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Actor Value Indices are the numerical values used in the game data to refer to a wide range of attributes, skills, and effects that can be relevant to any actor (e.g., the player, NPCs, or creatures). The names of the actor values can generally be used in the console as part of various console commands. In general, they also each correspond to an AVIF record in the game data.

[edit] Actor Value Codes

Note that all enumerations start at 0 (e.g., Aggression values are 0 (unaggressive) through 3 (frenzied)). Where two console names are listed, the first is the name used in the Console; the second is the name found in the AVIF record in the game data (but prepended with "AV"). FormID values with an asterisk no longer appear in the game data, but can still be found in the Creation Kit with that FormID, either in the Actor Values list or by searching on the FormID.

Index Console Name Type Effect AVIF FormID
0 Aggression AI Enum: Unaggressive, Aggressive, Very Aggressive, Frenzied 0x000004B0
1 Confidence AI Willingness to fight. Enum: Cowardly, Cautious, Average, Brave, Foolhardy. 0x000004B1
2 Energy AI 0x000004B2
3 Morality AI Enum: Any Crime, Violence Against Enemies, Property Crime Only, No Crime 0x000004B3
4 Mood AI Enum: Neutral, Angry, Fear, Happy, Sad, Surprised, Puzzled, Disgusted 0x000004B4
5 Assistance AI Enum: Helps Nobody, Helps Allies, Helps Friends and Allies 0x000004B5
6 OneHanded Skill 0x0000044C
7 TwoHanded Skill 0x0000044D
8 Marksman Skill 0x0000044E
9 Block Skill 0x0000044F
10 Smithing Skill 0x00000450
11 HeavyArmor Skill 0x00000451
12 LightArmor Skill 0x00000452
13 Pickpocket Skill 0x00000453
14 Lockpicking Skill 0x00000454
15 Sneak Skill 0x00000455
16 Alchemy Skill 0x00000456
17 Speechcraft Skill 0x00000457
18 Alteration Skill 0x00000458
19 Conjuration Skill 0x00000459
20 Destruction Skill 0x0000045A
21 Illusion Skill 0x0000045B
22 Restoration Skill 0x0000045C
23 Enchanting Skill 0x0000045D
24 Health Attribute Actual Current and Maximum Health, 0 results in death 0x000003E8
25 Magicka Attribute Actual Current and Maximum Magicka, can not be lower than 0 0x000003E9
26 Stamina Attribute Actual Current and Maximum Stamina, can not be lower than 0 0x000003EA
27 HealRate Mult Basic %-based regen rate/second of current maximal health (default 0.7%) 0x000003EB
28 MagickaRate Mult Basic %-based regen rate/second of current maximal magicka (default 3.0%) 0x000003EC
29 StaminaRate Mult Basic %-based regen rate/second of current maximal stamina (default 5.0%) 0x000003ED
30 SpeedMult Mult Movement speed % (default 100%) 0x000003EE
31 InventoryWeight Stat Collective weight of everything in your inventory 0x000003EF
32 CarryWeight Stat Max weight you can carry without being forced to walk 0x000003F0
33 CritChance Stat Your chance to score a critical hit 0x000003F1
34 MeleeDamage Stat Weapon damage 0x000003F2
35 UnarmedDamage Stat Hand-to-hand damage 0x000003F3
36 Mass Stat Hidden stat that affects staggering, etc. 0x000003F4
37 VoicePoints 0x000003F5
38 VoiceRate 0x000003F6
39 DamageResist Resist Armor rating (physical damage resist) 0x000005CE
40 PoisonResist Resist Poison resistance 0x000005CF
