quest Rescue from Fort Kastav. Once the said quest is completed, the camp is removed from the game.

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