Tribunal:Sotha Sil

Sotha Sil (in_sotha_sil00)
Location The Clockwork City, Dome of Sotha Sil
Species Sotha Sil Soul Unknown
Level Unknown Type Special Creatures
  • none (already dead)
Other Information
Health 0 (Dead) Magicka Unknown
Sotha Sil

Sotha Sil, or Seht, wizard-mystic god of the Dunmer, is the least known of the divine Tribunal. He is known as the Father of Mysteries, Magus, Magician, Sorcerer, Tinkerer, Clockwork God, the Light of Knowledge, and the Inspiration of Craft and Sorcery. Sil appears as 'si' in Almsivi. He is said to be reshaping the world from his hidden Clockwork City. Once the last survivor of a minor Dunmer House, Sotha Sil became a great wizard in life and later discovered how to use Kagrenac's Tools on the Heart of Lorkhan to steal its divine powers and become a god. He is an architect of time and a binder of Oblivion.

For more information, see Sotha Sil.

Related QuestsEdit

The Mad God: Find the supposedly mad Sotha Sil in his hidden Clockwork City for Almalexia.

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