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Emberflint Mine
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Ebonheart Pact
Level 7
Discovery 68 XP
Completion Dungeon Clear
450 XP
Skyshards 1
Maebomaz, Nix-Hounds, Scamps, Stonefire Butchers, Stonefire Infernals, Stonefire Slayers
Daen SeethStonefalls
Southeast of Ebonheart
All the indicators point to this place being an active flint mine, except one thing: where are all the miners?
Emberflint Mine

Emberflint Mine is a mine in central Stonefalls, southeast of Ebonheart. It is occupied by Stonefire Cultists and their summons.

Related QuestsEdit

Clearing the DungeonEdit

Explore and clear Emberflint Mine.

To clear this dungeon and mark it as complete, you need to kill the following bosses:

ON-misc-Boss 1.png Maebomaz


There is one Achievement associated with this location:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Explore Pact.png
Emberflint Mine Explorer 10 Explore and clear Emberflint Mine.


A map of Emberflint Mine


  • The actual mine entrance can be difficult to find, as it is underground. You can easily get the map marker without seeing the entrance at all. Go north from where the marker appears and into an open-air mine, then turn around to find the entrance to the underground tunnel that leads to the actual mine. The Emberflint mine entrance will be a wooden door in the same underground area where you find the soul gems for the Argonian.

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