41 FireResist Resist Fire resistance 0x000005D0
42 ElectricResist Resist Electricity resistance 0x000005D1
43 FrostResist Resist Frost resistance 0x000005D2
44 MagicResist Resist Magic resistance 0x000005D3
45 DiseaseResist/NormalWeaponsResist Resist Disease resistance 0x000005D4
46 PerceptionCondition Obsolete 0x000005D5
47 EnduranceCondition Obsolete 0x000005D6
48 LeftAttackCondition Obsolete 0x000005D7
49 RightAttackCondition Obsolete 0x000005D8
50 LeftMobilityCondition Obsolete 0x000005D9
51 RightMobilityCondition Obsolete 0x000005DA
52 BrainCondition Obsolete 0x000005DB
53 Paralysis Status 0x000005DC
54 Invisibility Status 0x000005DD
55 NightEye Status 0x000005DE
56 DetectLifeRange Status 0x000005DF
57 WaterBreathing Status 0x000005E0*
58 WaterWalking Status 0x000005E1*
59 IgnoreCrippledLimbs Obsolete 0x000005E2
60 Fame Obsolete 0x000005E3
61 Infamy Obsolete 0x000005E4
62 JumpingBonus 0x000005E5
63 WardPower Buffer Reduces incoming spell damage by subtracting the damage from itself, used in ward spells 0x000005E6*
64 RightItemCharge/EquippedItemCharge Stat The number of charges remaining in an item equipped in the right hand (i.e. enchanted weapons, magical staffs, etc.) 0x000005E7
65 ArmorPerks Armor rating multiplier 0x000005E8
66 ShieldPerks 0x000005E9
67 WardDeflection 0x000005EA*
68 Variable01 User-defined See Creation Kit Wiki 0x000005EB
69 Variable02 User-defined 0x000005EC
70 Variable03 User-defined 0x000005ED
71 Variable04 User-defined 0x000005EE*
72 Variable05 User-defined 0x000005EF*
73 Variable06 User-defined 0x000005F0
74 Variable07 User-defined 0x000005F1
75 Variable08 User-defined 0x000005F2
76 Variable09 User-defined 0x000005F3
77 Variable10 User-defined 0x000005F4
78 BowSpeedBonus 0x000005F5
79 FavorActive Obsolete 0x000005F6
80 FavorsPerDay Obsolete 0x000005F7
81 FavorsPerDayTimer Obsolete 0x000005F8
82 LeftItemCharge/EquippedStaffCharge Stat The number of charges remaining in an item equipped in the left hand (i.e. enchanted weapons, magical staffs, etc.) 0x000005F9
83 AbsorbChance Stat Magic Absorption 0x000005FA
84 Blindness Toggle 0x000005FB
85 WeaponSpeedMult Mod Weapon attack speed, Bow draw speed 0x000005FC
86 ShoutRecoveryMult Mod How much are you waiting for shout recovery. 1 = 100%, 0.5 = 50% of original time.. 0x000005FD
87 BowStaggerBonus Stat Chance to Stagger (like lv2 force shout) enemy with bow. 0x000005FE
88 Telekinesis Toggle 0x000005FF
89 FavorPointsBonus Obsolete 0x00000600
90 LastBribedIntimidated Obsolete 0x00000601
91 LastFlattered Obsolete 0x00000602
92 MovementNoiseMult/Muffled Mod 0x00000603
93 BypassVendorStolenCheck Obsolete Sell stolen items to any vendor 0x00000604
94 BypassVendorKeywordCheck Obsolete Sell non-stolen items of any type to any vendor 0x00000605
95 WaitingForPlayer AI Returns if follower is waiting for player 0x00000606
96 OneHandedMod Mod Skill modifiers[1] 0x00000607
97 TwoHandedMod Mod 0x00000608
98 MarksmanMod Mod Bow damage 0x00000609
99 BlockMod Mod 0x0000060A
100 SmithingMod Mod 0x0000060B*
101 HeavyArmorMod Mod 0x0000060C
102 LightArmorMod Mod 0x0000060D
103 PickPocketMod Mod 0x0000060E
104 LockpickingMod Mod 0x0000060F
105 SneakMod Mod 0x00000610
