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The UESP Mobile site at mobile.uesp.net or m.uesp.net is intended for users of various mobile platforms (phones, touch pads, etc...).


Use this article's Talk Page for requesting more help specific to the mobile site.

The Mobile Site Uses the Regular Skin When Logged In

Currently mobile site sets the default skin to a mobile friendly version. If you are logged in, however, your chosen skin will be used instead. To change your skin go to Special:Preferences and change the skin to either Chick or WPTouch or logout when using the mobile site.


  • Currently mobile.uesp.net is hosted directly on the same content servers as the regular wiki.
  • It does currently go through the Squid cache.
  • It is running from a modified MediaWiki directory at /home/uesp/www/mobile/.
  • Some optional MediaWiki extensions have been disabled.

To Do[edit]

  • Force skin to WPTouch for logged in users?
  • Further streamlining/minimizing of mobile site code.
  • Article sidebar link to go between regular and mobile versions.
  • More work may be done depending on the site's usage and feedback.
  • Keyboard popup when selecting the "search" field (at least on Droid and probably other devices).