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Letters are being smuggled out of Daggerfall.
Quest Giver: Queen Aubk-i at Castle Daggerfall
Location(s): Castle Necromoghan
Prerequisite Quest: Concern for Nulfaga
Reward: Random Gold
Reputation Gain: None
ID: S0000013
Required Level: 3
Not quite a castle

[edit] Quick Walkthrough

  1. Receive a letter from Queen Aubk-i.
  2. Visit her at Castle Daggerfall and learn what she wants.
  3. Go to Castle Necromoghan and get the letters.
  4. Return the letters to Aubk-i.

[edit] Detailed Walkthrough

Queen Aubk-i summons you for another quest. This time she is suspicious of Mynisera, the Dowager Queen Mother of Gothryd, and the widow of King Lysandus. Aubk-i wants you to travel to Mynisera's castle, Necromoghan, and search for papers the dowager queen has been smuggling out of Castle Daggerfall. The "packet" of letters appears to be a single sheet of parchment until you pick it up and examine it. It is badly burned but contains embarrassing letters and diaries of Lysandus and other family members. Although they are of no value, Aubk-i comments on Lysandus' infidelity when she reads them.

Although the quest is designed to take place at a random dungeon in the Daggerfall region, it apparently leads you always to Castle Necromoghan. The reason for this behavior is unknown, but it gives the player the opportunity to find the letter without much effort, because in addition to the static dungeon, the letters are also apparently always located at the same quest location. This was verified during numerous independent tries. The letters are actually pretty close to the dungeons entrance and can be found as follows:


From the dungeon's entrance follow the hallway south until you reach a junction and a door. There will be a low level monster, usually a spider, in front of the door, kill it and go through the door.


A vampire(or sometimes werewolf) will be waiting on the other side, kill it and follow the hallway, go up the stairs. A second vampire(or werewolf) can be found in the room on your way up. Go through the door at the end of the staircase.


Head east from the door and follow the hallway up, you will encounter two vampires(or werewolves) on your way. Once you reach the end of the hallway, you will encounter once again a low level monster in front of a door. Kill it and go through the door. In this room you will encounter six vampires(or werewolves) or, if you are at high level, you may encounter six vampire ancients instead. You have only little room for evasive maneuvers, so take heed during the fight. If you come up against the vampire ancients you will not survive this battle without a reflection spell or spell absorption. Once you took care of the vampires you can collect the treasure piles in the room. There are three in the room and two more in the cells. But one of the three treasure piles locks the door to the room if it is touched. To unlock the door, pull the lever near the door to the southwest cell. In the southwest cell you will also find the letters you have come for. Pick up the parchment and return it to Queen Aubk-i in Castle Daggerfall.

If the parchment is not in the cell you must search the remaining quest locations of the dungeon until you find it. See the following passage to learn how you can find them.

[edit] Finding the other Quest Locations


If the letter wasn't in the small cell, it may be at another location rather close to the previous location. Leave the room with the cells and go down the hallway. Walk past the doorway to the staircase leading down to the entrance, turn north and enter the room. There will be numerous foes as well as some treasure piles. This room is another quest location.


The four remaining quest location of the dungeon can be found as follows, but you can reach all locations on more than one way. Start at the dungeons entrance, with the entrance to your back. Go through the door in front of you, jump or levitate over the pit in the floor, proceed until you come to a four-way intersection.


When you pass the four-way intersection, there will be a secret door to your right. Look at the ceiling of the corridor and you will see an opening right above a pile of bones. Climb the wall or levitate through the opening. There is a treasure pile in front of you and this is also an object location. Drop back down to the corridor and go through the door to the east.

Skull Pit

Ahead of you is an opening to the left with some tree trunks showing. Go north and follow it around. There will be an opening in the ceiling and one in the floor just past it. Levitate up through the opening and keep going east (there will be a door in front of you). Go south around the corner and around the next corner. You will see a pit with a skull on the wall. Don't drop down into the pit unless you want to have all of your magicka sucked out of you. Click on the skull and it will move. Now go back to the hole and drop back down. Walk back to the previous quest location, the one above the pile of bones.


At the back of this short corridor is a shaft leading up. Climb or levitate up this shaft. You will enter a room with a torture device, two doors and a treasure pile. Behind the west door is a small room. This is a quest object location and it also has a treasure pile.

The next quest location is very close, open the south door and you will see a corridor with a pit. Jump over the pit and go through the east door at the end of the hallway. Go up the ramp, past the T-intersection and to the door at the bottom of the ramp. You may or may not be able to open the door, but the creatures on the other side usually can. In the closet in this room is again a quest object location.


Go back to the T-intersection you passed earlier and head north. Go through the door at the end of the corridor and turn west. Go around the corner and up the ramp. Go past the T-intersection and go trough the door at the end.


There is a large room with a ramp leading down. There is a door at the bottom of the ramp. Go through it and you will see an open trapdoor (the skull you activated earlier opened it). Drop or levitate down, but watch out for creatures at the bottom. It's very easy to land on top of them. At the bottom you will see a door that opens into a small room. There are also two treasure piles in here. This is the sixth and last quest location of the dungeon.

To get back out (assuming you did not anchor a "Recall" somewhere), go back to the door at the corner that opened into the corridor with the pit (the one you jumped over, near the room with the torture device). There is a steep ramp going down. At the T-intersection at the bottom of the ramp, turn right, go through the secret door to your right and out the door on the other side of the room. There is a treasure pile in the stone coffin. Turn left as you go out the door and go straight until you get to the entrance.

Once you return the letters to Aubk-i, she will "tut-tut" about the Orcs and tell you that Lysandus had a mistress. She will also give you a random amount of gold for your troubles.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Notes

  • This is not a required quest but it may provide the player with some information on the plot.
  • Mynisera will not be present at Castle Daggerfall for the duration of the quest, starting from the moment you get Queen Aubk-i's letter.
  • Many guild and miscellaneous quests in Daggerfall province end up at Castle Necromoghan.
  • The Letters read as follows:
(first page)

... been from thee too long, my heart doth ...

(second page)
... she doth suspect you cuckold her ... and I worship and adore all parts of thee bur thy hollow crown and thy hollow wedding ring, tose two empty circles that trap and bring thee pain ... an I be so vain to be Lysandus' Medora evermore ... body and sip nectar form thy hand ... love m ... forever ...

(fourth page)
...rcs. But they did assume the worse of the settlement, even after all the stallion orcs had been killed and the stro ... (for mare orcs are seldom weaker than stallion orcs in an ... only old and sick remained in the rude cam ... who could speak base Cyrodil ... ied and begged for mercy for the children, bur Prince Klaius said that the children would grow strong and hearty and and only an unwise leader would show mercy to the subhumans. He gave his men leave to make sport with killing children, and they were all murdered in ways that I cannot pen. I witnessed it, my lady, and though I beg your pardon, your father did geat evil th ... the shame of mine that I didn't say no ... shame to all ...

(fifth page)
...shall abandon mine responsibilities. You and... together. The rest of the world be damned. Let me put this...Betony behind. I shall crush them at Cryngaine. During...dead. No one will suspect that a king would give up...

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