106 AlchemyMod Mod 0x00000611
107 SpeechcraftMod Mod 0x00000612
108 AlterationMod Mod 0x00000613
109 ConjurationMod Mod 0x00000614
110 DestructionMod Mod 0x00000615
111 IllusionMod Mod 0x00000616
112 RestorationMod Mod 0x00000617
113 EnchantingMod Mod 0x00000618
114 OneHandedSkillAdvance Exp These values previously controlled the skill XP for each individual skill. As of Patch 1.9, they no longer serve that purpose. 0x00000619
115 TwoHandedSkillAdvance Exp 0x0000061A
116 MarksmanSkillAdvance Exp 0x0000061B
117 BlockSkillAdvance Exp 0x0000061C
118 SmithingSkillAdvance Exp 0x0000061D
119 HeavyArmorSkillAdvance Exp 0x0000061E
120 LightArmorSkillAdvance Exp 0x0000061F
121 PickPocketSkillAdvance Exp 0x00000620
122 LockpickingSkillAdvance Exp 0x00000621
123 SneakSkillAdvance Exp 0x00000622
124 AlchemySkillAdvance Exp 0x00000623
125 SpeechcraftSkillAdvance Exp 0x00000624
126 AlterationSkillAdvance Exp 0x00000625
127 ConjurationSkillAdvance Exp 0x00000626
128 DestructionSkillAdvance Exp 0x00000627
129 IllusionSkillAdvance Exp 0x00000628
130 RestorationSkillAdvance Exp 0x00000629
131 EnchantingSkillAdvance Exp 0x0000062A
132 LeftWeaponSpeedMult Mult 0x0000062B
133 DragonSouls Stat Number of dragon souls available 0x0000062C
134 CombatHealthRegenMult Mult How much faster you heal in combat. Default is 0 and set to 0.7= 70% of the normal healrate by a spell (PCHealRateCombat). 0x0000062D
135 OneHandedPowerMod Mod Doesn't actually raise skill[2] 0x0000062E
136 TwoHandedPowerMod Mod 0x0000062F*
137 MarksmanPowerMod Mod 0x00000630
138 BlockPowerMod Mod 0x00000631
139 SmithingPowerMod Mod 0x00000632
140 HeavyArmorPowerMod Mod 0x00000633
141 LightArmorPowerMod Mod 0x00000634
142 PickPocketPowerMod Mod 0x00000635
143 LockpickingPowerMod Mod 0x00000636
144 SneakPowerMod Mod 0x00000637
145 AlchemyPowerMod Mod 0x00000638
146 SpeechcraftPowerMod Mod 0x00000639
147 AlterationPowerMod Mod 0x0000063A
148 ConjurationPowerMod Mod 0x0000063B
149 DestructionPowerMod Mod 0x0000063C*
150 IllusionPowerMod Mod 0x0000063D
151 RestorationPowerMod Mod 0x0000063E
152 EnchantingPowerMod Mod 0x0000063F
153 DragonRend Toggle 0x00000640
154 AttackDamageMult Mult Multiplier for default weapon damage 0x00000641
155 HealRateMult/CombatHealthRegenMultMod Mult Health regen rate multiplier for non-combat situations (default 100), is affected by Regenerate Health 0x00000642
156 MagickaRateMult/CombatHealthRegenMultPowerMod Mult Magicka regen rate multiplier (default 100), is affected by Regenerate Magicka 0x00000643
157 StaminaRateMult Mult Stamina regen rate multiplier (default 100), is affected by Regenerate Stamina 0x00000644
158 WerewolfPerks/HealRatePowerMod 0x00000645
159 VampirePerks/MagickaRateMod 0x0000646
160 GrabActorOffset 0x00000647
161 Grabbed 0x00000648
162 DEPRECATED05 0x00000649*
163 ReflectDamage Stat Percentage of incoming melee damage that is reflected back to the attacker. 0x0000064A
[1]  SkillMod values are changed by perks and fortify skill enchantments. The automatic perk PerkSkillBoosts translates those into actual game effects.
[2]  SkillPowerMod values are changed by fortify skill potions. The automatic perk AlchemySkillBoosts translates those into actual game effects.

