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Meet this Wood Elf who wants you to donate vast sums of money.
Quest Giver: Gaenor in the Temple Courtyard
Location(s): Temple Courtyard
Reward: Gaenor's Amulet, Ebony Armor
ID: MS_Natural
Gaenor, the money-mad Wood Elf - before and after his change of armor

[edit] Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Gaenor in the Temple Courtyard.
  2. He will ask you for 50, 100, 1000, 10,000, and 1,000,000 gold in turn.
  3. Refuse or pay (it won't change the outcome).
  4. Wait for two days and return to the courtyard.
  5. Kill the now hostile Gaenor.

[edit] Walkthrough

Speak with Gaenor in the Temple Courtyard about the small favor he wishes to ask of you. He tells you a story of how he is down on his luck and wants you to give him 50 gold. Give him the 50 and he'll now ask for 100. 100 leads to 1000, to 10000, to one million. If you attempt to give the gold and you don't have enough he will get very upset and refuse to speak to you further. If you refuse to give him the gold it will take some convincing to make him realize that you won't give him anything, and again he'll refuse to speak with you. Similarly, if you do actually offer to give him the one million he eventually asks for, he'll refuse to speak with you, saying that no one could possibly have that much cash.

After you speak with him, Gaenor will leave for two days and return wearing a complete set of ebony armor and Gaenor's Amulet. He will then attack you on sight. He is one of the toughest opponents in the game due to his armor and abilities, including his very high (~85%) Reflect and Resist Magicka, constant health regeneration, high skills, Strength, and incredibly high Luck.

[edit] How to Kill Gaenor

One tried and tested way to kill Gaenor is to employ:

  1. High Speed and Acrobatics.
  2. A good weapon that will not be affected by his Reflect effect.
  3. A good number of Restore Fatigue potions/scrolls.
  4. Fortify Luck and Speed potions/scrolls. (optional)

This method involves the following steps:

  1. Equip any items that improve your speed and acrobatics.
  2. Approach Gaenor to initiate the combat.
  3. Let him hit you at least once (this makes sure you don't lose the combat status) and jump over him. Jumping over characters can often make them confused about your location.
  4. Run after Gaenor while repeatedly hitting him with your weapon of choice and while occasionally consuming the Restore Fatigue potions. You'll need to keep your Fatigue relatively high to help counter his high Luck.
  5. If he turns to face you, jump over him again.
  6. Once dead, collect his loot and rejoice.

Another effective method is to simply brew and drink potions of luck before the fight. The necessary ingredients can be found from restocking vendors at the Mage's Guild in Sadrith Mora and at the Temple in Ald'ruhn. With around 1200 luck Gaenor is really no challenge at all. Restore Health is an effect before Fortify Luck with these potions, so renaming the potions is recommended so they aren't called Potion of Restore Health.

Perhaps the simplest method is to use a ring of toxic cloud on him. He will always be poisoned (his resistance won't help him) and take 2-60 damage/second for 10 seconds. Use the ring on him, then run away. He will run after you while the poison eats his health away. If after 10 seconds he is still alive, a second hit with the ring will finish him.

[edit] Notes

  • If you try to kill Gaenor before he has a chance to leave, he's an interesting fight. He fights with hand-to-hand and does almost no damage, but he is still very difficult to hit and reflects a lot of magic cast at him. If you wanted to practice block and your armor skills, just attack him and watch the fun for a while. He may teleport before you can kill him.
  • If you don't have the money, he will ask first for an Ebony shortsword. If you provide him with one he will then ask for a complete set of Daedric armor. Offering him this, even if you have it, will produce similar results to offering 1,000,000 gold - he'll refuse to believe you have it and walk off in a huff.
  • Anything you give him is pretty much gone for good - even after he attacks you and you kill him, you won't be able to get back anything you gave him. Thus it's probably best to just avoid giving him anything at all - the results are exactly the same either way, so giving him anything is just a waste.
  • The BiPolar Blade, attainable in The MatchMaker quest, is a useful tool against Gaenor. When struck, he stops attacking you and merely walks about. Continuing to attack him at this point, however, with the BiPolar Blade or any other weapon, will count as assault and killing him will count as murder.
  • You can also drain his fatigue down to 0, which makes damaging him a lot easier.
  • One useful strategy is to run backwards while attacking, such as taking laps around the temple itself. He will catch up to you repeatedly, but this works to your advantage since you can attack him while backpedaling and strike more often. He, however, just keeps chasing you and rarely hitting you before you're out of range. (This works especially well if your primary weapon has a long reach.)
  • Because of his extremely heavy armor and weapon (an Ebony broadsword), Gaenor's fatigue will drain rapidly. The fight can be easily shortened by knocking him unconscious, then drawing your weapon of choice and killing him.
  • Gaenor's Abilities fortify his luck by 500 points, give him a 80-100% resist Magicka, constantly restore his health 1 point, and give him medium reflecting abilities.
  • Luring Gaenor into the water that surrounds the temple can help your fight, as it is significantly easier to hack health points off when he is submerged.
  • Using a Black Dart can be useful, provided you can manage to get one past his reflect. If using this tactic, be sure to have a cure or a lot of health potions at the ready, and use evasive tactics to make sure he doesn't hit you as he slowly dies.
  • Another way to kill Gaenor is to enchant your weapon with Restore Health, so if the enchantment reflects it restores health to yourself, and just prepare several Restore Fatigue potions.

[edit] Quest Stages

These Codes can be used along with the Journal Console Command and Quest ID given within the chart to update the quest to a certain point.

The Natural (MS_Natural)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I have spoken to Gaenor, a poor-looking Wood Elf who made some rather ridiculous demands of me. He eventually got angry and threatened me. Now he will no longer speak to me. Quite an odd encounter...
20 I attacked Gaenor, and he vanished before my eyes. Perhaps he teleported somewhere.
30 I have again run into Gaenor, whose good luck has done wonders for him. He remembers me, though, and doesn't like me.
40 Finishes quest I have killed Gaenor.

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