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[edit] Arena, the full game

Since the 10th Anniversary of The Elder Scrolls series, Arena has been free to download.

Filename Date Size Description
ArenaSetup.exe 17 August 2013 30.5 MB ArenaSetup was done for installing a ready to play Arena CD Version 1.07 easily on modern Windows Systems. The game works with an already configured DosBox. In option, you can install translation(s).

Here is the direct download link if the site page is having issues. 06 May 2004 8.8 MB Official Arena Release courtesy of Bethesda Softworks available directly from Bethesda's website. Note that this is the floppy-disk 1.06 version, and the CD version's cutscene audio is not included. The terms of use for this software may be found here.

[edit] Official Patches and Utilities

Get the latest Arena patches and official game utilities released by Bethesda.

Filename Date Size Description 16 October 1998 255 KB The latest official Arena patch 1.06. To apply, download and unzip into your game directory. 18 January 2010 1 MB Manual & Addendum in PDF from the CD version. 20 May 2003 1.8 MB Demo of the floppy-disk version of Arena. 29 December 2010 507 KB A rare slideshow of Arena screenshots which show beta elements, released almost a year before the demo.

[edit] Translations

Arena in other languages.

Filename Date Size Description
ProjetFrenchArena 18 January 2010 1.25 Mo The Projet French Arena is an unofficial translation of Arena in French.

[edit] Save Game Editors

Edit just about anything you want to in your save games.

Filename Date Size Description 16 October 1998 34 KB Basic save game editor. 16 October 1998 50 KB Another basic save game editor. 1998 131 KB Save game editor.

[edit] Misc Utilities

More editors and utilities for viewing Arena resources...

Filename Date Size Description 31 December 2006 350 KB A useful tool for extracting Arena's game resources. Also allows exploration in the starting dungeon and the ability to wander the streets of a randomly selected city when you exit the dungeon. Includes source code.
File:ArenaFile-src 10 April 2008 35 KB A useful tool for extracting Arena's game resources, based on WinArena.
File:Bsa f-ex 17 March 2008 169 KB Another tool for extracting and reinserting Arena's resources.
File:Project4 18 August 2006 171 KB A tool for converting Arena's IMG Format to BMP.
MOSLO.ZIP 16 October 1998 3 KB Freeware utility to slow the processing speed of Pentium-based computers from 1 to 99%, allowing Arena to operate properly.
TURBO.ZIP 16 October 1998 50 KB Free utility for slowing down your computer under Windows 95 or NT. Also includes assembly processes for recent versions of Windows.

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