Enchanting, Speechcraft via persuasion, LightArmor and HeavyArmor are an exception to this, those are directly modified by potions and enchantments, instead of their Mod or PowerMod equivalents.

[edit] Commands

[edit] Altering Skills or Attributes

To alter your skills or attributes the commands are:

player.setav <Actor_value Code> <Amount>
player.modav <Actor_value code> <Amount>
player.forceav <Actor_value code> <Amount>

Setav will SET the actor value to the specified value. Modav will add (or subtract if negative) the specified value to the current value. Forceav will set the actor value to the specified value and it will NOT revert back after saving.

[edit] Viewing Skills or Attributes

To view your skills or attributes, the command is:

player.getav <Actor_value Code>

This is very helpful for reviewing changes you've made.

[edit] Specific examples

The following command will add 500 to the player's current (base) carrying capacity permanently, or until changed using another console command:

player.modav CarryWeight 500

The following command will set the player's (base) carrying capacity to 1000 until a save occurs (including any autosave or a reload caused by the player's death):

player.setav CarryWeight 1000

The following command will set the player's (base) carrying capacity to 1000 permanently, or until changed using another console command:

player.forceav CarryWeight 1000

"Base" as used here, means the unmodified value. So, for example, if your current carrying capacity is 325, and you are wearing a necklace that increases the value by 25, then your "base" carrying capacity is 300, and the console command player.modav CarryWeight 500 will set the value to 825 [300 (current base value)] + [25 (in-game modifier)] + [500 (console command effect)]. If you then unequip the necklace, the value will change to 800. If you level up and increase your stamina, the value will increase above the 800, etc.

The following commands will change a follower's Attack Damage Multiplier (also applies to most NPCs). This is useful for lowering a follower's attack damage when you have multiple followers, but don't want them doing all of the killing for you. The first command Picks the Reference ID of the NPC. The second command executes the stat change:

prid <RefID>
forceav AttackDamageMult -0.5

[edit] Skill Advance Commands

This section is deprecated with Patch 1.9. The various SkillAdvance values no longer work.

Each of these commands are used to set exact experience amount to whatever value is specified. The following command would set the exact experience you would have in your Smithing skill to 0, also making the Smithing level 0:

player.setav SmithingSkillAdvance 0

The following command would set the exact experience you would have in your Smithing skill to 3746, also making the Smithing level 12:

player.setav SmithingSkillAdvance 3746

[edit] Skill Advance Uses

This command can be useful for resetting your character's skill experience in the event that you want to max out perks. Example:

Step 1: Copy your character's current level, health, magicka, stamina, and smithing skill level.

Step 2: Use the following commands, adding one perk point each time. (Can be modified to your needs.)

player.setlevel 1
player.setav smithing 0
player.setav smithingskilladvance 0
player.advskill smithing 3746

This will set your level to 1, your smithing to 0 AND the experience your smithing has also to 0. If you just set smithing to 0, and choose to advance it one level, it will go one level higher than it was before you changed it to 0. Example:

Current Smithing Skill Level - 56

You set it to 0 using

player.setav smithing 0

You level smithing once

player.incPCS smithing

It levels to 57, instead of leveling to 1.

Although you have changed the value to 0 from 56, it retains the experience value. This is why the SkillAdvance commands are important. After you've set the experience to zero, it starts fresh.

Lastly, you used the :advskill command to give smithing 3746 experience. Using the formula to find experience needed for a skill to level, and how much experience per skill level is given towards your character's level, you'll find that 3746 experience is just about the right amount needed to increase from smithing level 1 to 12, giving you enough experience to go from Character level 1 to level 2, thus rewarding you with 1 perk point.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 until satisfied. (Note: There are 251 total perks, and you level up 80 times throughout regular gameplay. That leaves 171 perks you will not get normally. Usually, people would just give themselves lots of skill experience, but often they jump too far and have perk points left over even after maxing to 81. Best method is to start anew, get 171 perk points, then continue gameplay normally for the rest.

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